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Found 12 results

  1. gummyantifi

    For someone who can model.

    Hello all Greetings to you all, I'm looking for someone who would create this set for a nice price for me. Armor, hairstyle, weapon. This is a set purely for the female figure, the shaman. I like to pay for the service according to the agreed price, please contact me on skype: dbdouble or comment / PM Payment = Paypal
  2. AutodesK

    ]Release] Set Weapon V5 & V12

    Weapon V5 Weapon V12 DOWNLOAD Password: www.betefilase.jimdo.com
  3. Sonitex

    Buying trees(.spt)

    Hi everyone, I am searching for someone who is experienced with SpeedTree and is willing to create something for me. I currently need a total of 75 trees (25 different kinds of trees in 3 different shapes). Please contact me on Skype(sonitexo) for more informations and instructions. I will only pay with PayPal. Kind Regards, Sonitex
  4. Dexam™

    [RELEASE]Stone Sculptures

    hey, today i will share some stone sculptures from my server which i dont really use, so i am going to release it here. screen: download: best regards, dexam
  5. Hi guys, I wonder if anyone ever tryied to import metin2 models into unity to play around with them ? And even beyond that. I suppose this is not possible out of the box, for rigging and format reasons.
  6. bazyliszek

    I'm looking for helmets!

    Hi guys! I'm looking for helmets but all links are expired Maybe you can help me?
  7. Ömer Melih Erdoğan

    [3DS] Skeleton

    Hello i want to make armor.But I do not know where to buy the skeletons.Help me. Hallo, ich möchte Rüstung zu machen.Aber Skelette nicht wissen, wo zu bekommen.Hilfe bitte
  8. Hello, i want to show you here my new 6th character You can contact me or visit my website for more informations
  9. Hello guys, For some time now I have been trying to edit some newer granny models, and I failed with everything I tryed. Blender, 3dmax 2008-2015, Nexus buddy 2. Nexus buddy 2 not working for me for some reason. First I converted the gr files to ms and smd with grnreader98, witch is great isn`t it? Well not sure since... with ms (MaxScript) there is a little problem... I can load it into 3dsmax if it is (I assume) a small model... like I can import a standard horse, witch isn`t granny 2.8 or anything, its the original horse that metin2 always had, but I`m going for newer granny files. I`m trying to load a model of Thor into 3dsmax with Maxscript The MaxScript header: fn create = ( temp = mesh numverts:12225 numfaces:17182 setNumTVerts temp 12225 This seems to be quite a large model, since the original metin2 mobs have like up to 600 numverts. And when I try to load this into 3dsmax it crashes. I tried just loading the maxscript and then checking sections of the code for possible errors, and I found this error: No ""setvert"" function for undefined, also otther functions not defined. Also an error saying vertices out of range. errors I also tryed using the smd importer, witch imports the model nicely into 3ds max, but for some reason its all black, like its not an object at all, I can convert it into an editable mesh and edit it how ever I want to, but when I export it back into gr2 its just empty space. Black model Empety space Not sure, am I just missing something? or am I not even close? Doing some wrong steps? It must be possible to edit them right? Please any help will be wellcome.
  10. Hello, today I release two new weapons for you. I have created this by myself. If you want more models, then visit Keyto-Shop.com Currently is a 30% discount on all models. Screenshots: Download:CLICK FOR DOWNLOAD
  11. gummyantifi

    3D Models problem

    Good day everyone. I have a little problem. I create a model .gr2 I put into metin2 client and see nothing. Do you know where is the problem? More precisely, it is a model that I create weapons.
  12. Hello, I release here for you a new pet. It is an bad rabbit Pet with attack and death animations. If you have a new pet system with attacking pets, then you can also use this for it. For more models you can visit my site. http://keyto-shop.com/ Keyto bad rabbit pet.rar