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Found 421 results

  1. xLoGaN

    solved map index error

    Hello when I try to teleport from temple of ochao to enchanted forest via portal that drops from (Entai_Guardian) I can't I added the map to the map index in the server and in the client and in all channels cores and setting.lua but that didn't helped me here is the quest that I used to teleport quest temple_of_the_ochao begin state start begin when login with pc.get_map_index() == 209 begin temple_ochao.initialize() end when 6311.kill with pc.get_level() >= 95 begin local drop = { {["vnum"] = 2145, ["count"] = 1, ["chance"] = 60,}, {["vnum"] = 11295, ["count"] = 1, ["chance"] = 55,}, {["vnum"] = 11495, ["count"] = 1, ["chance"] = 55,}, {["vnum"] = 11695, ["count"] = 1, ["chance"] = 55,}, {["vnum"] = 11895, ["count"] = 1, ["chance"] = 55,}, {["vnum"] = 21075, ["count"] = 1, ["chance"] = 55,}, {["vnum"] = 70043, ["count"] = 1, ["chance"] = 45,}, {["vnum"] = 30609, ["count"] = 1, ["chance"] = 15,}, {["vnum"] = 30612, ["count"] = 1, ["chance"] = 15,}, {["vnum"] = 30523, ["count"] = 1, ["chance"] = 40,}, } for i, info in ipairs(drop) do local generate = number(1, 100) if generate <= info.chance then game.drop_item_with_ownership(info.vnum, info.count, 300) end end end when"Enter in the Temple of Ochao" with pc.get_level() >= 95 begin say_title(mob_name(20408)) say("") say("Do you want to move directly to the Temple of the") say("Ochao?") local answer = select("Yes", "No") if answer == 1 then pc.warp(853700, 1416400) end end when"Travel to the Enchanted Forest" with pc.get_level() >= 95 begin say_title(mob_name(20408)) say("") say("Do you wish to travel to the Enchanted Forest of") say("Dawn?") local answer = select("Yes", "No") if answer == 1 then pc.setf("enchanted_forest", "limit_activity", 0) pc.warp(816700, 150500) end end end end here is the syserr SYSERR: Feb 21 05:35:32 :: SpawnMob: SpawnMob: no mob data for vnum 6400 SYSERR: Feb 21 05:35:32 :: Spawn: <Temple Ochao> Spawn: can't spawn 6400 at X [883600], Y [1427500], Z [0]. SYSERR: Feb 21 05:35:51 :: WarpSet: cannot find map location index 0 x 816700 y 150500 name xLoGaN any help is appreciated best regards
  2. Hello! How could I make a line to be of different colors? AppendTextLine colors the whole line..
  3. Hi metin2dev community!sry 4 my eng.I stayed read only a lot of time but now i find unfixible(for me) problem,and I want you to show slove this.My vds provider update list of freebsd versions so i must go on 11.2/12 from 9.2.I dont find any install guide for it,and use Rumor's guide.but with it i only can up the 2089 files 2011,when i try to up smth neewst server(vps) go to down(on 9.2 work good)probably i do smth wrong.So Can anyone show me the guide for 11.2/12 bsd or help slove the problem.Maybe some psychic tell me slove when see my sysrr Succeed connecting.0220 14:51:00647 :: 0220 14:51:02065 :: HANDSHAKE RECV 237272 0 0220 14:51:02065 :: HANDSHAKE SEND 237272 0220 14:51:02182 :: HANDSHAKE RECV 237389 58 0220 14:51:02182 :: HANDSHAKE SEND 237505 0220 14:51:02512 :: KEY_AGREEMENT RECV 256 0220 14:51:02539 :: KEY_AGREEMENT SEND 256 0220 14:51:02594 :: KEY_AGREEMENT_COMPLETED RECV 0220 14:54:01289 :: HANDSHAKE RECV 416629 0 0220 14:54:01289 :: HANDSHAKE SEND 416629 0220 14:57:00529 :: HANDSHAKE RECV 595886 0 0220 14:57:00529 :: HANDSHAKE SEND 595886 0220 14:58:01991 :: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLOSE LOGIN WINDOW 0220 14:58:01991 :: 0220 14:58:01991 :: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- DELETE LOGIN WINDOW0220 14:58:01991 :: 0220 14:58:02008 :: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- DELETE POPUP DIALOG 0220 14:58:02008 :: 0220 14:58:02008 :: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- DELETE CURTAIN0220 14:58:02008 :: 0220 14:58:02008 :: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- DELETE MAIN STREAM 0220 14:58:02008 :: 0220 14:58:02012 :: CResourceManager::__DestroyDeletingResourceMap 44 0220 14:58:02012 :: CResourceManager::__DestroyResourceMap 50 0220 14:58:02087 :: CResourceManager::__DestroyResourceMap 0 0220 14:58:02087 :: CPythonBackground Clear0220 14:58:02087 :: 0220 14:58:02087 :: PythonIME Clear0220 14:58:02087 :: 0220 14:58:02087 :: PythonNetworkMainStream Clear0220 14:58:02087 :: 0220 14:58:02087 :: Python Graphic Clear mysql.err
  4. WeedHex

    solved Ninja Bug

    There is a bug, on a ninja's skill. When the ninja is invisible, you can see the mse effects!! I can't find a way to fix it. Can someone try to do it? Summary: While the ninja's invisible, you can see all of mse effects.
  5. serex

    solved Quest visual bug

    Hi I dont know why this is happening with some quests: This is normal. But when I close it, I still have this: Any idea? No sysser errors.
  6. mativp95

    solved error LNK2001

    Hello, I was adding sash system, after i have added source to my bin i tried to compile it but I got strange errors. Before changes i copied files that i was editing and even after swapping them i got the same errors while compiling. Now im stuck with everything, can anyone take a look at it and help me please? @edit: I got hell of the warnings as well. Why it`s the same when i`m changing to files which were not edited? @edit: I solved the problem but i have now like 200 warnings, is it gonna affect my gamy in any way?
  7. Kmaster

    solved Weapon textures

    I want to edit weapons texture. I will make weapon skin system. Where is the weapon's texture pack? I cannot find it. I opened locale pack and there is no item file.
  8. Hey all, I search for a guide how to implement mounts on a server. At metin2dev there is no guide, otherwise im blind -.-" Can anybody help me with a little guide / step by step advise? Greetings
  9. Charmeine

    solved delete

  10. Hey @ all, does anybody have the Manu / manny seal from de ? I wanted to implement this on my server for my friends Greetings
  11. Valentine

    solved inventory buttons

    Hello, can someone help me to change the inventory buttons this way? Srry for my bad eng.
  12. Mr.B'

    solved Sash slot

    Screen: As you can see in the picture, instead of putting the scarf in the slot, put the shield ... sorry for my bad eng.
  13. I have a problem with belt inventory ... The last 2 slots do not work ...
  14. WLsj24

    solved Bug Sash System

    Hello, everything works perfectly in the Sash System, the only problem is that when I unequip the sash, it does not disappear as it should be. Any idea would be of great help to me. Here you have a video, thanks in advance.
  15. Hello, I'm not sure if you know the bug. Man spawns a Metin stone and has a team hit the Metin Stone. When your teammate is standing very close to the Metin Stone, the mobs lose focus and do not attack other players. Ie you can stay dead for 1-2 minutes and destroy the Metin in peace without the monsters attacking you. Can i fix this with C++? 20€ PayPal for this Fix Bug Video
  16. Hello everyone, I came across a really annoying problem and I hope you guys can help me. I need to change the structure of item_proto (/locale/lang/item_proto) to commit these changes: <ItemDef Vnum="" Name="'" LocalizedName="" Type="" SubType="" Weight="" Size="" AntiFlags="" Flags="" WearFlags="" ImmuneFlags="" Gold="" ShopBuyPrice="" LimitType0="" LimitValue0="" LimitType1="" LimitValue1="" ApplyType0="" ApplyValue0="" ApplyType1="" ApplyValue1="" ApplyType2="" ApplyValue2="" Value0="" Value1="" Value2="" Value3="" Value4="" Value5="" Socket0="" Socket1="" Socket2="" //add here// Socket3="" Socket4="" Socket5="" //end// RefinedVnum="" RefineSet="" AlterToMagicItemPercent="" Specular="" GainSocketPercent="" AddonType="" /> Basically i need to add a entry for those sockets (3,4,5). Tools around the web to crypt/decrypt item_proto are very "standardized", they only work with a standard item_proto template hence packing only standard entries, and no open source code is avaible. If you guys have any suggestion and/or solution I'll be very grateful. It seems that I was wrong i ended up solving the problem once I found this: I wish to thank the respective owner.
  17. enzi

    solved locale_string

    Hi.. I tried today add something from pet system to locale_string but i have big problem :/ I change in cmd_general.cpp this: ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "You can't evolve your pet."); to ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("You can't evolve your pet.")); I add lines to locale_string.txt: "You can't evolve your pet."; "Test Message."; but in chat is still You can't evolve your pet. I found some error in sysser: SYSERR: May 9 04:18:56 :: locale_find: LOCALE_ERROR: "You can't evolve your pet."; Someone know how to fix it to show right message in chat? Ty
  18. lucky0213

    solved #solved

  19. Hello! I added Mount like a horse and i have next problem: The system work ok, but if i teleport or login with the mount equiped will apear two mounts I ride a mount and one follow me. How i can to resolve that? That is the system:
  20. Why is this not working, im tryingto get a letter at he beginning of the game only. i get the letter but when i open it nothing happens quest start begin state start begin when login begin if pc.getqf("starter1") == 0 then pc.setqf("starter1",1) send_letter_ex("Hello", "ex,blink", "scroll_open.tga") set_state( starter ) else return end end end state starter begin when button or info begin say("blabla") end end end
  21. Hey, i got a double Map shown after a teleport. I don't really know what it could be. Any Tips where to search ?
  22. Traceur3RUN

    solved solved

    ok solved
  23. Ekinox

    solved Wolfman Claw Horse

    Hi, I have a little probleme with wait claw wolfman on horse see : Wait with claw problem when i attack no problem Sorry for my bad english thx,
  24. Hello guys. I have the Kori sf & client 40k. I have one bug i create a account and player and the player have admin permissions without changed in navicat.. how to fix that? ty.
  25. Hello, i`m trying to add "Attack +%", like adds x% from your current attack value, bonus which is on these weapons on the official server : How can i fint the applyValue or the bonus name for item_proto.txt for it?