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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 9 results

  1. open Mob attack problem

    Hello. I`m gonna say directly my problem So when a mob it`s attacking the caracter the character it`s moving back Gif with the problem https://gyazo.com/5470d3298885932ac46d96379e62c4c2 Someone can help me with it?
  2. open Mobs attack bug

    Hello! I have a problem with the mobs, when i use bravery cape, and i pulling them. I can't damage then mobs 2-3 second.
  3. solved Disable Empire Attack

    I'd like to disable the attack of other empires. Like, players from an empire to not be able to attack you or those from a different empire. I want all empires to be peaceful.
  4. Here is the video Look here what is my problem. When i use a skill that increases the attack value i have problem with max/min. The character has more damage but the damage doesn't show.
  5. mob move and attack error

    Hey guys, I use mainline source, and most of the mobs dont attack me. I mean I get the damage, but only 2-3 mobs come to me and do it visually, mostly they're just standing on their own place without doing anything (but I also get their damage too). Why does it happen? Thanks in advance!
  6. Mount Attack Problem Vanilla

    I have vanilla core, and mounts can't attack. In pvp.cpp has nothing like case MOUNT_ID etc.. what can i do?
  7. Mount attack problem

    I have problem with some mount attack... i have vanilla core source... In pvp.cpp the mounts ids are missing, and the whole code. But this is not the problem.. i add the code with the case and mounts but i have the same problem.. any clue?
  8. Hello, i want to show you here my new 6th character You can contact me or visit my website for more informations