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Found 220 results

  1. i am having this problem in my core which is not allowing me to enter the server, is it something has to be done from source side or no ? InitializeLua: LOAD_SETTINS_FAILURE(locale/romania/settings.lua) P.S : Settings.lua exist in romanian folder
  2. Hello devs, I have discovered a thing that is a bit confusing for me. I don't have enough experience in client section, however I would like somebody to explain me how this things works. I'm talking here about connection between files in Root package and client binary. Let's move on to my question. Okay, let's take a function form IntroLogin.py: net.SetPhaseWindow(net.PHASE_WINDOW_LOGIN, self) I though that this function has it's definition in NetworkModule.py: def SetPhaseWindow(self, newPhaseWindow): if self.newPhaseWindow: print "Already changed to a new window, ", newPhaseWindow self.__ChangePhaseWindow() self.newPhaseWindow = newPhaseWindow if self.curPhaseWindow: print "Change when fade out." self.curtain.FadeOut(self.__ChangePhaseWindow) else: print "Current window does not exist." self.__ChangePhaseWindow() But here is a problem with arguments. Function in NetworkModule.py has two parameters, self and newPhaseWindow. So if this definition is from function in IntroLogin.py it would looks like: net.PHASE_WINDOW_LOGIN is a self argument and self (of SetPhaseWindow() function) is newPhaseWindow. I think there is not problem with second argument, but first could not be correct. So I've been looking for definition in client binary... Here we go, PythonNetworkStream.cpp: void CPythonNetworkStream::SetPhaseWindow(UINT ePhaseWnd, PyObject* poPhaseWnd) { if (ePhaseWnd >= PHASE_WINDOW_NUM) { return; } m_apoPhaseWnd[ePhaseWnd] = poPhaseWnd; } Yes, this probably could be that we are searching for, BUT! We have a bit similar function (by name) in PythonNetworkStreamModule.cpp: And we know that our function is called with net module. So could this be a definition? PyObject* netSetPhaseWindow(PyObject* poSelf, PyObject* poArgs) { int ePhaseWnd; if (!PyTuple_GetInteger(poArgs, 0, &ePhaseWnd)) return Py_BuildException(); PyObject* poPhaseWnd; if (!PyTuple_GetObject(poArgs, 1, &poPhaseWnd)) return Py_BuildException(); CPythonNetworkStream& rkNetStream=CPythonNetworkStream::Instance(); rkNetStream.SetPhaseWindow(ePhaseWnd, poPhaseWnd); return Py_BuildNone(); } List of questions: What does net module do? Where can I find it? Can I compile it by myself? What definition is from function in IntroLogin.py? Why there are those two functions in binary? What does each of them do? Thanks for all replies, regards Chyu ^^.
  3. Hey! How can i change the shaman buff's duration? Its default 3 min i think, and i want change 30 min or 1 hour. Regards
  4. Hello the item I put in the warehouse is disappearing help please channel1 sysrrer SYSERR: Jun 18 00:45:32.408295 :: pid_init: Start of pid: 2132 SYSERR: Jun 18 00:46:05.264833 :: ChildLoop: AsyncSQL: query failed: Incorrect integer value: 'Y' for column 'is_gm' at row 1 (query: INSERT INTO loginlog2(type, is_gm, login_time, channel, account_id, pid, ip, client_version) VALUES('INVALID', 'Y', NOW(), 1, 7695, 7022, inet_aton(''), '') errno: 1366) SYSERR: Jun 18 00:46:41.825895 :: ChildLoop: AsyncSQL: query failed: Incorrect string value: '\xFEi K\xFDl...' for column 'hint' at row 1 (query: INSERT DELAYED INTO log (type, time, who, x, y, what, how, hint, ip, vnum) VALUES('ITEM', NOW(), 7022, 953612, 260980, 10004681, 'SAFEBOX PUT', 'Hortlak Dişi Kılıcı+9 1', '', 159) errno: 1366) db sysrrer SYSERR: Jun 18 00:45:28.140164 :: pid_init: Start of pid: 2120 SYSERR: Jun 18 00:46:41.925636 :: ChildLoop: AsyncSQL: query failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1 (query: REPLACE INTO item (id, owner_id, window, pos, count, vnum, bind, transmutation, socket0, socket1, socket2, socket3, socket4, socket5,attrtype0, attrvalue0,attrtype1, attrvalue1,attrtype2, attrvalue2,attrtype3, attrvalue3,attrtype4, attrvalue4,attrtype5, attrvalue5,attrtype6, attrvalue6,applytype0, applyvalue0,applytype1, applyvalue1,applytype2, applyvalue2,applytype3, applyvalue3,applytype4, applyvalue4,applytype5, applyvalue5,applytype6, applyvalue6,applytype7, applyvalue7)VALUES(10004681, 7695, 3, 0, 1, 159, 0, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 errno: 1064) Can not write to the item table edit: Problem solved Thank you
  5. solved Compile problem

    Hello devs. I'm new at this C++ thing and I installed a new Transumation System on my source but I get this when I compile it: It is not the first system I install but never got this kind of error and I please for some help to fix this . Here is my item.cpp: https://pastebin.com/SAi4JdWN Here is my item.h: https://pastebin.com/7zcwWskD Thanks, - Adelin (Strix).
  6. solved Effect remove

    Hey guys, How can I remove stun effect? Thanks for answers! Sincerely, ReFresh
  7. solved Guild war spectator bug

    problem fix
  8. Hello, here I have a problem with a quest that uses sql. If two players use the quest at the same time, one of the sql queries is not executed and I do not understand why. I put the quest and lua. Quest : quest skill_pet begin state start begin when 33003.take with item.get_id() begin id = item.get_id() vnum = item.get_vnum() if vnum >= 55701 and vnum <= 55706 then say_title("Eleveur :") say("Que voulez vous faire ?") local s = select ("Renommer mon pet", "Changer le nombre de skill", "Réinitialiser les compétences", "Switch les stats","Quitter") if s==1 then --if pc.count_item(xxx) > 0 say_title("Eleveur :") say("Inscrivez le nouveau nom de votre pet :") local name = input() say_title("Eleveur :") say("Voulez vous vraiment rename votre pet") say("en "..name.." ?") local s = select ("Oui", "Non") if s==1 then pet_name1(name,id) --pc.remove_item(xxx,1) else return end --else --say_title("Eleveur :") --say("Vous n'avez pas l'item nécessaire") --end elseif s==2 then --if pc.count_item(xxx) > 0 then if check_evo(id) == 3 then say_title("Eleveur :") say("Je peux donner à votre pet un grand pouvoir !") say("Souhaitez-vous que votre compagnon obtiennent la") say("possibilité d'apprendre 3 skills ?") say("Votre pet ne doit pas être sorti pendant la procédure") local s = select ("Oui", "Non") if s== 1 then full_skill(id) --pc.remove_item(xxx,1) else return end else say_title("Eleveur :") say("Votre pet n'est pas évolué.") end --else --say_title("Eleveur :") --say("Vous n'avez pas l'item nécessaire") --end elseif s == 3 then if check_evo(id) == 3 then if check_skill2(id) == -1 then say_title("Eleveur :") say("Je peux remettre les compétences de votre pet") say("à zéro, si vous le désirez.") local s = select ("Oui", "Non") if s==1 then reset_skill1(id) else return end elseif check_skill3(id) == -1 then say_title("Eleveur :") say("Je peux remettre les compétences de votre pet") say("à zéro, si vous le désirez.") local s = select ("Oui", "Non") if s==1 then reset_skill2(id) else return end else say_title("Eleveur :") say("Je peux remettre les compétences de votre pet") say("à zéro, si vous le désirez.") local s = select ("Oui", "Non") if s==1 then reset_skill3(id) else return end end else say_title("Eleveur :") say("Votre pet n'est pas évolué.") end elseif s==4 then say_title("Eleveur :") say("Souhaitez vous switch les stats de votre pet ?") local s = select ("Oui", "Non") if s==1 then --if pc.count_item(xxx) > 0 if check_level(id) == 121 then pv = number(80,130) cc = number(50,100) y = number(1,100) if y > 10 then dh = number(100,150) else dh = number(130,150) end switch_stat(id,pv,cc,dh) --pc.remove_item(xxx,1) else say_title("Eleveur :") say("Votre pet n'est pas 121.") end --else --say_title("Eleveur :") --say("Vous n'avez pas l'item nécessaire.") --end else return end else return end else say_title("Eleveur :") say("L'item que vous m'avez donné n'est pas un sceau de pet.") end end end end Lua : function pet_name1(name,id) mysql_query("UPDATE player_test.new_petsystem SET name='"..name.."' WHERE id = '"..id.."';") end function check_evo(id) local check_evo_pet = mysql_query("SELECT evolution FROM player_test.new_petsystem WHERE id='"..id.."' LIMIT 1;") local evo_pet = check_evo_pet[1][1] return evo_pet end function full_skill(id) mysql_query("UPDATE player_test.new_petsystem SET skill1 = 0, skill2 = 0 WHERE id = '"..id.."';") end function check_skill2(id) local verif_skill2 = mysql_query("SELECT skill1 FROM player_test.new_petsystem WHERE id ='"..id.."' LIMIT 1;") local skill2 = verif_skill2[1][1] return skill2 end function check_skill3(id) local verif_skill3 = mysql_query("SELECT skill2 FROM player_test.new_petsystem WHERE id ='"..id.."' LIMIT 1;") local skill3 = verif_skill3[1][1] return skill3 end function reset_skill1(id) mysql_query("UPDATE player_test.new_petsystem SET skill0 = 0, skill0lv = 0 WHERE id = '"..id.."';") end function reset_skill2(id) mysql_query("UPDATE player_test.new_petsystem SET skill0 = 0, skill0lv = 0, skill1 = 0, skill1lv = 0 WHERE id = '"..id.."';") end function reset_skill3(id) mysql_query("UPDATE player_test.new_petsystem SET skill0 = 0, skill0lv = 0, skill1 = 0, skill1lv = 0, skill2 = 0, skill2lv = 0 WHERE id = '"..id.."';") end function check_level(id) local verif_lvl = mysql_query("SELECT level FROM player_test.new_petsystem WHERE id='"..id.."' LIMIT 1;") local level = verif_lvl[1][1] return level end function switch_stat(id,pv,cc,dh) mysql_query("UPDATE player_test.new_petsystem SET bonus0 = '"..pv.."',bonus1='"..cc.."',bonus2 ='"..dh.."'WHERE id='"..id.."' LIMIT 1;") end
  9. Hello, I have created my own game settings. But when I click on button for example: "OFF" and close the game, button returns into "ON" position. But when I change character / log out, it does not return. I refresh buttons in init and after calling, functions of buttons are working.. Only does not save. It is named SkillButton and StatusButton My files: constinfo.py: uigameoption.py: Thats all important.. Of course there are more lines, but functions of that buttons are ok and working properly. There is only problem with "saving" or "loading" after client exit. Could you help me, please?
  10. Hello everybody! 1 ) How to DE I would like to move on my server items from the stock (warehouse) with RIGHT CLICK the mouse in my inventory . 2 ) Is it tolls. also possible to implement this reversed so that items are if you have the stock open transferred by right-clicking into the camp ? ( Which has not DE I know ) Would be great someone had ne instructions would need for changes in the source so that 1 ) and / or even including 2 ) works . Thanks!
  11. Hi metin2dev. I try to put Sash system in to my client source, but when i try to compile, i recive trhis error: PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGame.cpp(4523): error C3861: 'SendSequence': identifier not found 'AttachSash': is not a member of 'CActorInstance' /gamelib/ActorInstance.h(24): note: see declaration of 'CActorInstance'
  12. Hello, i created hamachi server (Just for me and my friend) and i am using SF by |SA|Signe 2013 and i want to have bonus like Automatic yang pickup, More % rate on Exp and 3rd page in store, in this place, but i don't know the way how to do it and find it, since i don't even know how to write it on google. Can someone please help me with some instruction ? Good evening everyone.
  13. Hello, someone has any idea how to get rid of these coordinates? I searched everywhere till now since 2 hours ago and can't find anything.
  14. solved Inventory problem

    Hello, metin2dev I came here with 2 problems that i have with my inventory. 1.I'm trying to delete de sidebar but i can't find the files, inventorywindow looks normal, i have some lines in uiinventory but if i delete them my client doesnt start. 2. I have 4 inventory pages but in game i have only 2. inventorywindow.py uiinventory.py
  15. I have this crc32 7079df2c 3873224 30292659 2157719936 pack/root.epk but I do not understand how that is generated with c ++ because a crc32 is like that 0x75bcf0d6
  16. I want to get the number of slots available for the pet's skills and I did this: In New_PetSystem.cpp I searched: CNewPetActor::CNewPetActor(LPCHARACTER owner, DWORD vnum, DWORD options) I added inside: m_dwgetskillcount = 0; somewhere I added this: void CNewPetActor::GetSkillCount() { if (m_dwskillslot[0] > -1 && m_dwskillslot[1] == -1 && m_dwskillslot[2] == -1) m_dwgetskillcount = 1; else if (m_dwskillslot[0] > -1 && m_dwskillslot[1] > -1 && m_dwskillslot[2] == -1) m_dwgetskillcount = 2; else if (m_dwskillslot[0] > -1 && m_dwskillslot[1] > -1 && m_dwskillslot[2] > -1) m_dwgetskillcount = 3; } I searched: void CNewPetActor::UpdateTime() inside of: if (pSummonItem != NULL) i added: pSummonItem->SetForceAttribute(7, 1, m_dwgetskillcount); I searched: void CNewPetActor::Unsummon() { if (true == this->IsSummoned()) i added: pSummonItem->SetForceAttribute(7, 1, m_dwgetskillcount); I searched: DWORD CNewPetActor::Summon(const char* petName, LPITEM pSummonItem, bool bSpawnFar) i added: pSummonItem->SetForceAttribute(7, 1, m_dwgetskillcount); In New_PetSystem.h i added: void GetSkillCount(); and: DWORD m_dwgetskillcount; in char_item.cpp in: if (item->GetVnum() >= 55701 && item->GetVnum() <= 55706) { and in: if (item->GetVnum() == 55002 && item->GetAttributeValue(0) > 0) { i added: item2->SetForceAttribute(7, 1, item->GetAttributeValue(7)); in uitooltip.py i added: getskillcount = (int(attrSlot[7][1])) and: self.AppendTextLine("("+str(getskillslot)+")", self.NORMAL_COLOR) But in the game it is shown as 0, it does not add the value of the attrvalue, but yes of the attrtype Can someone help me please? Is there any other way to obtain the amount of spaces available for the power in the description of the article in uitooltip? Thanks in advance.
  17. solved Cube percentage

    Hey, Can someone tell me how to implement the percentage view in the client like that in the picture? (The 100% at the bottom)
  18. Hey, so i click the (?) to see the drops's nothing happens here is the syserr 0214 13:16:47539 :: File "ui.py", line 1344, in CallEvent 0214 13:16:47540 :: File "ui.py", line 87, in __call__ 0214 13:16:47541 :: File "ui.py", line 69, in __call__ 0214 13:16:47541 :: File "uiTarget.py", line 534, in OnPressedInfoButton 0214 13:16:47542 :: File "uiTarget.py", line 139, in Open 0214 13:16:47542 :: File "uiTarget.py", line 163, in __LoadInformation 0214 13:16:47543 :: File "uiTarget.py", line 230, in __LoadInformation_Race 0214 13:16:47543 :: ValueError 0214 13:16:47543 :: : 0214 13:16:47543 :: incomplete format 0214 13:16:47543 :: I see this in some other thread here in metin2dev with same problem and he said the error was -> " the error is the tab in locale_game.txt" But i can't understand what he means from that, here is my locale_game.txt ( target system part ) prntscr.com/iem2yz Anyone want to try help ?
  19. I installed mob drop info system all okay , in server source, client source, and client pack, but i can't see the (?) in the bar to see the mob's drop it is still the same prntscr.com/ie359z No syserr, maybe anyone knows the cause for this ?
  20. solved .

  21. solved .

  22. solved Quest ESC syserr

    Hello community, Today I have encountered a problem with my server and I would like to ask you about the solution. Problem: In the game, if you press the ESC key quickly while any Quest window is open, the server side prints the following SysErr; SYSERR: Feb 6 02:17:45 :: Select: wrong QUEST_SELECT request! : 10002 void CQuestManager::Select(unsigned int pc, unsigned int selection) { PC* pPC; if ((pPC = GetPC(pc)) && pPC->IsRunning() && pPC->GetRunningQuestState()->suspend_state==SUSPEND_STATE_SELECT) { pPC->SetSendDoneFlag(); if (!pPC->GetRunningQuestState()->chat_scripts.empty()) { // 채팅 이벤트인 경우 // 현재 퀘스트는 어느 퀘스트를 실행할 것인가를 고르는 퀘스트 이므로 // 끝내고 선택된 퀘스트를 실행한다. QuestState& old_qs = *pPC->GetRunningQuestState(); CloseState(old_qs); if (selection >= pPC->GetRunningQuestState()->chat_scripts.size()) { pPC->SetSendDoneFlag(); GotoEndState(old_qs); pPC->EndRunning(); } else { AArgScript* pas = pPC->GetRunningQuestState()->chat_scripts[selection]; ExecuteQuestScript(*pPC, pas->quest_index, pas->state_index, pas->script.GetCode(), pas->script.GetSize()); } } else { // on default pPC->GetRunningQuestState()->args=1; lua_pushnumber(pPC->GetRunningQuestState()->co,selection+1); if (!RunState(*pPC->GetRunningQuestState())) { CloseState(*pPC->GetRunningQuestState()); pPC->EndRunning(); } } } else { sys_err("wrong QUEST_SELECT request! : %d",pc); } }
  23. solved .