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Found 6 results

  1. Da'Real Pain

    [Release]New Mob ~ Zeron

    A beautiful good day, I release today a new monster that has the name Zeron. - HD textures - New animations with effects - Can be used with the old granny - 7 animations - Exported correctly Download : http://www.mediafire.com/download/76cnq6q8z3io05z/zeron_darealpain.rar Password : darealpain
  2. Hello ,i share you today a nice monster with effect from : ridack3d.jimdo.com -Screen : For download it go in : https://ridack3d.jimdo.com/free-stuff/
  3. John456

    Monster die

    Hello! How can I do to monsters after 0HP died? No stun and no time. Thx for help :)
  4. Hello, I release here for you a new pet. It is an bad rabbit Pet with attack and death animations. If you have a new pet system with attacking pets, then you can also use this for it. For more models you can visit my site. http://keyto-shop.com/ Keyto bad rabbit pet.rar
  5. Hello, mates! (It's my first post on this forum, so don't kill me please ) My problem is the following: I'm using the original Gameforge quests together with my self-compiled mainline_released gamecore. Everything went well, I've translated the translate.lua into Romanian, all quests are working properly, except for flame_dungeon.quest. There is a server timer called killed_A_1 (around line 457) which doesn't freaking start, although the syntax is correct ... I've seen another topic, where a dude uploaded his modified quest which uses timers instead of server timers, because of the same reason: this piece of code wouldn't start under any circumstances, making a monster counter and some other stuff unusable... My questions are: 1. Is there anything wrong with the quest itself? If yes, what? Does it have some .lua dependencies which I don't have? 2. If the quest itself is OK, is the Gamecore source buggy? I mean, I've seen curse words and such in the code, so I expect anything from those angry koreans . Any suggestions? P.S. This is my quest if useful: http://pastebin.com/XtYLU6Gc . (It compiles successfully btw) P.S. 2 - Nothing regarding this appears in syserr. Thanks in advance.
  6. Dear community, It's known that there is a simple method for generating data folders for the monsters: we just have to upload the client folders without the models and textures and it's allright. Only if the accumulation data is missing from the .msa files, the cores won't start, we just get an error message in the syserrs instead of this. Today I met with a really strange error, when the same thing happens, but there isn't any error in the syserr or syslog, and I think the accumulation datas are correct. I can only find out which ones are wrong if I look at the syslog's last line, because it couldn't load the next folder. All of these incorrect folders were the new original pets and mounts, like panda, bear_young, etc. If anyone has a clue what can cause this unpleasantness, I'd be glad if you'd share with me your ideas about it. I'm less interested about alternative solutions. Thanks in advance, RoxaLyssa