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Found 383 results

  1. WLsj24

    solved Sash system

    Hello, I want to combine a yellow sash and a red sash, but the system asks me to be only red or only yellow. Where can I change this?
  2. Hello devs So the problem is that when the player reached max level in game his hp of course raise but this raising is diffrent beetwen player there are some who get +200hp others +300 others +500 etc I want to make it the same for all players and thnak you
  3. Hello, I do not work inventorywindow, what is the reason? Clean client 40k.
  4. Dafuq313

    solved Aeldra unpacked

  5. anonim55

    solved Game99 not working

    Hi all, as the title says my game99 isn't working. I allowed let's say OX (113) and some others. When I try to teleport to OX it kicks me out and I am unable to log in. If I allow 113 on channel 1 it works. Same with other maps. I configured fine the ports and game99 is online. Syslog: Syserr: It says map index 1 and 21 but that is on channel 1 and channel 2, not in game99. CONFIG:
  6. Adrian1997

    solved solved

  7. pedroevil51

    solved GM commands problem

    This may sound stupid, but everyone who is entering my server is accessing GM commands, how could I solve this? I am using these files https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/9835-client-2k1040k-windows-sf/
  8. pedroevil51

    solved New to the metin2 dev

    Hi, i'm starting to learn how to work on metin2 servers etc.. i'm very new so i don't know much. i Had download files from addictmt2, and instaled on a freebsd My client has a very weird thing, i can't login because of it , if someone can help me i would be very happy, thank you all
  9. Driguezgames

    solved [BUG]Character Window

    Hello i have a akward bug on my Character Window, My HP, MN, INT and DEX Have +10 Points of Stats than normal I Double check some files and i can't solve this Problem! In the DB i have the right Stats: And Btw my HP and MN don't regenerate, what i did?
  10. Bonjour, je voudrais savoir, comment faire pour que le forgerons indique le pourcentage de succès du up de l'item. Je n'ai pas trouver de liens pour coder cela. J'ai mis un screen explicite montrant ce que je veux faire.
  11. rawn3cr0

    solved Pet window interface

    How i can make pet window like inventory?
  12. Tallywa

    solved News bonus switch

    Hello I would like to put new bonus that we would have a switch in the ring how to do? A bit like defense has the sword on the armor
  13. Hello I have a problem with this function: if (item->GetType() & ITEM_RING && item->GetSubType()) { if ((GetWear(WEAR_RING1) && GetWear(WEAR_RING1)->IsSameSpecialGroup(item)) || (GetWear(WEAR_RING2) && GetWear(WEAR_RING2)->IsSameSpecialGroup(item))) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("You can't put two same items in the same time.")); return false; } } I wish I could block the use of two items with an identical subtype. How to do?
  14. peskopata3

    solved [HELP] Mount effects !

    Hi, should someone give me tutorial how to add some effects on legs or i dont know maybe on tail, or where i want I dont understand this things That coordinates X / Y in .mse is totally complicated for me I dont know what coordinates is for tail or for legs idk Thanks for help, and sorry for my english
  15. Hi guys could someone help me with this ? please I need this effect on both daggers
  16. sharqawy

    solved Done.

  17. Raeghel

    solved EDIT

  18. Hi, I have the same problem as in this post: The problem applies to all packers / unpackers (as i see). Sometimes, just the error appears, and sometimes it does not appear - but with the same effect, without packed / unpacked files. Usually, these are Chinese / Korean characters (you know what i mean ...). Does anyone know the solution to the problem? Thanks in advance
  19. When I want to compile the source I get the following error: line 35 and 38 line 509 whare is the problem ?
  20. Raeghel

    solved EDIT

  21. Chyu ^^

    solved Stream module

    Hi devs, I've been looking a long time for a module called stream. In a client we can found it used like: stream.popupWindow.Close(), stream.SetSelectCharacterPhase(), stream.SetConnectInfo() and so much more. Where is a definition of this module? I've been lookin' in a binary sources but with no success, in Root aswell. Thanks.
  22. Hey guys, I'm discovered a very strange problem with my weapon costumes, If I travel/logout/change character while equipping them, the core crashes, If I just wear them without doing any of the previous, nothing happens I've tried to know the source of the problem but with no luck the best I could do is that the core crashes when it try to do: M2_DELETE(ch); in CHARACTER_MANAGER::DestroyCharacter (char_maanger.cpp) as I understand, this command deletes the pointer to the character , I don't understand why would wearing a weapon costume may affect that!
  23. Kroto

    solved Localhost ?

    hi. i cant connet to my localhost server i just do ifconfig and i give it in WinSCP. and he dont cconnect
  24. Hello, I have one problem with change limit yang on cube system. In binary, I got this line: PyCallClassMemberFunc(m_apoPhaseWnd[PHASE_WINDOW_GAME], "BINARY_Cube_UpdateInfo", Py_BuildValue("(lll)", gold, itemVnum, count)); and I don't know how to change it into LONG LONG, actually it is LONG