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Found 308 results

  1. Kroto

    solved Localhost ?

    hi. i cant connet to my localhost server i just do ifconfig and i give it in WinSCP. and he dont cconnect
  2. Hello, I have one problem with change limit yang on cube system. In binary, I got this line: PyCallClassMemberFunc(m_apoPhaseWnd[PHASE_WINDOW_GAME], "BINARY_Cube_UpdateInfo", Py_BuildValue("(lll)", gold, itemVnum, count)); and I don't know how to change it into LONG LONG, actually it is LONG
  3. Hey guys, so after I installed the transmutation system, the slot effect don't work for one of them pastebin.com/L89ZYLFk this is my code in uiinventory.py so whatever part i make last, the effect work for it for example, if I make the sash part first and then the transmutation, the sash only will work, and vice versa do any one know how to fix them?
  4. Hi devs, I would like to know how can I change path of texture in MDE file. I'm using MDE importer (to an Autodesk), but I don't know where to search for that. Thanks.
  5. Hello. then i try to separate items i get the money window and dont work. Syser: 0504 02:49:45004 :: File "ui.py", line 1016, in CallEvent 0504 02:49:45005 :: File "ui.py", line 87, in __call__ 0504 02:49:45005 :: File "ui.py", line 69, in __call__ 0504 02:49:45005 :: File "uiPickMoney.py", line 179, in OnAccept 0504 02:49:45005 :: File "ui.py", line 87, in __call__ 0504 02:49:45006 :: File "ui.py", line 78, in __call__ 0504 02:49:45006 :: TypeError 0504 02:49:45006 :: : 0504 02:49:45006 :: OnPickItem() takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given) So I fix it by creating a code. uipickmoney.py Search : if cheque > 0 or money > 0 : if self.eventAccept: self.eventAccept(money, cheque) Replace with: if cheque > 0 or money > 0 : if self.eventAccept: if cheque == 0 : self.eventAccept(money) else: self.eventAccept(money, cheque)
  6. //solved this is function bool CItem::HasAttrOnlyProtos(BYTE bApply) { for (int i = 0; i < ITEM_APPLY_MAX_NUM; ++i) if (m_pProto->aApplies[i].bType == bApply) return true; return false; }
  7. Hello devs! Does anybody know which effects or something else are using these images? I can't find any definition file which has on of these paths. CResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: File not exist: D:\Ymir Work\effect\etc\recuperation\upellipse.jpg CResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: File not exist: D:\Ymir Work\effect\etc\recuperation\light00.dds CResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: File not exist: D:\Ymir Work\effect\etc\buff\light010.dds CResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: File not exist: D:\Ymir Work\effect\etc\buff\light616.dds CResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: File not exist: D:\Ymir Work\effect\etc\buff\light017.dds CResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: File not exist: D:\Ymir Work\effect\etc\buff\light012.dds CResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: File not exist: D:\YMIR WORK\effect\etc\firecracker\firecracker.dds CResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: File not exist: D:\YMIR WORK\effect\etc\firecracker\paing_i.dds CResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: File not exist: D:\Ymir Work\effect\etc\click\click_select_vertical.tga CResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: File not exist: D:\Ymir Work\effect\etc\click\click_select.tga CResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: File not exist: D:\Ymir Work\effect\etc\click\click_glow_select_vertical copy.jpg CResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: File not exist: D:\Ymir Work\effect\etc\click\click_glow_select copy.jpg CResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: File not exist: D:\Ymir Work\effect\etc\click\Untitled-1 copy.jpg Thanks!
  8. Hello, when i start my client its open a seccond window. i try search everywhere but i did find anything.
  9. Hello, I was trying to make that when you attack a specific mob, the damage is 1 (something like in the Chiefs Chase event of the official server) So: I look for the following: bool CHARACTER :: Damage (LPCHARACTER pAttacker, int dam, EDamageType type) I add this below: if (pAttacker) { if (GetRaceNum() == 101) { SendDamagePacket(pAttacker, 1, DAMAGE_NORMAL); return false; } } In this case, when I attack mob 101 (Wild Dog), I only hit 1 damage (all right up here) But what happens is that life does not go down, and life should go down, 1 in 1 to kill the mob. Does anyone have any help for me? Thanks in advance.
  10. peskopata3

    solved 1

  11. Xploitz

    solved Great Offline Shop

    Hi devs! I have a little problem with Great Offline Shop, and i can not find anything about it. Looks like just i have this issue. So the problem is, when i edit the shop, the item tooltip is wrong. If there is any bonus in an item, it shows wrong bonus names, and as a bonus amount it shows the bonus ID. So for example the Skill damage is UNKNOWN, the amount is 71. Hope you understand. When i just check the shop, everything is fine, only happens on the edit window.
  12. Hello community, I was wondering if it is possible to block Enchant Item and Reinforce Item in weapons by vnum. For example, if I do not want bonus to be added to the Sword + 9 Thanks in advance for your answers.
  13. Hello devs, I need to get a current experience of a character to a value. I tried to use player.GetStatus("EXP");, but the problem is that I need to use this value in SelectCharacterWindow. So client don't know from which character it should get it, I guess? Is it possible to get experience of each character by player module?
  14. oncemoron

    solved Fog in map

    Hello community metin2dev, i have question about fog in map. I have this map https://ctrlv.cz/shots/2018/04/02/jdF7.png And in Worldeditor is nothing... https://ctrlv.cz/shots/2018/04/02/nm7W.png How i can remove fog from maps (client) Thanks for all reply. Best regard
  15. Zorke

    solved Solved

  16. i am having this problem in my core which is not allowing me to enter the server, is it something has to be done from source side or no ? InitializeLua: LOAD_SETTINS_FAILURE(locale/romania/settings.lua) P.S : Settings.lua exist in romanian folder
  17. Hello devs, I have discovered a thing that is a bit confusing for me. I don't have enough experience in client section, however I would like somebody to explain me how this things works. I'm talking here about connection between files in Root package and client binary. Let's move on to my question. Okay, let's take a function form IntroLogin.py: net.SetPhaseWindow(net.PHASE_WINDOW_LOGIN, self) I though that this function has it's definition in NetworkModule.py: def SetPhaseWindow(self, newPhaseWindow): if self.newPhaseWindow: print "Already changed to a new window, ", newPhaseWindow self.__ChangePhaseWindow() self.newPhaseWindow = newPhaseWindow if self.curPhaseWindow: print "Change when fade out." self.curtain.FadeOut(self.__ChangePhaseWindow) else: print "Current window does not exist." self.__ChangePhaseWindow() But here is a problem with arguments. Function in NetworkModule.py has two parameters, self and newPhaseWindow. So if this definition is from function in IntroLogin.py it would looks like: net.PHASE_WINDOW_LOGIN is a self argument and self (of SetPhaseWindow() function) is newPhaseWindow. I think there is not problem with second argument, but first could not be correct. So I've been looking for definition in client binary... Here we go, PythonNetworkStream.cpp: void CPythonNetworkStream::SetPhaseWindow(UINT ePhaseWnd, PyObject* poPhaseWnd) { if (ePhaseWnd >= PHASE_WINDOW_NUM) { return; } m_apoPhaseWnd[ePhaseWnd] = poPhaseWnd; } Yes, this probably could be that we are searching for, BUT! We have a bit similar function (by name) in PythonNetworkStreamModule.cpp: And we know that our function is called with net module. So could this be a definition? PyObject* netSetPhaseWindow(PyObject* poSelf, PyObject* poArgs) { int ePhaseWnd; if (!PyTuple_GetInteger(poArgs, 0, &ePhaseWnd)) return Py_BuildException(); PyObject* poPhaseWnd; if (!PyTuple_GetObject(poArgs, 1, &poPhaseWnd)) return Py_BuildException(); CPythonNetworkStream& rkNetStream=CPythonNetworkStream::Instance(); rkNetStream.SetPhaseWindow(ePhaseWnd, poPhaseWnd); return Py_BuildNone(); } List of questions: What does net module do? Where can I find it? Can I compile it by myself? What definition is from function in IntroLogin.py? Why there are those two functions in binary? What does each of them do? Thanks for all replies, regards Chyu ^^.
  18. Hey! How can i change the shaman buff's duration? Its default 3 min i think, and i want change 30 min or 1 hour. Regards
  19. Strix.

    solved Compile problem

    Hello devs. I'm new at this C++ thing and I installed a new Transumation System on my source but I get this when I compile it: It is not the first system I install but never got this kind of error and I please for some help to fix this . Here is my item.cpp: https://pastebin.com/SAi4JdWN Here is my item.h: https://pastebin.com/7zcwWskD Thanks, - Adelin (Strix).
  20. ReFresh

    solved Effect remove

    Hey guys, How can I remove stun effect? Thanks for answers! Sincerely, ReFresh
  21. casperkral12

    solved Guild war spectator bug

    problem fix
  22. Hello, I have created my own game settings. But when I click on button for example: "OFF" and close the game, button returns into "ON" position. But when I change character / log out, it does not return. I refresh buttons in init and after calling, functions of buttons are working.. Only does not save. It is named SkillButton and StatusButton My files: constinfo.py: uigameoption.py: Thats all important.. Of course there are more lines, but functions of that buttons are ok and working properly. There is only problem with "saving" or "loading" after client exit. Could you help me, please?
  23. Hello everybody! 1 ) How to DE I would like to move on my server items from the stock (warehouse) with RIGHT CLICK the mouse in my inventory . 2 ) Is it tolls. also possible to implement this reversed so that items are if you have the stock open transferred by right-clicking into the camp ? ( Which has not DE I know ) Would be great someone had ne instructions would need for changes in the source so that 1 ) and / or even including 2 ) works . Thanks!
  24. Hello, i created hamachi server (Just for me and my friend) and i am using SF by |SA|Signe 2013 and i want to have bonus like Automatic yang pickup, More % rate on Exp and 3rd page in store, in this place, but i don't know the way how to do it and find it, since i don't even know how to write it on google. Can someone please help me with some instruction ? Good evening everyone.
  25. Hello, someone has any idea how to get rid of these coordinates? I searched everywhere till now since 2 hours ago and can't find anything.