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Found 13 results

  1. Duncas

    C++ Developer / C++ Entwickler

    Hello, we are looking for active support in the development of our projects. For this we need further developers in the area of programming with C++. We expect from interested developers: - mature experiences with C++, - expierience with Git and FreeBSD/Windows, - sufficient time - and motivation. Furthermore, we expect language skills in German/English. We offer: - a fixed monthly payment (negotiable), - a competent team, - an elaborated concept - and an advanced development environment. Our source is compatible with Windows (Server & Client) and FreeBSD (Windows). Thanks to CMake, project solutions can be created very easily for all current IDEs. In addition, any version of the development stage can be easily managed by Git and synchronized with other team members. Our team has several years of experience and competence, especially in the technical area. Further details can be discussed privately. Contact possibilities: - Discord: Duncas#0873 Yours sincerely Duncas Deutsch - German:
  2. Cosmin1


    HELLO. I`m looking for a metin2 developer who can basically create my own private server. IF YOU WANT MONEY FIRST PLEASE DONT CONTACT ME . I wish to create my own private server I will also pay every month a certain amount of money( which we both agreed) for your services ( ex.50-100-150-200 euro ( depends on your work) paypal each month) . Skype Shankss01 ====>> Discord Grimmjoww #8538.
  3. DuoMaster

    Looking for a Game&Web Developer.

    Hello, I'm looking for a Game&Web Developer for an Admin Panel that will allow the communication between the web&game, i.e: Block chat, Logs, Refound Item, Ban, Check Account(Private Messages, Change Email/Password, etc) I'm also looking for a person that can develop custom systems i.e: Pet System
  4. DuoMaster

    Looking for a developer

    Hello, We are looking for a developer for a long-term project. Get in touch with me with any current/past projects.
  5. Hello world last night at around 5 am bored me and I created a short teleport order in minutes. What is this order? - Order can be used for teleporting a player. - By accessing the / teleport <number> you have to choose one of the numbers that are in the map settings. - Each map has a configuration proposed for the minimum and maximum level. - You can teleport a map if you do not have the required minimum. - You can teleport a map if you level higher than the configuration map. - List of papers default starts from 1 to 13. - You can not enter a number less than 1. - You can not enter a number greater than 13. - You can not enter characters than numbers. - When you tried to use the command without arguments will show the list as the number of error information, as well as where you enter a character or use / teleport show_list. You can add as many maps you want. - Everything is configurable. - Must have knowledge of C++ 0.1% to add more maps. Download: https://mega.nz/#!nQojDDrJ!azzGGoQYILIcJ2deDLuvMFW2HoyQBuxYdv1ikysDVyk
  6. I was offline this forum almost two weeks, I had people in my family problems, now solved affairs were also little and I decided to come back here. Here is presented a small part of the system, I will soon come with all available details and perhaps more complex in another video that will include all configurations, settings, checks s.a.m.d It is worth mentioning that the system is for sale, and dyspnea you to be in my service here is just a video presentation, you can express your views and opinion.
  7. Here is a little older configuration to see how the system work. http://paste.ubuntu.com/23085600/ I created this topic because I need ideea and opinions what would be done to the system to be nice for all servers and pleasant. Mention: The system will be chargeable in my services, this topic is for information only and opinions.
  8. A collision or crash is an event in which two or more bodies exert forces on each other for a relatively short time. Although the most common colloquial use of the word "collision" refers to incidents in which two or more objects collide, the scientific use of the word "collision" implies nothing about the magnitude of the force. Some examples of physical interactions that scientists would consider collisions: An insect touches its antenna to the leaf of a plant. The antenna is said to collide with leaf. A cat walks delicately through the grass. Each contact that its paws make with the ground is a collision. Each brush of its fur against a blade of grass is a collision. I will come back with a video tonight [File: src/Client/Source/GameLib/ActorInstanceCollisionDetection.cpp] //1.) Search: #include "../eterLib/GrpMath.h" //2.) Add bellow: #include "../UserInterface/PythonBackground.h" #include "../UserInterface/Locale_inc.h" //3.) Search: BOOL CActorInstance::TestActorCollision(CActorInstance & rVictim) { //4.) Add bellow: #ifdef ENABLE_STOP_COLISSION_GLOBAL /********************************************************************* * date : 2016.02.16 * function : Stop Colission * developer : VegaS * skype : sacadatt.amazon * description : Checks if the victim is one of the examples below you can easily configure. If the victim was found success as vnum site / breed ve you could go through it no longer block. */ /************ * The first value is the minimum value and the second value is the maximum value of pet vnum (mob_proto) - change 34051 with your max vnum of pet */ int pListPet[2] = {34001, 34051}; /************ * You can add whatever you like vnum of npc or monster (mob_proto) */ int pListGlobal[] = {9001, 9002, 9003, 9004, 9005, 9006, 20011, 20091, 20092, 20093, 20094, 20095, 30000}; /************ * You can add what mapname you want for enable this stop collission global like pet / npc */ const char* strMapListGlobal[] = {"metin2_map_a1", "metin2_map_a3", "metin2_map_b1", "metin2_map_b3", "metin2_map_c1", "metin2_map_c3", "season2/metin2_map_skipia_dungeon_01", "season2/metin2_map_skipia_dungeon_02", "metin2_map_duel"}; /************ * Location name of the map where the event takes place ox */ const char* strMapEventOx = "season1/metin2_map_oxevent"; std::string stringName = CPythonBackground::Instance().GetWarpMapName(); for (int i = 0; i < _countof(strMapListGlobal); i++) { #ifdef ENABLE_STOP_COLLISION_PLAYER_OX if (strMapEventOx == stringName) // Check if u are place in map ox { if (0 <= rVictim.GetRace() && rVictim.GetRace() <= 7) // Check if the victim through which pass over a player (change 7 with 8 if u have wolfman) return FALSE; // Stop collission for player --> You can go through players now successfully without lock yourself } #endif if (strMapListGlobal[i] == stringName) // Check if you are in one of the maps listed in the global list { for (int i = 0; i < _countof(pListGlobal); i++) { if (rVictim.GetRace() == pListGlobal[i] || pListPet[0] <= rVictim.GetRace() && rVictim.GetRace() <= pListPet[1]) // Verify that the victim is npc vnum listed above, or if a pet. return FALSE; // Stop collission for global vnum like a pet or npc } } } #endif [File: src/Client/Source/UserInterface/Locale_inc.h] //1.) Search: #define ENABLE_COSTUME_SYSTEM //2.) Add bellow: #ifndef ENABLE_STOP_COLISSION_GLOBAL #define ENABLE_STOP_COLISSION_GLOBAL #define ENABLE_STOP_COLLISION_PLAYER_OX #endif
  9. I saw a guy who sells shit, so I decided to fuck 15 minutes of my life and time and do it free for you with my code shit because i write fast. Link download: https://mega.nz/#!CYJVib4L!bziTs5iK-R8dznmtAbBt3E2y93xyuCV0gZLV1MHdlPs And here is part rest for how to add grade:
  10. Jorila


    when i use a emoticon my client syserr get spamed: 0909 21:32:26421 :: ELTimer_GetMSec() - m_dwEmoticonTime 0909 21:32:26637 :: ELTimer_GetMSec() - m_dwEmoticonTime 0909 21:32:26817 :: ELTimer_GetMSec() - m_dwEmoticonTime 0909 21:32:27114 :: ELTimer_GetMSec() - m_dwEmoticonTime 0909 21:32:27131 :: ELTimer_GetMSec() - m_dwEmoticonTime 0909 21:32:27329 :: ELTimer_GetMSec() - m_dwEmoticonTime 0909 21:32:29027 :: ELTimer_GetMSec() - m_dwEmoticonTime how can i fix this?
  11. Deadlinex3

    Wom2 searches C++ Developer

    Dear community, WoM2 is currently looking for a C++ developer with experience in working with the game source and a minimum command of the english language. Experience with python and/or lua and other related technical skills are a plus. Integrity and the ability to work in a team are required. We offer a freelance*, part-time or full-time contract, flexible working hours and the chance to be part of an extensive team in one of the most successful projects in the field to date. Financial terms will be discussed privately with the candidates. Depending on your performance, promotion options and higher pay rates are possible. If you are interested in applying for the position, please send an e-mail with your personal details (name, nationality, date of birth, city of residence) as well as a description of your experience with the game as player and developer to hr@wom2.org Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an online interview within 15 days from the present date. Kind regards, The WoM2 Team
  12. SantoMacias

    Developer C++ Lua Python

    Hello, I am looking for 1 person to work for me and change the source of the game and do a ServerFiles r40k with new systems, and the quest virgin customer support. Offers hope, by the characteristics pm.