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Found 21 results

  1. Driguezgames

    solved [BUG]Character Window

    Hello i have a akward bug on my Character Window, My HP, MN, INT and DEX Have +10 Points of Stats than normal I Double check some files and i can't solve this Problem! In the DB i have the right Stats: And Btw my HP and MN don't regenerate, what i did?
  2. Hello, I'm having a problem. I had been making a private server for 2 days on Hamachi and so I bought a VPS, i installed the most basic full server files I found on Mpcforum.pl onto the vps, and then chucked in my db and sf from the previous hamachi edition. Libs are all there etc. and now I stumbled upon a problem. Syserr: SYSERR: Nov 18 22:05:37 :: socket_connect: HOST localhost:15000, could not connect.SYSERR: Nov 18 22:05:40 :: socket_connect: HOST localhost:15000, could not connect. II think I have to unblock ports right? but how ?
  3. Hello guys, Does anyone know or can give me a hint how to enable armor effects at character select? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello everyone, faced such a problem. In sysser nothing, debug did not betray anything... Help please, thank you in advance.
  5. Hello, I use SF and DB by metin2gravity When I try to create new character, it says that character name is not ok, but I use normal symbols (not @, /, ě, š, č etc..) Has somebody experience with that? Regards.
  6. Hey guys! Can someone help me on how to sort characters in Character Selection based in Last play? Like the official server. I think it's easy but i fail something. Here:
  7. open introselect.py Search: self.destGauge = [ float(valueHTH) / 380, float(valueINT) / 380, float(valueSTR) / 380, float(valueDEX) / 380 ] Change: self.destGauge = [ float(valueHTH) / 90, # max stat float(valueINT) / 90, # max stat float(valueSTR) / 90, # max stat float(valueDEX) / 90 # max stat ] open introcreate.py Search: float(self.stat[0])/float(statSummary), float(self.stat[1])/float(statSummary), float(self.stat[2])/float(statSummary), float(self.stat[3])/float(statSummary), Change: float(self.stat[0])/90, #max stat float(self.stat[1])/90, #max stat float(self.stat[2])/90, #max stat float(self.stat[3])/90, #max stat http://i.imgur.com/mOcKPC0.png http://i.imgur.com/agkXwuC.png Best Regards Rideas
  8. Hello guys it's been a while since I visited the forum Today I have an easy to answer question (hopefully) about a database table. I want to learn how to understand when a quest is incomplete or completed by looking the records at player.quest What I know about this table is: dwPID = pid of the character szName = the name of the quest given by the system (e.g: collect_quest_lv30) szState = the state of the quest given by the LUA file according to the steps completed What I need to learn: What is lValue? Does it have to do something about what I want to learn? How can I know if a Biologist quest (or generaly a quest) is incomplete, started or completed based on what I see in the row (row e.g: dwPID: 1, szName: collect_quest_lv30, szState: _status, lValue: 695801987) I appreciate any help on the topic and a big thanks to the responders
  9. Hi guys, can somebody tell me how to do this system which changing colors of hair in character select? Here is a video with that: Thanks for answers! Kind Regrads ReFresh
  10. Hello, i want to show you here my new 6th character You can contact me or visit my website for more informations
  11. Hey devs I'm looking for the new Sash models (green and blue) just the models for msm based Sash systems. Thank you
  12. ShadowsPR0

    Armours in character creation

    Anybody knows how can i put armors in character creation. To show maybe Armour lvl 70+9 on each character (like a preview on how your character looks at higher levels).
  13. gummyantifi

    Skill problem.

    i have this small bug for buff skill character how i repair this? shaman have sura skill buff. this warrior aura.... Thanks for help
  14. Hello guys, I have a problem with my client. The Enter key doesn't work. When i'm in character select and i press it nothing happens.
  15. Hey guys, I am currently trying to add on my Client the Sash System... but i am having some errors. I compiled the GAME+ DB+ BINARY with no errors, add everything to the server and client... but i get this: My Character Does not have hair... and the second one does not exist... My syserr.txt: 0118 15:39:05700 :: Phase Select does not handle this header (header: 14, last: 32, 14) 0118 15:39:08862 :: GRANNY: r:/granny/rt/granny_file_info.cpp(145): File has run-time type tag of 0x80000015, which doesn't match this version of Granny (0x80000010). Automatic conversion will be attempted. 0118 15:39:08881 :: Hair number 58 is not exist.
  16. Veneno

    Sash System problem

    Hello community I have the Sash System and until now it was working fine until I added Monster Informations to my client. Now the sash can be combined, absorb and equipped as before, but when i equip it there is no visual change on the character... Can someone help me?
  17. hi metin2dev how we can adding new empire are you know please write Client Source Game Source Db Source pack scripts
  18. How can i delet my charater from client? I put this function in db conf. PLAYER_DELETE_LEVEL_LIMIT = 105 PLAYER_DELETE_CHECK_SIMPLE = 1 Error in syslog DB PLAYER_DELETE TRY: admin 61232 pid2 SYSERR: Feb 6 20:48:44 :: DirectQuery: AsyncSQL::DirectQuery : mysql_query error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '_deleted SELECT * FROM player WHERE id=61232' at line 1 query: INSERT INTO player _deleted SELECT * FROM player WHERE id=61232
  19. How can I delete wolfman slot from woman page in create character?
  20. Lehel

    Warrior SKILL BUG !!!

    Hey,I noticed a very bad bug. When I am in a duel , I can attack whit a skill x3 times. Why ?