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Found 377 results

  1. New hairstyle or a new hat. Only for males character . I will make tomorrow a release for female characters geisha style. Enjoy. Download: MEGA Password for extracting files inside de archive is :
  2. Hi guys! I'm looking for helmets but all links are expired Maybe you can help me?
  3. hello guys, i try to start my client and i get this error... Compile() expected string without null bytes how can i solve this?
  4. Hey guys, Could someone explain to me how to set the speed of a moving animation in 3dsmax (like run or walk)? I didn't mean moving the character forward, because that looks kinda ugly ingame when it goes forward and then jumps back.
  5. Hi m2dev! I want to upload my dump_proto.exe, that you can convert your item_proto.txt and mob_proto.txt easier. CHANGELOG: Includes: - ITEM_SECONDARY_COIN - ITEM_RING - ITEM_BELT - COSTUME_ACCE / COSTUME_SASH - COSTUME_MOUNT - COSTUME_WEAPON (official) - USE_ADD_COSTUME_ATTRIBUTE - USE_CHANGE_COSTUME_ATTRIBUTE DL:!0pN2XCAa!PbERCTR8Cfi9ohw5aD0zjjj8y6CC1a6dCdOF_5i0QbM VT: Pisti95
  6. hello every one i have problem when translate my client to Arabic (rtl) i want files responsible about modify this
  7. Hey guys, We're looking for a 3D modeller and animator for our Metin2 private server. You can find more info on our Facebook page: If you're interested, send me a private message here! Thanks in advance!
  8. Hey guyz, I just made a regen creator. Here's a how to use GIF: Download (EN and HU version too): metin2_regen_creator_by_distraught_EN.exe metin2_regen_creator_by_distraught_HU.exe
  9. Hi! As you know I'm already selling some small very good designs, to have no problem with one of them because its interface and edited only share your code with its original design. It is the classic of officers in its glory as it were. I have searched many forums and in all your link is down, this in Spanish at 90% and is very good, very stable and useful in many ways. Add a screenshot that and get on google, is in English but serves as a reference! Download: Click If you have any error let me know to help since I have edited and tested the design, and improved this or not. I hope you like it, I'll be sharing some designs, you! PS: Sorry for my bad English Wered $.
  10. Numele serverului: Metin2.Ninja Canale deschise: 2 Nivel maxim: 127 Puncte status: 90 Serverul ruleaza [b]24[/b] ore pe zi. Site-ul serverului: Forumul serverului: Inregistrare: Client: Detalii despre server: Intrând în această lume nu ai voie să dai înapoi! Metin2 Ninja este despre supremația asasinului perfect într-o eră în care trebuie să ai o minte limpede și un trup puternic. Modul jocului este PvM dar, din spusele solilor, se aude că se crește destul de repede, nivelul maxim fiind 127. Pentru a menține o admosferă plăcută în joc, ocazional vor fi organizate diverse evenimente, atât pentru asasinii de nivel mai mic cât și pentru marii maeștri. Vă așteaptă multe alte surprize! Magazine: evolutii: Detalii despre evenimente: Evenimentele sunt surpriză, vor fi anunțate cu câteva zile înainte. Pe 12/03 va fi primul eveniment, OX, un mic cadou de bun venit :D Echipa jocului: [GF]Gabon & [GF]Wji
  11. Hello dev, i have problem with code in python client, when i see some shop on map, then after teleport shop name keeps on screen like screen Sysser: 0314 20:40:08235 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0314 20:40:08235 :: File "", line 163, in OnUpdate 0314 20:40:08235 :: TypeError 0314 20:40:08235 :: : 0314 20:40:08235 :: 'NoneType' object is not iterable 0314 20:40:08235 :: 0314 20:40:08252 :: Traceback (most recent call last): Python code: def OnUpdate(self): if not self.vid: return if systemSetting.IsShowSalesText(): if chr.GetInstanceType(self.vid) not in [chr.INSTANCE_TYPE_PLAYER,chr.INSTANCE_TYPE_NPC]: self.Hide() if GetShopNamesRange() == 1.000: self.Show() (x, y) = chr.GetProjectPosition(self.vid, 220) self.SetPosition(x - self.GetWidth() / 2, y - self.GetHeight() / 2) else: LIMIT_RANGE = abs(constInfo.SHOPNAMES_RANGE * GetShopNamesRange()) (to_x, to_y, to_z) = chr.GetPixelPosition(self.vid) (my_x, my_y, my_z) = player.GetMainCharacterPosition() if abs(my_x - to_x) <= LIMIT_RANGE and abs(my_y - to_y) <= LIMIT_RANGE: (x, y) = chr.GetProjectPosition(self.vid, 220) self.SetPosition(x - self.GetWidth() / 2, y - self.GetHeight() / 2) self.Show() else: self.Hide() self.SetPosition(-10000, 0) else: for key in g_privateShopAdvertisementBoardDict.keys(): if player.GetMainCharacterIndex() == key: g_privateShopAdvertisementBoardDict[key].Show() x, y = chr.GetProjectPosition(player.GetMainCharacterIndex(), 220) g_privateShopAdvertisementBoardDict[key].SetPosition(x - self.GetWidth()/2, y - self.GetHeight()/2) else: g_privateShopAdvertisementBoardDict[key].Hide() Line which should be bad is : (to_x, to_y, to_z) = chr.GetPixelPosition(self.vid) Please can somebody help me? Thank you.
  12. Hey guyz, I'm seeking a fly animation posted on this forum. I saw it about half a year ago but now it's disappeared. Does anyone have it?
  13. Hey guys, I tried to add a new walk/run animation. Now it sorta-kinda works, but the character cannot stop when it reaches the destination I clicked (only if I click on a spot). But if I use the WASD (or arrows) buttons to move, it doesn't play the animation correctly. Syserr: CRaceMotionData::SetName - UNKNOWN NAME 39
  14. SYSERR: Mar 8 01:33:18 :: ChildLoop: AsyncSQL: query failed: Data truncated for column 'setRaceFlag' at row 1 (query: replace into mob_proto (vnum, name, locale_name, type, rank, battle_type, level, size, ai_flag, setRaceFlag, setImmuneFlag, on_click, empire, drop_item, resurrection_vnum, folder, st, dx, ht, iq, damage_min, damage_max, max_hp, regen_cycle, regen_percent, exp, gold_min, gold_max, def, attack_speed, move_speed, aggressive_hp_pct, aggressive_sight, attack_range, polymorph_item, enchant_curse, enchant_slow, enchant_poison, enchant_stun, enchant_critical, enchant_penetrate, resist_sword, resist_twohand, resist_dagger, resist_bell, resist_fan, resist_bow, resist_fire, resist_elect, resist_magic, resist_wind, resist_poison, dam_multiply, summon, drain_sp, skill_vnum0, skill_level0, skill_vnum1, skill_level1, skill_vnum2, skill_level2, skill_vnum3, skill_level3, skill_vnum4, skill_level4, sp_berserk, sp_stoneskin, sp_godspeed, sp_deathblow, sp_revive) values (701, "?????", "Fanatic Intunecat", 0, who cand help me to fix it?I search on all forum but i don't find a solution.
  15. Hello guys Plz libs : Error connection sv files "Shared object "" not found, required by "game"" Sorry my bad english!
  16. Hi today i have for you my sets! Enjoy! Download: Weapons Sets 3D Armors Sets with Weapons FanPag
  17. Hello guys! I want put in mob to the server. I didn't found any tutorial. Please write me, how can I put. Ty.
  18. Hello Community, I'm looking for someone who has Meley's Lair or can the Quest completely coding. Who interest to this Topic or has already the Dungeon can contact me. About the award is privately negotiated . Payment - method: Paypal Kind regards Souza.
  19. Hello, I will present my YouTube Channel. You can find more tutorials for Metin2 Server and Client. Url Channel: Playlist [How To]: Example: #1 How to build source metin2 (db, game, binary) #9 How to apply Diff on game / db (ServerFiles Metin2) And more on youtube. If you want other tutorials I can make.
  20. Hi metin2dev, First multi language offline message system by [007]DawisHUN Information: Installation: Install in MySQL IN Notepad++ convert to ANSI SAVE AS Language : Have problem? Reply to this topic ... Quote topic i will work on including more language Try to help? send me PM It will help " + " thank you
  21. Hey! I am looking for who can make theme of Metin2 board for woltlab 4.1.10. If you can, send me pm. Example theme;
  22. Hey guys, So I compiled a game and db and when I wanna start them it just says Connection refused. Syserr doesn't say anything. After I tried to put back the original game and db but db still doesn't want to start. (I updated the boost directory for compiling, could it be the root of the error?) Any idea?
  23. HandshakeProcess: handshake retry limit reached! (limit 32 character !NO CHARACTER!) Auth my server down ? help 40k source mainline
  24. Website: M2TR Facebook Page: Opening Time: 6:00 (A.M) GMT +2 Turkish Time Server language: Turkish We try to add multiple languages Hi guys, M2TR server is ready for yours. M2TR is very different from other servers. Firstly, M2TR is harder than experience and item upgrade with other servers. Make an effort to be an item owner. Mini bosses have been evaluated and made good for you. Mini bosses drop a box. Box drops: Blessing Scroll Enchant Item Reinforce Item Thief Glove Experience Ring (30 minutes) and others... Big bosses have been evaluated and made good for you. Big bosses drop a box. Big Boss Box drops: Iron Ore Enchant Item Reinforce Item Experience Ring (3 hours) Thief Glove Soul Stone and others... Metin Drops Low level metin stone drops: Skill books (minimum 2 maximum 5) Blessing scroll ( low rate ) And others. High level metin stone drops: Soul stone Blessing scroll or Iron ore and others. Fishing Fishing is an important source of earnings. Fish drops %20 high than official servers. Have a good day.
  25. hello every one i need some help in my problem in guild war system explain the problem : when send request declare war to player (guild master char) The player can Suspension Request and wait even the another guild master close his char and accept the request and start war i need make request declare war by time my guild_war.cpp my guild_manager.cpp sorry for my bad English