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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, metin2dev. Open uiminimap.py Add: import os,re,threading,app,timeClass: class MiniMap(ui.ScriptWindow):Find: def __init__(self):Add: self.reonasobject = ui.TextLine() self.reonasobject.SetFontName("Arial:17") self.reonasobject.SetPosition(0,87) self.reonasobject.SetWindowHorizontalAlignCenter() self.reonasobject.SetHorizontalAlignCenter() self.reonasobject.SetFeather() self.reonasobject.SetOutline()Find: locale name locale_is_turkey or locale or localeInfo with use locale_is_turkey self.observerCount.SetText(localeInfo.MINIMAP_OBSERVER_COUNT % observerCount) Add under: kl = "" bgk = None """"Author: Reonas DateTime: 10.10.15 Skype: wizzucpp""" from threading import Timer def reonasfpsormonthordayyearwritingintegral(): global bgk bgk=int(re.findall("[0-9][0-9]",str(os.popen("%WINDIR%/system32/ping -n 1 google.com").readlines()[-1]))[0])#ping Timer(5,reonasfpsormonthordayyearwritingintegral).start()Find: def OnUpdate(self): Add: import time,app global bgk nRenderFPS=app.GetRenderFPS() fps="FPS:%3d"%(nRenderFPS) gc=time.strftime("%d") aycek=time.strftime("%B") yilx=time.strftime("%Y") gun=time.strftime("%A") b=" " ti=" - " yazifps="FPS:" st=time.strftime("%H:%M:%S") text="Link Quality: " if bgk<=30 and bgk>0:kl="Excellent!" elif bgk<=50 and bgk>35:kl="Good" elif bgk<= 100 and bgk>50:kl="Middle" elif bgk>= 100:kl="Bad" else:kl="" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=b+gc+b+aycek+b+yilx+b+gun+b+st+ti+text+kl+ti+fps self.reonasobject.SetText(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) self.reonasobject.Show()note:Threading time setting 5 seconds :-----------seconds-------------Timer(5,reonasfpsormonthordayyearwritingintegral).start()
  2. Hello guys I'm looking for a tut or some instructions to display those informations under my minimap: http://prntscr.com/dp4gn7 I'm looking for the date, the FPS and the players online (per empire and total) I have this client but I don't know how to transfer those into mine. I took a look at the game.py but I didn't found anything and I don't know if and which other files are involved... Please give me some direction on this thank you devs.