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Found 31 results

  1. Greetings! The new beta is finished! I'm proud to present r71480. This time a few things have changed. And in this revision, we have a lot of new stuff. In the following I'll provide the download link along with the things I'd love you to test. *** DISCLAIMER *** The core is marked as stable. Anyway, I'll make it clear that I'm not responsible if you use this core since I can't give a warranty that I fixed every single security breach that potentially could happen - that's totally impossible. But we all together made the source great and secure so every public issue is fixed by now. You can use it in production environments now. So... What's new? boot-trigger for quests With this you can execute commands, timers, and all the stuff you'd like to have just on boot-time! revisioning of the 'unique class' (+ a ton of posibilities) added the functionality to create unique-groups temp-Variables for quests upgraded all libs moved completely to the newest clang version fixed some big security issues in the source code fixed the ingame ban and unban commands unified tables and gave them a new way: unify! file clean-up revisioned the makefiles gave the source a new, easier structure removed all external dependencies just install them by ports.. No external-folder necessary! removed 'boost' dependency (no boost lib needed yay) partial implementation of the wolfman (claws etc. are added, needs review) And basically everything that has been offered in the earlier versions of the vanilla core. Nothing should be missing. And if you miss something, just feel free to tell me! What needs testing? There are few things I'd love you to test out: Please check if the core is vulnerable to any security breaches you may know (also the public ones, don't know if I missed something) Please test out the new features! I'd really love to know if the new unique-functions and the boot-trigger does the job. Explanation to new features: Unique with container support Unique has evolved! This time you have a few new possibilities. Don't know what unique is? Here's a short explanation: With the unique-questfunctions you can spawn or set mobs, npcs and now even players to have a unique name. This name is stored into a unique-container. You can access this container and get all the vid's by their unique name (also called: the key) So for example you can spawn a boss with a key. Later on you can check if this specific mob has been killed or not. Or you can set his hp on-the-fly. There's basically no limits! And now with the revised system you'll have even more options. The new unique system works with containers. By default there are two containers reserved: __DEFAULT__ and __CHARACTER__. The first one is for all the basic stuff. And the second one is reserved for players. Now, as you may have noticed, there's a default one which means that the container-stuff is optional. If you just use the unique functions without specifying a container, it'll just use the default stuff. But you CAN use your own containers just as you want to. You can create, delete and list all the containers running. There is a list with all the quest-functions down below. boot-trigger This is pretty self-explanatory. With this release you can use "when boot begin" to specify a block of code that will be executed once the core has been booted. temp-variables With the new temp-variables you can set and remove player-specific variables. They are stored in the core and not written to disk or database. So be careful because they might get dropped once the core shutdowns. It's just a quick storage for people who want to have something like a cache for quick access. new quest functions nil unique.spawn_unique(string key, int vnum, string pos=unused, string container=optional) nil unique.set_unique(string key, int vid, string container=optional) nil unique.purge_unique(string key, string container=optional) nil unique.kill_unique(string key, string container=optional) bool unique.is_unique_dead(string key, string container=optional) int unique.get_hp_perc(string key, string container=optional) nil unique.set_def_grade(string key, int def, string container=optional) nil unique.set_hp(string key, int hp, string container=optional) nil unique.set_max_hp(string key, int maxhp, string container=optional) int unique.get_vid(string key, string container=optional) bool unique.exists(string key, string container=optional) table unique.get_container_list() this prints out all the unique containers table unique.get_container_list(string key) this prints out all the vids in the unique-container "key" nil unique.remove_container(string key) removes a whole container (flushes it when called on standard containers) nil pc.temp_var_set(string key, string value) string pc.temp_var_get(string key) nil pc.temp_var_delete(string key) Thanks a lot for participating! If there are any questions, this is the topic related to it. Further releases will be made public here too! If you'd like to contribute, just post code additions here. Changelog older changelogs Download Useful information: All necessary libs are included. If you're building your own vanilla binary you'll first have to move into every project of the Internal directory and rebuild the libs. The main makefile is not adapted yet, I was too lazy (ps: Still too lazy!) rev 71480 see this post: rev 70220 STABLE Core Sourcecode rev 70140 BETA Core Sourcecode Password for the archive is: vanilla Password for older source archives: vanillamt2 Best Regards Vanilla
  2. Undead2014

    M2DevilCore-The Hell is here.

    WebSite: http://devilcore.eu Board: http://board.devilcore.eu Register: http://devilcore.eu/users/register Download: http://devilcore.eu/download I will let the pictures to speak.
  3. Hi, recently released a new version of llvm (6) and I decided to update the source of vanilla 70220. (NOT TESTED) Download Cryptopp 5.6.5 Boost 1.65.1 Minilzo 2.09 MariaDB 101 DevIL 1.8.7 To install, you will need several packages. pkg install gmake pkg install subversion pkg install clang-devel Compiled on freebsd 11.1 i386 Best regard
  4. meneleos

    open Event game.core problem

    Hi. Someone know ho to fix it ? bt bt full CNewPetSystem::Destroy (this=0x313dc380) at New_PetSystem.cpp:2549 2549: event_cancel(&m_pkNewPetSystemUpdateEvent); in void CNewPetSystem::Destroy() { for (TNewPetActorMap::iterator iter = m_petActorMap.begin(); iter != m_petActorMap.end(); ++iter) { CNewPetActor* petActor = iter->second; if (0 != petActor) { delete petActor; } } if (m_pkNewPetSystemUpdateEvent) event_cancel(&m_pkNewPetSystemUpdateEvent); if (m_pkNewPetSystemExpireEvent) event_cancel(&m_pkNewPetSystemExpireEvent); m_petActorMap.clear(); } event.cpp 218: ++(p->ref_count); void intrusive_ptr_add_ref(EVENT* p) { if (p) ++(p->ref_count); }
  5. What is the cause of this error what do you know
  6. Denny2399

    solved Core bootloop

    Hey guys, I have recently changed item and mob proto database to be matching with the one in client, but when I boot the server, loop starts and nothing happens.
  7. meneleos

    open Auth core problem

    Hi. another is there anyone who can help me?
  8. lordsas61

    open Metin2 Game Core Help

  9. Denny2399

    open Unique function

    Hello, I have a little problem while running the game, can anyone help me? This is what've got: singleton.h script file:
  10. Hello, i have problem recently with compiling the quest file. Please if u can help me a bit, let me know your suggestions.
  11. hello every one i have doen core and this is debug this debug command and this is where command this is my at MarkImage.cpp:51 plz help
  12. meneleos

    Core problem (optind)

    Hi. #0 0x2884161b in sbrk () from /usr/lib32/libc.so.7 #1 0x28c0021c in ?? () #2 0x289238b8 in malloc_message () from /usr/lib32/libc.so.7 #3 0x289238f0 in malloc_message () from /usr/lib32/libc.so.7 #4 0x08670e10 in optind@@FBSD_1.0 () #5 0x000000b8 in ?? () #6 0x2882a070 in syscall () from /usr/lib32/libc.so.7 #7 0x28c000c0 in ?? () #8 0x290d504c in ?? () #9 0x00000002 in ?? () #10 0x00000000 in ?? () Why does this happen ?
  13. meneleos

    Game.core problem

    hi. i have a problem I can not find the cause of the error (gdb) bt #0 DESC::Packet (this=0xb, c_pvData=0x290ef000, iSize=60) at desc.cpp:436 #1 0x0806f5f9 in COfflineShop::Broadcast (this=0x2a2429c0, data=0x290ef000, bytes=60) at offline_shop.cpp:982 #2 0x08070288 in COfflineShop::BroadcastUpdateItem (this=0x2a2429c0, bPos=11 '\v', dwPID=73286, bDestroy=true) at offline_shop.cpp:865 #3 0x08071a2a in COfflineShop::Buy (this=0x2a2429c0, ch=0x4eb01000, bPos=<value optimized out>) at offline_shop.cpp:701 #4 0x0806c80a in COfflineShopManager::Buy (this=0xffffaed8, ch=0x4eb01000, pos=11 '\v') at offlineshop_manager.cpp:585 #5 0x0815ec61 in CInputMain::OfflineShop (this=0x465a6d1c, ch=0x4eb01000, data=0x58f0f000 "8\001\001\vR\236\016", uiBytes=3) at input_main.cpp:1513 #6 0x08164cc1 in CInputMain::Analyze (this=0x465a6d1c, d=0x465a6c80, bHeader=<value optimized out>, c_pData=0x58f0f000 "8\001\001\vR\236\016") at input_main.cpp:3780 #7 0x0815077b in CInputProcessor::Process (this=0x465a6d1c, lpDesc=0x465a6c80, c_pvOrig=0x58f0f000, iBytes=5, r_iBytesProceed=@0xffffa774) at input.cpp:99 #8 0x08118993 in DESC::ProcessInput (this=0x465a6c80) at desc.cpp:314 #9 0x082728e4 in io_loop (fdw=0x291347a0) at main.cpp:930 #10 0x082732c0 in idle () at main.cpp:812 #11 0x082747f7 in main (argc=1, argv=0xffffde50) at main.cpp:476 (gdb) bt full #0 DESC::Packet (this=0xb, c_pvData=0x290ef000, iSize=60) at desc.cpp:436 No locals. #1 0x0806f5f9 in COfflineShop::Broadcast (this=0x2a2429c0, data=0x290ef000, bytes=60) at offline_shop.cpp:982 it = {<std::tr1::__detail::_Hashtable_iterator_base<std::pair<CHARACTER* const, bool>,false>> = {_M_cur_node = 0x38bbc170, _M_cur_bucket = 0x436a73c4}, <No data fields>} #2 0x08070288 in COfflineShop::BroadcastUpdateItem (this=0x2a2429c0, bPos=11 '\v', dwPID=73286, bDestroy=true) at offline_shop.cpp:865 pack = {header = 47 '/', size = 60, subheader = 2 '\002'} pack2 = {pos = 11 '\v', item = {vnum = 0, price = 0, count = 0 '\0', display_pos = 0 '\0', alSockets = {0, 0, 0, 0}, aAttr = {{bType = 0 '\0', sValue = 0}, {bType = 0 '\0', sValue = 0}, { bType = 0 '\0', sValue = 0}, {bType = 0 '\0', sValue = 0}, { bType = 0 '\0', sValue = 0}, {bType = 0 '\0', sValue = 0}, { bType = 0 '\0', sValue = 0}}}} buf = {buf = 0x291a59c0, forceDelete = false} #3 0x08071a2a in COfflineShop::Buy (this=0x2a2429c0, ch=0x4eb01000, bPos=<value optimized out>) at offline_shop.cpp:701 tch = 0x4a6db000 saticiadi = "Nick\0008?▒U<?▒UO8\212(\v\000\000\000\231}7A" szQuery = "SELECT pos,count,vnum,price,socket0,socket1,socket2,socket3,attrtype0,attrvalue0,attrtype1,attrvalue1,attrtype2,attrvalue2,attrtyp---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit--- e3,attrvalue3,attrtype4,attrvalue4,attrtype5,attrvalue5,att"... pMsg = {_M_ptr = 0x53d31b80} row = <value optimized out> dwPrice = 14000000 dwItemVnum = 50300 bCount = 14 '\016' alSockets = {1, 0, 0, 0} aAttr = {{bType = 0 '\0', sValue = 0}, {bType = 0 '\0', sValue = 0}, { bType = 0 '\0', sValue = 0}, {bType = 0 '\0', sValue = 0}, { bType = 0 '\0', sValue = 0}, {bType = 0 '\0', sValue = 0}, { bType = 0 '\0', sValue = 0}} itemvnum = 0 ofbnk = "SELECT yang FROM player.offlinebanka WHERE id=73286\000\000\001\000\000\000\000\000\002\000\005\000\000\000▒,D\b\001\000\000\000\001\000\000\000\002\000\000\000P\232▒▒\001\000\000\000\200▒$Xh\001\000\000\200▒$X\005\000\000\000\021\000\000\000▒\232▒▒▒\213\021\b▒G\023)Z\000\000\000\200▒$X\002\000\000\000\001\000\000\000▒\232▒▒3\233▒▒\\>>\b\002\000\000\000\000\001"... llYang = 14000000 input_main.cpp 3780 case HEADER_CG_OFFLINE_SHOP: if ((iExtraLen = OfflineShop(ch, c_pData, m_iBufferLeft)) < 0) return -1; break; 1503 TPacketCGShop * p = (TPacketCGShop *) data; if (uiBytes < sizeof(TPacketCGShop)) return -1; if (test_server) sys_log(0, "CInputMain::OfflineShop ==> SubHeader %d", p->subheader); const char * c_pData = data + sizeof(TPacketCGShop); uiBytes -= sizeof(TPacketCGShop); switch (p->subheader) { case SHOP_SUBHEADER_CG_END: sys_log(1, "INPUT: %s OFFLINE_SHOP: END", ch->GetName()); COfflineShopManager::instance().StopShopping(ch); return 0; case SHOP_SUBHEADER_CG_BUY: { if (uiBytes < sizeof(BYTE) + sizeof(BYTE)) return -1; BYTE bPos = *(c_pData + 1); sys_log(1, "INPUT: %s OFFLINE_SHOP: BUY %d", ch->GetName(), bPos); COfflineShopManager::instance().Buy(ch, bPos); return (sizeof(BYTE) + sizeof(BYTE)); } offlineshop_manager.cpp:585 int ret = pkOfflineShop->Buy(ch, pos); offline_shop.cpp:701 BroadcastUpdateItem(bPos, pid, true); offline_shop.cpp:865 void COfflineShop::BroadcastUpdateItem(BYTE bPos, DWORD dwPID, bool bDestroy) { TPacketGCShop pack; TPacketGCShopUpdateItem pack2; TEMP_BUFFER buf; pack.header = HEADER_GC_OFFLINE_SHOP; pack.subheader = SHOP_SUBHEADER_GC_UPDATE_ITEM; pack.size = sizeof(pack) + sizeof(pack2); pack2.pos = bPos; if (bDestroy) { pack2.item.vnum = 0; pack2.item.count = 0; pack2.item.price = 0; memset(pack2.item.alSockets, 0, sizeof(pack2.item.alSockets)); memset(pack2.item.aAttr, 0, sizeof(pack2.item.aAttr)); } else { char szQuery[1024]; snprintf(szQuery, sizeof(szQuery), "SELECT pos,count,vnum,price,socket0,socket1,socket2,socket3,attrtype0,attrvalue0,attrtype1,attrvalue1,attrtype2,attrvalue2,attrtype3,attrvalue3,attrtype4,attrvalue4,attrtype5,attrvalue5,attrtype6,attrvalue6 FROM offline_shop_item%s WHERE owner_id = %u and pos = %d", get_table_postfix(), dwPID, bPos); std::auto_ptr<SQLMsg> pMsg(DBManager::Instance().DirectQuery(szQuery)); MYSQL_ROW row; while (NULL != (row = mysql_fetch_row(pMsg->Get()->pSQLResult))) { str_to_number(pack2.item.count, row[1]); str_to_number(pack2.item.vnum, row[2]); str_to_number(pack2.item.price, row[3]); for (int i = 0, n = 4; i < ITEM_SOCKET_MAX_NUM; ++i, n++) str_to_number(pack2.item.alSockets, row[n]); for (int i = 0, iStartAttributeType = 8, iStartAttributeValue = 9; i < ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_MAX_NUM; ++i, iStartAttributeType += 2, iStartAttributeValue += 2) { str_to_number(pack2.item.aAttr.bType, row[iStartAttributeType]); str_to_number(pack2.item.aAttr.sValue, row[iStartAttributeValue]); } } } buf.write(&pack, sizeof(pack)); buf.write(&pack2, sizeof(pack2)); Broadcast(buf.read_peek(), buf.size()); } at offline_shop.cpp:982 void COfflineShop::Broadcast(const void * data, int bytes) { for (GuestMapType::iterator it = m_map_guest.begin(); it != m_map_guest.end(); ++it) { LPCHARACTER ch = it->first; if (ch != NULL && ch->GetDesc()) { ch->GetDesc()->Packet(data, bytes); } } }
  14. Hi dev, i have a crash core problem and is crash every day. and bt: my char.h:555 how to i fix ?its a big problem for me.my item_manager cpp : https://mega.nz/#!5RxUgSSb!Usa95XljDFZy_817G0JU6ZyGz8tG1rdM1tgCzLbJ0vU bt full: thanks for advance
  15. P1nGu1n

    db core

    Hello , I have db.core problem is old and pay 150 - 200 € for resolve. https://gyazo.com/aea20ca1f97d20a6f2c4446f20e0f9c2
  16. sonyc73

    [Problem] Crash.core

    Hello, I recently opened a server after some time of inactivity , I started working on 40k , source .. Everything ok until I started taking crash . We analyzed game.core with gdb , none of game only some trouble with the lib 's. I analyzed syslog , I noticed something strange give_exp , I rebuilt quest and put some time when you can buy exp . Now morning I wake up again game.core I took every exploit in a row , I have solved . In db , syseror from time to time occur: peer null ident event We have not found any resolution , I thought I could somehow stop source of this error , but we did not find . Before the crash taken , processes up to 100 % . Look . - » Http://prntscr.com/b7bbs9 If anyone can help me , and I get to pay. Sorry for my bad english .
  17. Ever

    Replacing game.core

    Hi, I haven't found any tutorial about how to replace game.core file. The problem is that I have downloaded files with my language pack but I am afraid that the game file contains a backdoor. I wanted to replace the game core with the one from this topic https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/2309-metin2-server-file-all-the-ver/ but after all, my server didn't want to start. The game process isn't in the ps list. So my question is simple - what should I do to replace the core? I would also be grateful if somebody could give me some tips or link to tutorial how in general protect server from attackers? I'm quite fresh in this area but I'm trying to learn everything from scratch. If someone could give me some tips or references it would be great. And one more thing. Is there any way (except file name) to check which core my server is running? Thanks in advice
  18. hi i have my channel 1 core is crash this problem when end core syserr in db SYSERR: Mar 10 14:59:39 :: pid_init: Start of pid: 3103 SYSERR: Mar 10 15:20:19 :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 21 SYSERR: Mar 10 15:20:21 :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 22 SYSERR: Mar 10 15:20:22 :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 20 SYSERR: Mar 10 15:20:24 :: hupsig: SIGHUP, SIGINT, SIGTERM signal has been received. shutting down. SYSERR: Mar 10 15:20:24 :: pid_deinit: End of pid
  19. P1nGu1n

    topic closed

    Topic closed #FIX ERROR
  20. kiroyassin


  21. anonyym

    Debugging core

    Hello, when I'm debugging the .core file with gdb i get the following messages, what do they mean? http://epvpimg.com/2ENxf
  22. ThunderCore

    [ Metin2 Tool ] MDE MAX SCRIPT

    Hi ! Today ThunderCore Society will offer you a special tool for 3d MAX Software. Note: That tool isn't for begginers and we don't offer suport for that. We hereby inform you that we take the copyrights file and his contents because ThunderCore Society has paid to perform this work. There exists an "readme" file that contains some informations about how to install the script. Attention: These files are under copyright and licensed by ThunderCore Society. Any violation of the license may result in suing. Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes. NoDerivatives — If you transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material. No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits. THC_MDE_TOOL.zip Link Update.
  23. DarkFire

    crash core

    Hellow.I use a 40k sf with my own game & db . When i installed it all was good but after a reboot or ch1_core1 or ch99 had crash... somebody said that it's from db (i compile mainline_released) In db syseror i have these errors SYSERR: Apr 13 23:56:55 :: pid_init: Start of pid: 1072 SYSERR: Apr 13 23:56:55 :: Start: TABLE_POSTFIX not configured use default SYSERR: Apr 13 23:56:58 :: socket_bind: bind: Address already in use SYSERR: Apr 13 23:56:58 :: pid_deinit: End of pid SYSERR: Apr 13 23:57:46 :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 23 Sorry for my english
  24. C. Alexandru-Sorin

    My project - core

    Hello! Sorry for another topic, it was deleted because I put a link to another forum. info core: - Skill Sura - fix. - auth_brazil - removed. - xtrap - removed. - limit time - removed. game does not expire again. - invisible bug - fix. - add /unban <name character> - INTERNAL_IP - fix. - Enable 0 yang item in shop. - Remove 3% tax. - add: pc.get_coins() ( account.account -> coins ) - locale_string.txt - characters fix. - exp table: share/locale/alexso/exp.txt - changelog: share/locale/alexso/changelog.txt - add /ban <namecharacter> <time> <reason> - /war - fix. - /dice - removed. - Stone bug - fix. - Bonus bug - fix. - Ymir license - removed. - crash bug - fix. - tics did not updated - fix - Add global chat. ( CONFIG: chat_global: 1 - activ, 0 - inactiv ) - add rates 1000% - CONFIG: time_exchange_bonus: 0 - dezactived, 10 - wait 10 minutes. - -32K HP - fix - Shutdown command - fix. - Fix 6/7 on costumes - fix. - change equipment with full inventory - fix. - Add unlimited members guild. - Fix skillbok deleted. - fix create guild on lv 1. - Fix War skill bug. - Add exchange effect ( CONFIG: show_exchange_effect: 0 - inactive, 1 - active. - add CONFIG: exp for read skillbok: exp_for_fb: 20000 - Fix pc.set_level() - Fix belt inventoryThe core game is used by me to my server and I can say that it works perfectly.A lot of people say that I published this game because it has backdoor capabilities. It is not true! If you find problems, I'll solve it! Other opinions? Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!CVdUEZZD!EhC6R_1UApIYdQa5YiryIYel1TSXUWF5MSj2NYpgN1M Libs: https://mega.co.nz/#!HANCSDJD!_BTOtzjFwcAZVYczsN3VEKGkWozH4VtfvqbzQ1aH6yQ