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Found 1 result

  1. .PolluX

    Discussion about m2dev

    Hello, the metin2dev administration is thinking about some changes of our rules and the forum itself which will affect all of you - and also may benefit you. First of all i want to give you an overview of our thoughts: the Services Section Sometimes it is a mess for you to reach the 50 posts to post your service. Especially for users which are registered for a long time. That's why we want to change this. One example: If you're reigstered for at least 6 months you are allowed to create a thread in our Services section without having 50 posts. But we keep to review every single thread. the Tech Section Do you think we need this section? Or do you think we can optimize it in any way? We think it isn't necessary to have this section with a lot of sub-sections because most of it isn't in use, it's some kind of dead. Forum languages We are an international forum so our language is english. But what do you think about some more languages? Should we translate the forum frontend into german, romanian, ... ? - this could give us the possibility to have our rules and the frontend in some more languages to help users which are using google translator because they didn't learn english. But keep in mind that we won't allow the use of any other language than english in your posts and threads. Questions and Answers I personally don't like this section because it is a mess. You don't see which thread is answered with an appropriate answer and on the other hand you don't see which still need a good answer. We have two(three) possible solutions for this: Users can ask questions that other users can post answers to. Answers can then be rated by other users and the highest rated answers are shown first. We create a sub-section named "Answered" in which we move all answered questions. A combination of 1. & 2. But before we change any of these things we would like to hear your opinion. Maybe you also have an idea/advice to tell us? Any concerns? Take part in this discussion! Sincerly, the metin2dev administration