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Found 179 results

  1. Hello I have this error when starting the server: http://prntscr.com/lvrxaz I have no idea what is going on or how to get more information out of this. Files with extension ".core" are being created regarding the game file (not the db)
  2. Mind Rapist

    The Bug Database

    Ok so late night thought... We have this right? So I came up with this idea. Might be good might be bad might be shit. We'll see... So I thought we could open a post just like the above to answer to peoples' bugs. Can be python, c++, php or just anything. In the end, this post can end up like a little knowledge base and help and inspire the community. As I said it could be a nice idea or a crappy one, you'll be the judges of that And btw, if you are a newbie read before you type. No more than 1 comment per issue we don't own a data center. Best regards
  3. mrakis

    solved Trade bug

    Hello community, I have problem with trade window. Problem you can see in video. sysser: CItemManager::SelectItemData - FIND ERROR SOLVED: Problem was in packet.h (client side) bandicam 2018-11-06 17-47-18-890.mp4
  4. Kyros


    Hello, I hope someone can offer me help. When trading and trying to put yang in trade window, it stays at 0 and this particular message comes out: The player owns more than 2 billion yang He says that the player with I am trying to trade has more than 2 billion yang, but the fact is that the player does not even have yang or have small amount. In the sysser this line comes out; SYSERR: Nov 2 01: 53: 53.530620 :: Exchange: [OVERFLOW_GOLD] ELK_ADD (884092571) id 1 name [GM] Luke
  5. maniek1337

    open Ymir Fail Bug Bonus Affect

    Hello, I am looking for a repair of this bug. I found topics from 2016 but all closed. thank you in advance for help if anyone can help it's about re-entering the game and clicking quickly after which the effect is double
  6. Hey guys i have a bug on my server that multiplicates the blend potions and dds on taskbar, i need help solving. I tried to do this but i dont understand -> https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/metin2-pserver-guides-strategies/4189245-release-double-affect-bugfix.html
  7. Helia01

    open Shaman FAN BUG!

    Hello I have a problem with the demon fan All fans except this in their hands look normal. I tried to replace the models of this fan from the gf server, but it did not help. Could you help correct the mistake please?
  8. Hi, I have problem with World Editor, i have a World Editor from Remix V24, when i create map (use F6 for generate shadowmaps) and i create server_attr of map (at server_attr i use Map Converter by BlackYuko) because WorldEditor server_attr not function (the Editor was ,,don't responding" and crash), after i go to the map in klient (with character) no problem, (size on map is 1020x1090) when i go into map at coordinates + - 990x1020 map kick me from server and in the syserr of channel is this error SYSERR: Jul 10 17:43:26 :: GetServerLocation: location error name [SA]Sendalone mapindex 0 1286547 x 1505073 empire 2 SYSERR: Jul 10 17:43:35 :: GetServerLocation: location error name [SA]Sendalone mapindex 0 1286547 x 1505073 empire 2 SYSERR: Jul 10 17:43:36 :: GetValidLocation: cannot find tree by 1286547 1505073 (map index 21) SYSERR: Jul 10 17:43:36 :: PlayerLoad: InputDB::PlayerLoad : cannot find valid location 1286547 x 1505073 (name: [SA]Sendalone) SYSERR: Jul 10 17:50:42 :: Sync: cannot find tree at 1078531 1152013 (name: [SA]Sendalone) what is the problem ? pls help (sorry for my very bad english )
  9. yagokurt

    Energy System Bug

    Hi, i'm having a strange bug with the energy system. If i use an energy crystal and then use a mount the bonus just get double, and even after remove all my armor i still having the bugged effect. Someone have any clue how i could fix it? I'm using a self-compiled game. Here is an video with an example.
  10. Driguezgames

    solved [BUG]Character Window

    Hello i have a akward bug on my Character Window, My HP, MN, INT and DEX Have +10 Points of Stats than normal I Double check some files and i can't solve this Problem! In the DB i have the right Stats: And Btw my HP and MN don't regenerate, what i did?
  11. Hello guys, I found a little problem on my server. Well, the problem is : Well, I know that problem is because of Budokan quest, but how can I use the pvp arena with the Budokan tournament ?
  12. Truman7321

    open Healer double Attack

    I'd like to change the Shaman Healer "Attack up" http://wiki.metin-2.com/index.php/Attack_Up How to make it buff 2x for Shamans? Example: 140 for Warrior/Sura/Ninja, 280 for Shaman
  13. cubex3

    open Offline Shop Great

    Hello , Yesterday I installed the offline shop system by great. everything works as well. but when I reboot all shops disappear, you can not close them in the database but they are still there.
  14. kagamatosama

    open Horse visible bug

    Hello! Anyone know how can i solve tihs? (Video is not from me, but the bug is fully like mine!) Thanks in advance !!!
  15. adrianadyy

    open Problem

    Hello, I have a bug on map1 red and on multiple maps. When a player reaches certain parts of the map he gets kicked and can not enter the character. I tried to change the maps to my client and serverfiles,but it did not work. The problem is not from map allow, who can help me? syserr: Syserr.zip
  16. Hello i have a problem with clean client zearth (cartof v4) , when I entered the game with another character and then I change the character , then press create the character takes me out of the client in syserr does not show anything, and I do not know where the problem can come from does anyone know? EDIT: if i press create the character and i don't enter the game it's work correctly.. EDIT2: after that ErrorLog.txt it is created Sorry for English . Best regards, Zorke.
  17. Hi all. My client has a very annoying bug. My inventory sidebar is like this: If I warp from commands (with inventory open too) or from quest with inventory closed all is ok, but when I warp from teleport ring or any other quest with inventory open it does this: Thank you!
  18. passaport

    open Inventory Expansion Bug

    Hi, metin2dev The bug is manifest like this : My exchange.cpp file: bool CExchange::CheckSpace() { static CGrid s_grid1(5, 9); // 9 Rows a 5 Columns static CGrid s_grid2(5, 9); // 9 Rows a 5 Columns static CGrid s_grid3(5, 9); // 9 Rows a 5 Columns static CGrid s_grid4(5, 9); // 9 Rows a 5 Columns s_grid1.Clear(); s_grid2.Clear(); s_grid3.Clear(); s_grid4.Clear(); LPCHARACTER victim = GetCompany()->GetOwner(); LPITEM item; int i; const int perPageSlotCount = INVENTORY_MAX_NUM / 4; for (i = 0; i < INVENTORY_MAX_NUM; ++i) { if (!(item = victim->GetInventoryItem(i))) continue; BYTE itemSize = item->GetSize(); if (i < perPageSlotCount) // Notice: This is adjusted for 4 Pages only! s_grid1.Put(i, 1, itemSize); else if (i < perPageSlotCount * 2) s_grid2.Put(i - perPageSlotCount, 1, itemSize); else if (i < perPageSlotCount * 3) s_grid3.Put(i - perPageSlotCount * 2, 1, itemSize); else s_grid4.Put(i - perPageSlotCount * 3, 1, itemSize); } static std::vector <WORD> s_vDSGrid(DRAGON_SOUL_INVENTORY_MAX_NUM); bool bDSInitialized = false; for (i = 0; i < EXCHANGE_ITEM_MAX_NUM; ++i) { if (!(item = m_apItems[i])) continue; #ifdef NEW_ADD_INVENTORY int envanterblack; if (item->IsDragonSoul()) envanterblack = victim->GetEmptyDragonSoulInventory(item); else envanterblack = victim->GetEmptyInventory(item->GetSize()); if (envanterblack < 0) { victim->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Text Bug1"); GetOwner()->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Text Bug2"); return false; } #endif BYTE itemSize = item->GetSize(); if (item->IsDragonSoul()) { if (!victim->DragonSoul_IsQualified()) return false; if (!bDSInitialized) { bDSInitialized = true; victim->CopyDragonSoulItemGrid(s_vDSGrid); } bool bExistEmptySpace = false; WORD wBasePos = DSManager::instance().GetBasePosition(item); if (wBasePos >= DRAGON_SOUL_INVENTORY_MAX_NUM) return false; for (int i = 0; i < DRAGON_SOUL_BOX_SIZE; i++) { WORD wPos = wBasePos + i; if (0 == s_vDSGrid[wBasePos]) { bool bEmpty = true; for (int j = 1; j < item->GetSize(); j++) { if (s_vDSGrid[wPos + j * DRAGON_SOUL_BOX_COLUMN_NUM]) { bEmpty = false; break; } } if (bEmpty) { for (int j = 0; j < item->GetSize(); j++) { s_vDSGrid[wPos + j * DRAGON_SOUL_BOX_COLUMN_NUM] = wPos + 1; } bExistEmptySpace = true; break; } } if (bExistEmptySpace) break; } if (!bExistEmptySpace) return false; } else { int iPos = s_grid1.FindBlank(1, itemSize); if (iPos >= 0) { s_grid1.Put(iPos, 1, itemSize); continue; } iPos = s_grid2.FindBlank(1, itemSize); if (iPos >= 0) { s_grid2.Put(iPos, 1, itemSize); continue; } iPos = s_grid3.FindBlank(1, itemSize); if (iPos >= 0) { s_grid3.Put(iPos, 1, itemSize); continue; } iPos = s_grid4.FindBlank(1, itemSize); if (iPos >= 0) { s_grid4.Put(iPos, 1, itemSize); continue; } return false; // No space left in inventory } } return true; } If i don't have any space in inventory and i make a trade i recive the message : Text Bug 1 and the victim(another player) Text Bug 2 and the trade don't make..but if i have 2 slots for a sword and i give 2 sword ,the another player recive 1 sword and 1 stay in my inventory... Soory for my bad english but i worked 4 days to it and i don't know what to do anymore...
  19. LiiKeFam3

    Char select bug [40k]

    Hi, metin2dev. Today i've noticed a bug, and i don't know how to solve it. Bug: No hair and played minutes .
  20. Hi, every one. I have a problem with target info system. When i click the button nothing happens. Thx in advance.
  21. MonUxShen

    open Trade chat client error

    I have a problem with installation trade chat system. The problem is when i trying edit the game client and after i choose character, window of client turns off. Below i insert my syserr, uichat.py and colorinfo.py. Btw. There were no problems with bin and src compilation. https://pastebin.com/rbDWimf0 < - uichat.py https://pastebin.com/rcjdcckR < - colorinfo.py https://pastebin.com/d7rzABZ9 < - syserr
  22. Hi guys. I tried to put the untradable item show on my server, it worked well but has a bug, and I don't know how to fix it. Well, it simply crashes the entire server when 2 players try to trade between them... A little help would be appreciated Thanks.
  23. sharqawy

    open OFFLiNe Shop - Koray

    I Tried To Add Koray's Offline shop .. After Many Tries I Added it but there is A Big Bug .. IF There's Something Was Bought .. I Don't Get The Money But I turns to the safebox .. The Bug Is : When I Press "Collect Rewards" There isn't any thing Happen .. the money At The SafeBox & Can't Collect Money .. Is There Any Way To Disable Safebox Money Or Collect it ?? Sorry For Bad English .. #Help
  24. I recently found an item on the server im playing on and i wanted to ask what bonus this error ectually is. All i could find out that the bonis you can add just have an index that goes up to 90 i think so 127 would make no sense but somehow there is still 44% of some boni added to this item