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Found 118 results

  1. Mind Rapist

    open RunMain Error

    Hey guys I just compiled a new bin and the client wouldn't launch. The only thing in the syserr was: RunMain Error Anyone knows how can I find out more? The bin is custom made with a bunch of systems and changes inside would be nice to have a place to start. Thanks in advance
  2. Hello, I'm looking for tips how to fix client memory leak after every teleportation memory usage (RAM) of client is increasing and finally client crash. What I found it can be something with trees. Regards.
  3. Hey, Here is my version of clean and stable client: * based on 2k10 client with updated maps/textures etc. working on 40k binary * client weight ~ 630MB (removed many unused files) * maps in separated in two folders: outdoor and indoor * many new features SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: EN, PL Preview: https://imgur.com/a/pwpTE Changelog: Download: Client_1.12 - entire client: mirror #1 https://mega.nz/#!xkxEgTTD!-SMjZSX12EyWSVvNxdYhMmp9Zeb-B-iRmL_z-NNS1uE Update_1.2 - contains: binary source with extern and update: mirror #1 https://mega.nz/#!Q0w2BKIK!Hl0g5Eojygy5CZDe3ZYI1aDP1wIpcM_9ohk-eIQwwfM mirror #2 http://www117.zippyshare.com/v/xvD6EYNI/file.html Update_1.4: mirror #1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/a7day8bejaydbqi/update_1.4.7z Update_1.5 mirror #1 https://www.mediafire.com/file/vkgkzrghijvakv3/Update1.5.7z Update_1.5.1 mirros #1 https://www.mediafire.com/file/4cesrfr25ismk87/Update_1.5.1.7z ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Windows Server Files development machine with source mirror #1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/5mmi4m4knr6p6yf/ServerWindowsSF.7z Server source + Windows SF + Ymir documentations (translated into english)
  4. Dafuq313

    solved Aeldra unpacked

  5. It looks like this: You can unpack all pack files with EterNexus and in order to run the client it you can make a .bat file with start metin2.bin text inside it. MEGA: https://mega.nz/#!dZYS2ajZ!qCwXS53cJXFBcU7csLHRl-uXlNstrSyRpUzxFaFfe8A
  6. In a few days / hours you will post the best source to client: D http://postimg.org/image/iwufapf2j/ -Binary Folder (The place is saved .exe after compilation.) -extern Folder (You realize only) -source Folder ( Contain source files .cpp and .h ) -vs_files Folder ( Containt files that's necesary for visual studio ) List of fix and definitions: Python >2.2 long overflow All mount can attack All toolset set to v120_xp (Windows xp compatibility) include source files of the client and library, all set to v120)xp toolset ENABLE_COSTUME_SYSTEM ENABLE_ENERGY_SYSTEM ENABLE_DRAGON_SOUL_SYSTEM ENABLE_BELT_SYSTEM Cryptopp 5.6.2 boost 1.55 I did not do updates because in my opinion are not required. http://prntscr.com/5yaf8b -library builder folder(This folder contains source to absolutely all the libraries it needs client. All can be built with Visual Studio 2013.) I solved all compilation errors, absolutely everything. There are only three errors that you will solve soon: D Currently working on the client, I want to pass it on OpenGL: D For linux. The link will appear in about a few hours / days, up to you if you are interested in the source ))) Soon windows server (Game & db) All projects in libraries (CWebBrowser, EffectLib etc. ..) are made by me with their own settings different from the Ymir. And if you are obedient to post a cythonized client source. If you are interested, I'll post it. So it is pointless: D DOWNLOAD LINK AVALIABLE Pleasw wait 24h , i make a special root files for this client src If you find bugs, leave message in topic so I can fix them, each update will be posted here.
  7. So I am a new developer as you can tell I actually have programming languages background but I need help with Metin2 developing so I am planning on buying a host because after several tries I couldn't follow the tuts on any forums because I always get errors so I decided to buy a host . I am just confused when I look around forums I understand nothing I am trying to find some tuts from scratch but all I find is tuts for advanced people or a follow along tuts which I am not looking forward to because I wanna learn it from scratch until I become good at it to the point that I can read someone else's scripts like I can do when I am reading a C++ script or C# . For example , I can't understand what is the Source code / game.tar / MySQL.tar and how to make my own serverfiles , how to attach the client to the serverfiles , how to use the root or how to attach a client to the host with out a root (some clients doesn't have root files ) ... etc. I need someone to instruct me , maybe even from scratch , please I am up to pay you !.
  8. Hello I have just installed the battle 2 serverfiles on my server, and it seems like the client is not connecting to the server. I have linked some files that might be useful: ConfigAuth: https://pastebin.com/MjvDQDQd ConfigCh1Core1: https://pastebin.com/HFGQ6dpY ConfigCh1Core2: https://pastebin.com/uiccVwCb ConfigGame99: https://pastebin.com/KSLMpHMC serverinfo.py: https://pastebin.com/8WgenU5G Thank you!
  9. Shangor

    Syserr error | Client

    Hello, i want some help, after loading i can't do nothing and the window freeze. and i get some error's in my syserr. Syserr: Thanks for help.
  10. .dany-

    open Client Protection

    Hello Guys, i search a good Client Protection (eix./epk.). Anyone know a good? i pay as well! - Send me a Message
  11. Hello, Is there any library, documentation or tutorial how to code client in Metin2? Any language, but not python (I never used python). The best would be NodeJS or some kind of C. Thanks for answers in advance
  12. Hello!!...i want to buy a very good protection for client,but i want a protection to stop especially m2bob.I offer 100-150€ for this kind of protection. Best Regards!
  13. So my problem is that it says Procedureentrypoint "_GrannyUpdateModelMatrix@16" was not found on the dll "......./metin2client.exe" Can someone help me to fix it :)?
  14. OnlyGood

    invoice client+ serverfiles

    I search the invoice client + the serverfiles i hope anyone can help me. ty. _______________ sorry for the bad english.
  15. Hey guys Searching Stabiel Server fiels like offi
  16. felixenpr

    open [ERROR] Sysser client

    Hello M2Dev, how are u? Well, i have a this error in my sysser client. I want to solve. GRANNY: Unable to find matching track_group for Model: "Acce_04_85_018" in Animation: "D:\zwork\박재관\3월21일이후의수정애니메이션\수라캐릭터수정\수라모션수정\선택\wait.max" Thanks, and pls help me!!
  17. xlucianx

    open Client Problem

    I have a problem with client V4 maps 0819 14:11:12997 :: CMapBase::LoadProperty(FileName=metin2_map_skipia_dungeon_02\MapProperty.txt) - LoadMultipleTextData ERROR ÆÄÀÏÀÌ ¾øÀ» °¡´É¼ºÀÌ ¸¹½À´Ï´Ù. 0819 14:11:12997 :: CMapManager::LoadMap() Invalid Map Type 0819 14:11:12997 :: CPythonBackground::SelectViewDistanceNum(int eNum=0) mc_pcurEnvironmentData is NULL
  18. Hey guys, I've been trying to find the mall.tga of this coin for quite a while now. It can be seen in this video for example: (instead of the normal itemshop coin) As far as I know its the yang logo. I haven't been able to find an old client design or smth that still had it so if someone could upload it for, I'd appreciate it.
  19. Hi guys! I am currently trying to compile my client binary: It's the clean binary version and the Test Client for 40250. When i compile Metin2Release and open i get this error: Syserr: 0107 12:54:00010 :: import marshal # builtin 0107 12:54:00011 :: import imp # builtin 0107 12:54:00027 :: ui.py: inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation 0107 12:54:00046 :: import _weakref # builtin 0107 12:54:00468 :: # trying .\os.pyd 0107 12:54:00468 :: # trying .\os.py 0107 12:54:00468 :: # trying .\os.pyw 0107 12:54:00468 :: # trying .\os.pyc 0107 12:54:00468 :: # trying lib\os.pyd 0107 12:54:00468 :: # trying lib\os.py 0107 12:54:00468 :: # trying lib\os.pyw 0107 12:54:00469 :: # trying lib\os.pyc 0107 12:54:00469 :: # trying .\traceback.pyd 0107 12:54:00469 :: # trying .\traceback.py 0107 12:54:00469 :: # trying .\traceback.pyw 0107 12:54:00469 :: # trying .\traceback.pyc 0107 12:54:00469 :: # trying lib\traceback.pyd 0107 12:54:00469 :: # trying lib\traceback.py 0107 12:54:00470 :: # trying lib\traceback.pyw 0107 12:54:00470 :: # trying lib\traceback.pyc 0107 12:54:01340 :: RunMain Error 0107 12:54:01342 :: # clear __builtin__._ 0107 12:54:01342 :: # clear sys.path 0107 12:54:01342 :: # clear sys.argv 0107 12:54:01342 :: # clear sys.ps1 0107 12:54:01342 :: # clear sys.ps2 0107 12:54:01342 :: # clear sys.exitfunc 0107 12:54:01342 :: # clear sys.exc_type 0107 12:54:01342 :: # clear sys.exc_value 0107 12:54:01342 :: # clear sys.exc_traceback 0107 12:54:01342 :: # clear sys.last_type 0107 12:54:01342 :: # clear sys.last_value 0107 12:54:01342 :: # clear sys.last_traceback 0107 12:54:01342 :: # clear sys.path_hooks 0107 12:54:01342 :: # clear sys.path_importer_cache 0107 12:54:01343 :: # clear sys.meta_path 0107 12:54:01343 :: # clear sys.flags 0107 12:54:01343 :: # clear sys.float_info 0107 12:54:01343 :: # restore sys.stdin 0107 12:54:01343 :: # restore sys.stdout 0107 12:54:01343 :: # restore sys.stderr
  20. Hi guys! Do you have any idea how I could put in the login interface how many players are online?
  21. Hello, I am trying to compile client source using VS2008 vc90 (I have installed VS2008 - no Express and vcredists). When I open source using VS2013 and click on "Properties" it says that vc90 is not installed (https://ctrlv.cz/Gr8Y). I have really installed VS2008 (https://ctrlv.cz/93XH) and vcredists(https://ctrlv.cz/uBfT). And When I try to open it with VS2008 it says that: https://ctrlv.cz/Esn2 Would you help me please? Thank you.
  22. Hello metin2dev, today I got a very big problem with my server. I installed the SF (mysql and all stuff) but when I try to play with my new character, the client sends me directly to the Login Page, the loading bar is not showing. I dont have any erorrs in syserr, what can I do? Thanks.
  23. Akbarnu

    open Best Source currently?

    Hey guys, my last visit on a metin2 board is prob 2 years ago now. What is currently the best client & server source to use? Should include all security fixes and stuff already if possible
  24. Hello guys, does anybody know about the best client for vanilla binary?
  25. Hello, I wanted to customize client for my very little local server, but just for me to learn something new, how metin works and stuff, I don't have problems with coding things, but I need to understand how it works, also, is the client all written in python or in C++? I have seen some C++ code when I checked other topics. Any startup information is handy, thank you in advance.