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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 24 results

  1. Map Colloseum Screen Video Presentation ( Comming Soon ) Create / Edit Map ( Write on skype )
  2. Map 2in1 ( Fire / Snow ) Screen Video Presentation (Coming Soon) Create / Edit Map ( Write on skype )
  3. Hey guys, I've been trying to find the mall.tga of this coin for quite a while now. It can be seen in this video for example: (instead of the normal itemshop coin) As far as I know its the yang logo. I haven't been able to find an old client design or smth that still had it so if someone could upload it for, I'd appreciate it.
  4. Project Design Metin2

  5. [SELL] NEW Metin2 Homepage (PSD)

    Metin2 Homepage (PSD) FOR SALE! Hello everyone I just designed this website and I came to put it on sale. It is not coded just the PSD design for some programmer to do as I designed. If you are interested in buying the PSD add me to skype: vlad_moldovan29 (ALL THE IMAGES OF THE WEB ARE IN HD FOR IF YOU SEE EVIL IN CAPTURE) PRICE PSD 100€ HOME CONCEPT DOWNLOAD CONCEPT RANKING CONCEPT REGISTER CONCEPT LOGED ACCOUNT CONCEPT ACCOUNT SETTINGS CONCEPT Contact skype: vlad_moldovan29 Contact Discord: MaivinDesign#2932
  6. Hello everyone, today I present my second release.I called "Luna" It's a design of a presentation for a hypothetical metin2 server. Inside the archive you will find the .PSD files complete with everything, ready to be modified and to be adapted to your needs. I hope you enjoy it. Sorry for errors in translation from Italian to English. Screen Download
  7. open Horizontal Line?

    Hy guys how can i add like that to my metin2 client? sorry for the bad picture quality.. =) Thanks !!

    I am looking for a graphic able to do these things: Professional logo Professional autopatch design Professional Forum and Website design Some HD Wallpapers Professional Presentation The most important thing is the logo. Send me a pm on skype: markx202 All graphics on design thread accept the work but after 1 week disappear. Send me a pm on skype only if you have time! Sorry for my bad english!
  9. Can you give me a grade?

    Hello guys, a friend learned me how to use World Editor and gave me some objects (not used here ). This is my first map ever made. Can you rate this ? (1-10) 1- metin2 oficial maps , 10 - metin2 global maps The map it`s not ready, is just the town ready. If i`ll finish it , i will put it on download. This map may be a kind of map1 map , but different. (too much map in this sentece) PS : I`m glad if someone of you may give me some free objects. And sorry for my english [OLD] - v1.0 -> 1-3% of the whole map [Latest] - v2.0 -> 40-45% of the whole map
  10. [HELP]Cursor design in game

    Hello, I have a little problem. I wanted to change ingame cursor so I downloaded the Resource Hacker and replaced them. It is working except cursor for camera rotate. I can replace it with any cursor, in game I can only see the default camera rotate cursor. Can you help me? Thanks.
  11. Hello devs! I'm looking for this banner in PSD please. Does anybody know where I can find it? I found more copies, but not with link to download. I'll be glade for any help and comment. Ciao!
  12. [Metin2Dev] Signature Contest!

    This is a user contest and is not related in any form to metin2dev. Hello everybody and especially our artists, What you need to do in order to win is to create a signature for metin2dev. Deadline: 01.12.2016 (Need to be 15+ participants) Sizes of signatures: 450x200 or 600x300 (horizontal signature). PS: Need to contain the name of forums, logo or other text about (Metin2Dev). Prizes will be awarded from me via paypal. Theme: Winter: must be metin2 related and something about forums. No specific render to use: you can choose it freely! If you are really the best, i won't let you without being awarded. the prizes are: 1st place: 35E 2nd place: 20E 3rd place: 10E Rules: You can enter only 1 signature into this contest. Once you have entered a signature, you may not change your entry. The signature must fit the theme chosen. The signature cannot be pre-made. Ripping of any kind is strictly forbidden and will automatically remove you from the contest. Use an anonymous uploader such as Imgur or Tinypic. You can use every kind of editing program such as: Gimp, Photoshop, Paint etc A screenshot of the .psd of the signature must be posted too, so that we can see all the different layers of your work. This should represent the metin2dev board (no official), signature will be worn by many users even on other forums for a more intensive advertising, and for the intended uses of each user if desired. For people who appreciate the idea, and would not attend are asked to provide a post like this to know the number of like for this activity. Good luck, and sorry for my english ^^ PS: Prize is not very big, but it matters intent xD Copyrights about idea and some texts from topic: WoM2
  13. [File Requist] Transparent dds

    Hello Community ! Can someone share a transparent dds ? Blank one withot anything on it ? Need to cover somthing on the model... Here is a texture if u are able to make it transparent https://www.dropbox.com/s/dmwihi1tuvl3mpx/dorado.dds?dl=0 Thank you ! dorado.dds
  14. Hello everyone, today I present my first release. I called "AbysS" It's a design of a presentation for a hypothetical metin2 server. Inside the archive you will find the .PSD files complete with everything, ready to be modified and to be adapted to your needs. I hope you enjoy it. Sorry for errors in translation from Italian to English. -Thedanielx32 Screenshot Download
  15. Hi M2Dev.Today I share some of my designs.Only HTML and CSS. Link: Click Kind Regards. Wered
  16. Hello I'm searching for all people in this forum that sell a complete illumina design (python part). If you sell (or know someone that sells) this design's code please comment below and specify your (or your suggestion's) contact information (skype, etc..), price, bugs of the design, if there is a possibility for minor custom job (more like 2 small fixes) and if so, specify if there is an extra fee about custom job and how much is this fee... Thanks to who ever comments this topic
  17. Looking for designer

    I am looking for someone who can translate some buttons, i have only png from these. Send me pm with your skype and we talk there. I pay for this.
  18. [WBB4] Design #3

    Hello there. After I saw the homepage design for Enchanted Woods that NyBu created, I decided to code it for Woltlab 4. This took me some free time so please don't take off the credits Thanks to NyBu for the Design and www.flying-men.de Here is a screenshot You can change the logo from the Admin Control Panel, choosed this way as more confortable We're at the end so here is the Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/e3qkl9n9tnc4da9/enchanted-woods-style.tgz If there are any bugs let me know I may fix them, If you want to publish this to another site, please add the credits. Enjoy Credits: Me for the Code and NyBu for the design
  19. Client In-Game Interface

    Hey I'm Looking for a beautiful metin2 in-game interface. If you are currently selling one, post the price + a picture of it. I won't buy it right away is just to have an "insight" of what the current metin2 market is selling and do a budget on how much i will spend. WARNING: ONLY REASONABLE PRICES. IF IT'S VERY EXPENSIVE SEEK ANOTHER TOPIC.
  20. Hi to all. This morning i downloaded a skin from NyBu's release and made a style for woltlab4. Here is a skin And here is the download https://www.mediafire.com/?1wbcnsohgrld604 Hope you like it. Credits: Me for the code, NyBu for the design (Really cool, Good Job). PS: Don't delete the credits @NyBu
  21. Hey guys, I need a Designer , who can make modifications + new Design of the Client interface. It would be good if he can code it too. My Skype add is : Gatoah.dev (German) kind regards, GatoaH
  22. Render Manipulation

    Heyhey! So I just finished manipulating this bad boy render and I wanted to hear your opinions about it
  23. Egyptian Dungeon

    Hi guys. Few days ago got a request of making an Egyptian theme Dungeon. Well after spending some time and making some research on Google to make an idea of what it means and defines the old civilization of Egypt with her architecture characteristics I came up with what you are about to see in the pictures and video under this few rows I wrought. So just to make it clear from the beginning, this dungeon is self made 100% all right reserved by Me. In the video you will see only the first room of the dungeon , because it is still a work in progress and I am trying via this post to obtain some honest points of view and opinions to improve my work. In game testing of base model: Thank you.
  24. Dear Community, I've made this design about 1,5 years ago but I didn't use it and never will, so I decided to publish it for you. As I'm not a graphic designer, I just plagiarised it from different GUIs, only the header is made completely by made, so don't hate me because of that In this download you can find: css index.php home & login.php includes images psd file for header (only with the picture and logo, so you can change it) This template is fully compatible with Hen's cms, but you can convert it for any cms. Screen: I know this isn't the greatest work you can find but I think it can still be useful for newbies. Ps.: I didn't translate the php files, but I don't believe it can cause a problem for anyone to translate them to your own languages. But if you demand it, I can upload an English version too, of course. Download Kind regards, RoxaLyssa