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Found 333 results

  1. Hi devs. I'm trying to create a board with buttons where the buttons have that tooltip with a window but the tooltip just won't show. I've tried anything I know to try to make it appear. Here is my code if anyone knows what is wrong with it. I don't get anything in my syserr. The root py script My uiscript board:
  2. Guys i am running an old school server i downloaded the original RAIN and the original 38k db but both of them has REFINE_PROTO.frm REFINE_PROTO.MYD REFINE_PROTO.MYI i was looking for the original refine_proto and i thought this could be the only solution , to get them from original DB mysql leached. but now , i do not know how to convert these 3 files into 1 single .SQL , that allows me to run a new query and insert my new and original and untouched refine protos. ________ same thing exactly for item_proto .frm myd myi into 1 single SQL ________ also another problem, i am unable to find the item_names.txt (nothing regarding the 2 other problems listed in this thread, but may help with another problem i have) ________ PLEASE IF you are able to save me, just send me a pm with your skype, or IF YOU WANT TO GET PAID , i can also provide to that.
  3. Krzychu20

    solved uitooltip text from sql

    Hey, is it possible add to description of item information from sql database? I have new table with `itemid` and `specialvalue` columns, so I store different `specialvalue` for every items but i don't know exactly how can i print it in item description.
  4. sashpart

    solved Solved

  5. ReFresh

    solved GCC49 problem

    Hey guys, someone know how to fix this error? Thanks for answers! Sincerely, ReFresh
  6. Xploitz

    solved Cube error

    # Close
  7. Hello, i have a question about exp gauge that is currently in the game. So, i've jsut spend 4 hours looking for a function or just a hint to change a direction of bar filling from left to right. Can someone here help me with this? Thx a lot.
  8. Hey i have a problem cuz im using function AddAffect but when im trying use it with APPLY_CON or APPLY_INT only what change is a value of points, nothin more, my max hp and MP is same. Do i have to use other function too or sth?
  9. tristano98

    solved solved

  10. Hi guys, I want change more packs/folders in client.. For example: folder "Pack" -> "Folder1" Property.eix/epk -> "File1.eix/epk" Root.eix/epk -> "File2.eix/epk" and more... Where I change in client source binary root, property, pack, guild, just all what is in binary.. Like old method rewrite binary code, but why this if I have src.. I see on this forum idk where method for folder pack to data.. Maybe if someone have link.. Thanks for help. Edit: Property -> PythonBackground.cpp Pack, Root -> UserInterface.cpp Solved!
  11. tristano98

    solved close

  12. WendigoRO

    solved Gaya problem.

    I added gaya to the server but when I start the server I get this error in syserr from channel 1 and channel 99 and the server does not turn on. Can someone help me ?
  13. WendigoRO

    solved Safebox problem.

    I have not experienced this and searched the syserr client and syserr db / core and are empty.
  14. Hi, I dont know if its a bug.. Anyway when a mob have more than 1 race/flag like this: MILGYO,ATT_WIND on target info i get: Race: None and subspecies: None There is any way to fix this?
  15. Hello, When I try to trade soul stones it says the victim's inventory is full... With other items it works, but with soul stones in trade it always says the same message... My exchange CheckSpace function: Does anyone know what can be causing the problem? Thank you
  16. Hello ! I wish I could get the size of the window in Python, however I do not know if there is a function to have it, or if I have to create it in C ++? Thank you for your help
  17. akaya

    solved #Close

  18. Xploitz

    solved Mob_RaceFlag

    Hi guys! I've installed the official new elements. Everything is fine, the bonuses are working, but i can't add more than one raceflag to a mob. For example: ANIMAL,ICE In this case just the animal is active, not affected by the ICE. Just the animal, or just the ice working fine. Any idea? Never mind guys, battle.cpp.....
  19. Hello everyone, I make a panel for Metin2 in c++ but the start script don't work for me... #include <iostream> #include <stdlib.h> // system #include "header.h" #include "ConfigFile.h" using namespace std; int rServer(int answer) { ConfigFile cf("config.txt"); string lang, dIP; double dChannel, dCore; lang = (const string)cf.Value("Main_Setting", "LANG"); dChannel = cf.Value("Main_Setting", "CHANNEL"); dCore = cf.Value("Main_Setting", "CORES"); dIP = (const string)cf.Value("Main_Setting", "IP"); if (lang == "DE") { system("clear"); cout << "\033[32mDer Server wird gestaret ...\033[0m\n"; const auto db = "cd /usr/home/game2/database/ && ./database -I " + dIP + " &"; const auto auth = "cd /usr/home/game2/auth/ && ./auth -I " + dIP + " &"; system(db.c_str()); system("sleep 2"); system(auth.c_str()); system("sleep 2"); for (auto i = 1; i < dChannel + 1; i++) { for (auto c = 1; c < dCore + 1; c++) { const auto path = "cd /usr/home/game2/channel" + to_string(i) + "/core" + to_string(c); const auto path2 = "cd /usr/home/game2/channel99/core" + to_string(c); const auto cmd1 = path + "/ && ./channel" + to_string(i) + "_core" + to_string(c) + " -I " + dIP + " &"; const auto cmd2 = path2 + "/ && ./channel99_core" + to_string(c) + " -I " + dIP + " &"; system(cmd1.c_str()); system("sleep 5"); system(cmd2.c_str()); system("sleep 5"); } } cout << "\033[32mDer Server wurde gestartet.\033[0m\n"; system("sleep 2"); system("clear"); system("./start"); } if (lang == "ENG") { system("clear"); cout << "\033[32mThe serveris starting ...\033[0m\n"; const auto db = "cd /usr/home/game2/database/ && ./database -I " + dIP + " &"; const auto auth = "cd /usr/home/game2/auth/ && ./auth -I " + dIP + " &"; system(db.c_str()); system("sleep 2"); system(auth.c_str()); system("sleep 2"); for (auto i = 1; i < dChannel + 1; i++) { for (auto c = 1; c < dCore + 1; c++) { const auto path = "cd /usr/home/game2/channel" + to_string(i) + "/core" + to_string(c); const auto path2 = "cd /usr/home/game2/channel99/core" + to_string(c); const auto cmd1 = path + "/ && ./channel" + to_string(i) + "_core" + to_string(c) + " -I " + dIP + " &"; const auto cmd2 = path2 + "/ && ./channel99_core" + to_string(c) + " -I " + dIP + " &"; system(cmd1.c_str()); system("sleep 5"); system(cmd2.c_str()); system("sleep 5"); } } cout << "\033[32mThe Server is Online.\033[0m\n"; system("sleep 2"); system("clear"); system("./start"); } return answer; } The script work without errors When I make this //system(cmd1.c_str()); cout << cmd1.c_str(); Then I see the correct command to start the core But the server starting ( i see the output) and after start I look with PS and all offline
  20. Koneko

    solved #Closed

    -- Closed
  21. Hey guys, I decided to work with source on newer version of bsd, I changed code to compile without any errors but finally during linking i got a error of cryptopp. Exactly it's: OBJDIR/cipher.o: In function `DH2KeyAgreement::Prepare(void*, unsigned int*)': cipher.cpp:(.text+0xd0b): undefined reference to `CryptoPP::AlignedDeallocate(void*)' cipher.cpp:(.text+0xdc3): undefined reference to `CryptoPP::AlignedDeallocate(void*)' cipher.cpp:(.text+0xdfc): undefined reference to `CryptoPP::AlignedDeallocate(void*)' cipher.cpp:(.text+0xe35): undefined reference to `CryptoPP::AlignedDeallocate(void*)' cipher.cpp:(.text+0xfd9): undefined reference to `CryptoPP::AlignedDeallocate(void*)' OBJDIR/cipher.o:cipher.cpp:(.text+0x10a8): more undefined references to `CryptoPP::AlignedDeallocate(void*)' follow OBJDIR/cipher.o: In function `CryptoPP::MontgomeryRepresentation::MontgomeryRepresentation(CryptoPP::MontgomeryRepresentation const&)': cipher.cpp:(.text._ZN8CryptoPP24MontgomeryRepresentationC2ERKS0_[_ZN8CryptoPP24MontgomeryRepresentationC2ERKS0_]+0x58): undefined reference to `CryptoPP::AlignedAllocate(unsigned int)' cipher.cpp:(.text._ZN8CryptoPP24MontgomeryRepresentationC2ERKS0_[_ZN8CryptoPP24MontgomeryRepresentationC2ERKS0_]+0xdc): undefined reference to `CryptoPP::AlignedDeallocate(void*)' OBJDIR/cipher.o: In function `CryptoPP::ModularArithmetic::ModularArithmetic(CryptoPP::ModularArithmetic const&)': cipher.cpp:(.text._ZN8CryptoPP17ModularArithmeticC2ERKS0_[_ZN8CryptoPP17ModularArithmeticC2ERKS0_]+0x9c): undefined reference to `CryptoPP::AlignedDeallocate(void*)' cipher.cpp:(.text._ZN8CryptoPP17ModularArithmeticC2ERKS0_[_ZN8CryptoPP17ModularArithmeticC2ERKS0_]+0xdc): undefined reference to `CryptoPP::AlignedDeallocate(void*)' OBJDIR/cipher.o: In function `CryptoPP::ModularArithmetic::~ModularArithmetic()': cipher.cpp:(.text._ZN8CryptoPP17ModularArithmeticD2Ev[_ZN8CryptoPP17ModularArithmeticD2Ev]+0x3b): undefined reference to `CryptoPP::AlignedDeallocate(void*)' cipher.cpp:(.text._ZN8CryptoPP17ModularArithmeticD2Ev[_ZN8CryptoPP17ModularArithmeticD2Ev]+0x70): undefined reference to `CryptoPP::AlignedDeallocate(void*)' OBJDIR/cipher.o:cipher.cpp:(.text._ZN8CryptoPP17ModularArithmeticD2Ev[_ZN8CryptoPP17ModularArithmeticD2Ev]+0xa5): more undefined references to `CryptoPP::AlignedDeallocate(void*)' follow clang-8: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) gmake: *** [Makefile:119: ../game_r50410_32] Error 1 I read a lot about this and for example Vanilla solved problem by recompiling cryptopp, but it doesn't work for me. I found cryptopp lib from freebsd 11.0 but result was same. Crypto is from ports. My Makefile: PLATFORM = $(shell file /bin/ls | cut -d' ' -f3 | cut -d'-' -f1) GCC_VERSION = $(shell $(CC) --version 2>&1 | grep "(GCC)" | cut -d' ' -f3 | cut -d'.' -f1) BSD_VERSION = $(shell uname -v 2>&1 | cut -d' ' -f2 | cut -d'.' -f1) SVN_VERSION = 50410 CC = clang++-devel INCDIR = LIBDIR = BINDIR = .. OBJDIR = OBJDIR $(shell if [ ! -d $(OBJDIR) ]; then mkdir $(OBJDIR); fi) # Standard Setting LIBS = -pthread -lm -lmd -llua -llualib # Removed -fno-rtti CFLAGS = -Wall -D_THREAD_SAFE -pipe -msse2 -mssse3 -m32 -stdlib=libc++ -std=c++14 -Wno-invalid-source-encoding CFLAGS += -mtune=i686 -fstack-protector-all -Ofast -g0 -fexceptions # DevIL LIBS += -lIL -ljpeg LIBDIR += -L/usr/local/lib/mysql LIBS += -lmysqlclient -lz #cryptopp LIBS += -lcryptopp -lgtest # openssl INCDIR += -I/usr/include LIBS += -lssl LIBS += /usr/lib/libssl.a # Project Library INCDIR += -I../../liblua/include INCDIR += -I../../libserverkey LIBDIR += -L../../libthecore/lib -L../../libpoly -L../../libsql -L../../libgame/lib -L../../liblua/lib -L../../libserverkey LIBDIR += -L/usr/local/lib INCDIR += -I/usr/local/include LIBS += -lthecore -lpoly -lsql -lgame -llzo2 USE_STACKTRACE = 0 ifeq ($(USE_STACKTRACE), 1) LIBS += /usr/local/lib/libexecinfo.a endif ########################################### # HackShield #INCDIR += -I../../libhackshield/include #LIBDIR += -L../../libhackshield/lib #LIBS += -lanticpxsvr # XTrap INCDIR += -I../../libxtrap/include TARGET = $(BINDIR)/game_r$(SVN_VERSION)_$(PLATFORM) CFILE = minilzo.c CPPFILE = BattleArena.cpp FSM.cpp MarkConvert.cpp MarkImage.cpp MarkManager.cpp OXEvent.cpp TrafficProfiler.cpp ani.cpp\ arena.cpp banword.cpp battle.cpp blend_item.cpp block_country.cpp buffer_manager.cpp building.cpp castle.cpp\ char.cpp char_affect.cpp char_battle.cpp char_change_empire.cpp char_horse.cpp char_item.cpp char_manager.cpp\ char_quickslot.cpp char_resist.cpp char_skill.cpp char_state.cpp PetSystem.cpp cmd.cpp cmd_emotion.cpp cmd_general.cpp\ cmd_gm.cpp cmd_oxevent.cpp config.cpp constants.cpp crc32.cpp cube.cpp db.cpp desc.cpp\ desc_client.cpp desc_manager.cpp desc_p2p.cpp dev_log.cpp dungeon.cpp empire_text_convert.cpp entity.cpp\ entity_view.cpp event.cpp event_queue.cpp exchange.cpp file_loader.cpp fishing.cpp gm.cpp guild.cpp\ guild_manager.cpp guild_war.cpp horse_rider.cpp horsename_manager.cpp input.cpp input_auth.cpp input_db.cpp\ input_login.cpp input_main.cpp input_p2p.cpp input_teen.cpp input_udp.cpp ip_ban.cpp\ item.cpp item_addon.cpp item_attribute.cpp item_manager.cpp item_manager_idrange.cpp locale.cpp\ locale_service.cpp log.cpp login_data.cpp lzo_manager.cpp marriage.cpp matrix_card.cpp\ messenger_manager.cpp mining.cpp mob_manager.cpp monarch.cpp motion.cpp over9refine.cpp p2p.cpp packet_info.cpp\ party.cpp passpod.cpp pcbang.cpp polymorph.cpp priv_manager.cpp pvp.cpp\ questevent.cpp questlua.cpp questlua_affect.cpp questlua_arena.cpp questlua_ba.cpp questlua_building.cpp\ questlua_danceevent.cpp questlua_dungeon.cpp questlua_forked.cpp questlua_game.cpp questlua_global.cpp\ questlua_guild.cpp questlua_horse.cpp questlua_pet.cpp questlua_item.cpp questlua_marriage.cpp questlua_mgmt.cpp\ questlua_monarch.cpp questlua_npc.cpp questlua_oxevent.cpp questlua_party.cpp questlua_pc.cpp\ questlua_quest.cpp questlua_target.cpp questmanager.cpp questnpc.cpp questpc.cpp\ refine.cpp regen.cpp safebox.cpp sectree.cpp sectree_manager.cpp sequence.cpp shop.cpp\ skill.cpp start_position.cpp target.cpp text_file_loader.cpp trigger.cpp utils.cpp vector.cpp war_map.cpp\ wedding.cpp xmas_event.cpp version.cpp panama.cpp threeway_war.cpp map_location.cpp auth_brazil.cpp\ BlueDragon.cpp BlueDragon_Binder.cpp DragonLair.cpp questlua_dragonlair.cpp\ skill_power.cpp affect.cpp\ SpeedServer.cpp questlua_speedserver.cpp XTrapManager.cpp\ auction_manager.cpp FileMonitor_FreeBSD.cpp ClientPackageCryptInfo.cpp cipher.cpp\ buff_on_attributes.cpp dragon_soul_table.cpp DragonSoul.cpp\ group_text_parse_tree.cpp char_dragonsoul.cpp questlua_dragonsoul.cpp\ shop_manager.cpp shopEx.cpp item_manager_read_tables.cpp COBJS = $(CFILE:%.c=$(OBJDIR)/%.o) CPPOBJS = $(CPPFILE:%.cpp=$(OBJDIR)/%.o) MAINOBJ = $(OBJDIR)/main.o MAINCPP = main.cpp default: $(TARGET) $(OBJDIR)/minilzo.o: minilzo.c @$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(INCDIR) -c $< -o $@ @echo compile $< $(OBJDIR)/version.o: version.cpp @$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -D__USER__=\"$(USER)\" -D__HOSTNAME__=\"$(HOSTNAME)\" -D__PWD__=\"$(PWD)\" -D__SVN_VERSION__=\"$(SVN_VERSION)\" -c $< -o $@ @echo compile $< $(OBJDIR)/%.o: %.cpp @echo compile $< @$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(INCDIR) -c $< -o $@ limit_time: @echo update limit time @python update_limit_time.py $(TARGET): $(CPPOBJS) $(COBJS) $(MAINOBJ) @echo linking $(TARGET).... @$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(LIBDIR) $(COBJS) $(CPPOBJS) $(MAINOBJ) $(LIBS) -o $(TARGET) clean: @rm -f $(COBJS) $(CPPOBJS) @rm -f $(BINDIR)/game_r* $(BINDIR)/conv tag: ctags *.cpp *.h *.c dep: makedepend -f Depend $(INCDIR) -I/usr/local/include/c++/v1 -I/usr/include/c++/v1 -p$(OBJDIR)/ $(CPPFILE) $(CFILE) $(MAINCPP) 2> /dev/null > Depend sinclude Depend It can be a bit chaotic, sry for that. And my /etc/make.conf CC = clang-devel CPP = clang-cpp-devel CXX = clang++-devel CFLAGS += -stdlib=libc++ Can someone tell me, how can I resolve this? (Sry for my english) @EDIT: I solved the problem. I had just put -DCRYPTOPP_DISABLE_ASM to flags and all compile without any problem and work