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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 158 results

  1. Hello How can I disable only the PvP on some maps? Like PvM maps, I some players stronger killing others from different kingdoms... Thanks
  2. No one wants to help. >.<
  3. Hi guys I would like to ask for help to export a run/walk animation, i tried to export in CME but it did not solve Other idea?
  4. solved How to add game "Moon" ?

    Hello community, how would you like to show a moon and sun in the game? Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWhheOoAHiU I have made by self new mod: here is link
  5. Hi, I have a problem (most likely with game), so when i approach to mobs i start attacking them without animation (like waithack). I tried on 3 different clients, but on any it was the same. (40k clear client) Video: How i can fix it? I have no idea what the problem may be.
  6. hello developers I have a problem as such I tried to change the board of ConnectingDialog but it does not take the call in ConnectingDialog.py check all the intrologin.py and I did not see where I defined the board separately. Does anyone have any idea of this?
  7. solved -

  8. Hey, guys i´ve implemented the new sashes from the 17.5 Update. All works fine, but if i wear a 19% absorbtion rate it will set a other sashes as the icon it says... Here is a screen of that: 18% ( the original sash) and here is the same sash but with 19% If you know or if you need something example a code of my source, tell me.
  9. solved mount problem

  10. solved Button view chest

    Does anyone help me put this system on a button (image)? https://mega.nz/#!RWgUVKBT!3MUE_twY4c5neBiiN3Oq_bFSqDuW6p0D137tgQLedbA Thanks!
  11. any ideas? every item has this problem (only in exchange, in privat shop its all fine) €dit: fixxed
  12. Hi, Is it possible to change monsters texture ingame? In game options will be additional buttons "normal" "dog". normal -> normal textures ; dog -> dog textures for all monsters How to do it? Please help me, i need that very much
  13. Hi, I dont know if its a bug.. Anyway when a mob have more than 1 race/flag like this: MILGYO,ATT_WIND on target info i get: Race: None and subspecies: None There is any way to fix this?
  14. Hi, I have a problem with sash system http://prntscr.com/h0i8wp. [Sash System with scale by lennt]
  15. solved Skillbook drop name

    Hello! I have a questions. I need, how to set exact name from skillbooks & polymoph marble? Thanks!!!
  16. solved Sash Problem

    Hi.. Today i found little bug on my server with sash system :/ When i unequip sash model doesn´t dissapear Here is SS with debug.. Someone know how to fix it ?
  17. Hello, I wonder...is there any method to inspect these Unknown packet header error's to get rid of them. I hate to search my whole code for that shit ._. Sometimes it takes Days to find the error. I know it can be a wrong data type / size whatever, but there must be a method to inspect these. Let's disscuss this a little bit. Thank you
  18. Hey guys. Can anyone point me on how to disable in my client going on my D: drive to stop checking if there is an ymir work folder? Kind regards.
  19. solved Solved

  20. solved Client eroor

    Helo . I have a problem with my client after compile binary a recive this eroor wit new binary What is problem ?
  21. Fixed!
  22. solved Board moving

    Hi.. I´m editing design of my client but i found one big problem in dragon alchemy window.. After little edit in dragonsoulwindow.py i can´t move with window/board and i can´t use close button too.. Here is my dragonsoulwindow.py Someone know what can i do bad? EnZi
  23. Hello, i'm have this little bug in inventory with costume bonus