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Found 10 results

  1. pifanek

    open Map problem..

    Hello devs, i have a problem in map.When porting on the map, maps,The map normally works but When the character logout and after some time,when he wants to sign up So the game crash. This happens in more maps sysser server: SYSERR: May 12 14:18:27.344942 :: PlayerLoad: InputDB::PlayerLoad : cannot find valid location 474460 x 954524 (name: xxxxx) SYSERR: May 12 14:18:42.930313 :: GetValidLocation: cannot find sectree_map by map index 1 Config ch1: MAP_ALLOW: 1 3 4 21 23 24 41 43 44 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 map index: 1 metin2_map_a1 3 metin2_map_a3 4 metin2_map_guild_01 21 metin2_map_b1 23 metin2_map_b3 24 metin2_map_guild_02 26 metin2_map_pvp_arena 41 metin2_map_c1 43 metin2_map_c3 You have some ideas? For example in pyngmoo this is not happening
  2. Hello quys, just a short question. Is it possible to set night only in some maps ?
  3. Hi Guys I´m looking for a "excellent mapper"! It is a matter of a new empire design. Best regards Raylee
  4. Hello Guys, i have a small Question about the SpeedTree. I create some new Trees in SpeedTree Modeler but when i try it to Safe, I got only a File this names .spm. I know that Metin can read only .spt files. So now my Question: How can I convert this object(or Effect i dont know ) to a SpeedTree spt file?
  5. DemoroCZ

    NPCs spawning multiple

    Hello, i really don't know why, but on my new map, NPCs spawns multiple times, for example, i have only 1 NPC 9012, but it spawns multiple. I'm really out of ideas.. My npc.txt: Screenshot: Best regards, DemoroCZ
  6. Sonitex


    Hey, I made my map but I am having troubles adding it to the game. I have done the serverside(server.attr,town.txt,regen.txt,Setting.txt) and clientside. But when i try to teleport to it nothing happens. It probably has to do something with coordinates which I probably don't know how to set them correctly. Can someone guide me through that? How to set coordinates and what is Town.txt for inside serverside map folder(I left it empty)? Thanks for you further help, Sonitex
  7. ScreamMyName

    Metin2 - Exp Map - By Siwy

    File Name: Metin2 - Exp Map - By Siwy File Submitter: ScreamMyName File Submitted: 14 Apr 2015 File Category: Maps Hello guys, today I wanna release my first map. The point of whole this is to get some feedback on how can I improve my future maps. Some screenshots from World Editor.. Size : 3 x 3 Author : Siwy Creating Time : 'bout 2hours. External Links : -[1] Only map : https://mega.co.nz/#!JhNxnaha!ycbJPOFYmsZCIDSewRFlPOsTOevoLgkxFuuOvrnOcrI -[2] Map with objects,textures, etc. https://mega.co.nz/#!14VBCAAB!oKXiFFm2f329NDq8CT5ZhdCI0IujoaFAXlVXT3JA8m8 -[3] Serverside https://mega.co.nz/#!N9tiAZzA!6sVA-w3M2dNffdbofMhvcmDfjNGRXL6NbQyLyiW3f0E I hope someone founds this useful ! 16/04/15 22:47 NOTE : I uploaded the wrong copy of the map. So everyone who had downloaded the map needs to re-download it. Also I've added external links for download. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. v0gue

    Core source

    How to add more map per core ? 255-1 core
  9. .InyaProduction

    Worldeditor wishes

    Hey guys. Chuck and me are working at a very stable and comfortable Worldeditor version Current features and bugfixes: - Update: granny version 2.9 - Update: Translated to english / german - Fix: The feature "Add Texture" now adds a texture instead of replacing the last one - Fix: Mouse use fixed to the normal known usage - Update: Create new map now gives the possibility to add a Textureset and Msenv set at first creating without doing it manually in the txt - Feature: Build in MFC Release mode (6.5 MB .exe) result: faster, more stable Planned: - Creating a minimap easier than pressing "INSERT" above every sectree - Improving UI of the editor - Adding new UI graphics So now i want to ask you if you have any ideas / suggestions for us to do Please say us everything that is in your mind. We will look if its possible.
  10. Hello Gyu's, first, im sorry for my very bad english, and i hope you understand every think. I wane release here to my Patcher for you. The Patcher is good for Designer, Mapper, 3D's max People. What did you upload: Much new Textures in HD for your Server Map's New Modelles for free (Coming Soon) PSK and PSA Files from much Games for the 3D's Max People (If you want Export all alone) Map Layouts (Wihtout Textures) Maps for your Server Effect Pictures for your Server (You can Edit and make new effects with WorldEditor) WorldEditor (With all new Versions by lollo_9_1) Programms Extractors for any Games and more.... You must only Patch, and the Patcher Create a new folder on your Desktop name "WorldEditor" all the files are in that folder. The Files are Downloadlinks "example.cp" the file you can open with Notpad++. Screen: How much Files: Allrdy downloadet files: eli*******s Profil: Donate (if you want): So i hope you like it, and need it. Your can visit my Thread on eli*******s and See every day Changelog's: Click