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Found 18 results

  1. Zorke

    solved Solved

  2. Zorke

    open Problem with mount

    Hello.. i have a problem with mount.. i implement the mount_costume, and i put real_time to mount , and a question but when i climb the mount immediately get me down .. but i have 20 days time.. and i don't know where is the problem.. in my source or where? If i put type item_quest it summon the mount and don't get me down but the mount doesn't put in slot mount_costume. if i change the type in item_costume and subtype mount_costume he puts in their slot but get me down from mount.
  3. .Rise

    open Mounts double bonus

    Hello, I have Mount costume system. When I log off while sitting on a mount and then login in, my apply bonuses are x2. There is only 1 bonus in affect, but that mount bonus gives me bonus x2. Quest: Could you help me, please? Thanks.
  4. Caramelito

    Cheetah summoning icon

    Hi there! Just some simple icons for this gorgeous mount that i love so much. Hope you guys enjoy them! Golden: White: Black: Kind regards, Cara
  5. tomsoldier

    open Auto potion problem

    Hy guys! I have some problem with the red auto potion. Its affect icon disappears and the affect turns off when i get on/off a mount. I dont know what's the difference, but the blue auto potion works perfectly. So the process is this: Option #1: 1. I turn on the auto potion 2. I get on the mount 3. The auto potion turns off, turns on, then turns off again 4. The auto potion is still off 5. I get off the mount Option #2: 1. I get on the mount 2. I turn on the auto potion 3. I get off the mount 4. The auto potion turns off Option #3: I don't have any auto potions in my inventory. But when I take on my mount, the auto potion affect icon appears, then disappears. I think this is very strange. ---------------------------- With horse both works fine. I use Mainline Source. Anyone has any idea what could cause this? Thanks for help.
  6. Foreword: I am using the novaline Client und the mainline Serversource. Everytime I try to mount the client close immediately. When I try to restart the client, I can see the character for milliseconds and then the client closes again. Syserr: I hope someone could help me. Thanks! Greetings
  7. Hello Community, how can i block riding/use mount on example open-pvp/normal pvp? "if user on pvp/fighting, user cannot use mount/cannot riding." like this thank you for your interest.
  8. xDiiZeRx

    Mount bonus c++

    Hey! How can i add bonus for mounts, what is give the bonus in my inventory, in the c++? THANK YOU!
  9. Krusty

    Mount hit bug lycan

    Hey... i have a problem with my lycan. On some mounts i cant hit from the back. But on some its working fine... someone have a solution?
  10. Hello Metin2dev, I have a problem with my powermount system. Here you can see: powermount: White lion: With the first one the server don't load the mobs. I don't know why.
  11. Mind Rapist

    Costume mount bug

    Hello guys I have added COSTUME_MOUNT system by Enzi and I have a bug. So when I click the seal it goes normally at it's new slot but the character is not riding the mount. In fact nothing happens... Until a game refresh (teleport, etc...)! Then the character appears normally on the mount, after 5 game refreshes in 1 second... I double-checked my source and I have tried many quests. The last person I asked told me that he had the default (ride.quest) and the new (mount.quest) both compiled in the qc file. Can anybody help me please? This is an image displaying the problem after I click the seal: These are some quest files I've tried so far: #1 - ride.quest #2 - mount.quest #3 - reittier.quest #4 - ride_costume_mount.quest Thanks guys...
  12. EnKor

    mount bug

    hi there, I add some new mounts in my server. But some are to fast and i get rollback, others are to slow. I have search for some fix for one weak and i cant find anything. Some friend told me i need to make new msa for mounts. But i cant find any MSA Maker. Can any one help me please? i have trie all type of Accumulation. None work! Accumulation 0.00 -589.625915 0.00 Accumulation 0.00 -300.00 0.00 i add mount folder name in navicat, i remove folder name, i add folter to data\monters, give 777 .... none work too.... What can i do?? Please help me. If the problem is it in MSA, please can any one share MSA maker?? Ty.
  13. Open : cmd_general.cpp Search: ACMD(do_unmount) { if (true == ch->UnEquipSpecialRideUniqueItem()) { ch->RemoveAffect(AFFECT_MOUNT); ch->RemoveAffect(AFFECT_MOUNT_BONUS); if (ch->IsHorseRiding()) { ch->StopRiding(); } } else { ch->ChatPacket( CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("Àκ¥Å丮°¡ ²Ë Â÷¼­ ³»¸± ¼ö ¾ø½À´Ï´Ù.")); } } Replace:ACMD(do_unmount) { LPITEM item = ch->GetWear(WEAR_UNIQUE1); LPITEM item2 = ch->GetWear(WEAR_UNIQUE2); if (item && item->IsRideItem()) ch->UnequipItem(item); if (item2 && item2->IsRideItem()) ch->UnequipItem(item2); if (true == ch->UnEquipSpecialRideUniqueItem()) { ch->RemoveAffect(AFFECT_MOUNT); ch->RemoveAffect(AFFECT_MOUNT_BONUS); if (ch->IsHorseRiding()) { ch->StopRiding(); } } else { ch->ChatPacket( CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("Àκ¥Å丮°¡ ²Ë Â÷¼­ ³»¸± ¼ö ¾ø½À´Ï´Ù.")); } } Open char_battle.cpp Search: RemoveAffect(AFFECT_MOUNT_BONUS); Add: LPITEM item = GetWear(WEAR_UNIQUE1); LPITEM item2 = GetWear(WEAR_UNIQUE2); if (item && item->IsRideItem()) UnequipItem(item); if (item2 && item2->IsRideItem()) UnequipItem(item2); Best Regards Rideas.
  14. monarchis2

    Mount Attack Problem Vanilla

    I have vanilla core, and mounts can't attack. In pvp.cpp has nothing like case MOUNT_ID etc.. what can i do?
  15. Lluis

    Problem mount

    I have 0 minutes of time for ride the mount , how can I put more time at the mount? Thank you" />
  16. monarchis2

    Mount attack problem

    I have problem with some mount attack... i have vanilla core source... In pvp.cpp the mounts ids are missing, and the whole code. But this is not the problem.. i add the code with the case and mounts but i have the same problem.. any clue?
  17. SeXpL0SiVe

    I pay to solve some bugs

    I pay to solve some bugs! I'm desperate I don't know c++ and i'm trying to fix these bugs for over 2 months now... My bugs are: When Wolfman is running on a horse/mount the client crashes Blue Possession applys only at self (should be applyed at all party members) Red Possession SHOWS that removes Attack when it actually gives Skills with vnum 4, 63, 111 give attack but in the C panel nothing changes The Bleeding effect is applyed but invisible. No debuff icon is displayed too The attribute "Strong against Lycans" is displayed as "Bleeding PCT" The attribute "Defence against Lycans" is displayed as "Bleeding Resist"If you are interested my skype is live:sexpl0sive and I pay via PayPal, PaySafeCard or whatever you want...
  18. JIntors

    Mount Quest Problem

    Hello devs I have a problem with my mount quest system. here is my quest: quest ride_mystery_boxes begin state start begin function Ride( vnum, remain_time ) ride_info = { [71124] = { 20114, item.get_socket(2)*60, apply.EXP_DOUBLE_BONUS, 20, 1, false }, [71125] = { 20115, item.get_socket(2)*60, apply.ATTBONUS_MONSTER, 10, 20, false }, [71126] = { 20116, item.get_socket(2)*60, apply.ATTBONUS_MONSTER, 10, 20, false }, [71127] = { 20117, item.get_socket(2)*60, apply.ATTBONUS_MONSTER, 15, 20, false }, [71128] = { 20118, item.get_socket(2)*60, apply.ATTBONUS_MONSTER, 20, 20, false }, [71137] = { 20120, item.get_socket(2)*60, apply.MOV_SPEED, 0, 1, false, false, false}, [71138] = { 20121, item.get_socket(2)*60, apply.MOV_SPEED, 0, 1, false, false, false}, [71139] = { 20122, item.get_socket(2)*60, apply.MOV_SPEED, 0, 1, false, false, false}, [71140] = { 20123, item.get_socket(2)*60, apply.MOV_SPEED, 0, 1, false, false, false}, [71141] = { 20124, item.get_socket(2)*60, apply.MOV_SPEED, 0, 1, false, false, false}, [71142] = { 20125, item.get_socket(2)*60, apply.EXP_DOUBLE_BONUS, 50, 1, false, false, false}, } if pc.level < ride_info[vnum][5] then say("") say(gameforge.ride._010_say) say("") else if 112 == pc.get_map_index() then return end if ride_info[vnum][2] == 0 and remain_time != 0 then pc.mount( ride_info[vnum][1], remain_time*60 ) pc.mount_bonus( ride_info[vnum][3], ride_info[vnum][4], remain_time*60 ) else pc.mount( ride_info[vnum][1], ride_info[vnum][2] ) pc.mount_bonus( ride_info[vnum][3], ride_info[vnum][4], ride_info[vnum][2] ) end if true == ride_info[vnum][6] then pc.remove_item(vnum, 1) end end end when login begin local vnum, remain_time = pc.get_special_ride_vnum() if vnum != 71124 and vnum != 71125 and vnum != 71126 and vnum != 71127 and vnum != 71128 and vnum != 71137 and vnum != 71138 and vnum !=71139 and vnum !=71140 and vnum !=71141 and vnum !=71142 then return end if 0 != vnum then ride_mystery_boxes.Ride(vnum, remain_time) end end when 71124.use or 71125.use or 71126.use or 71127.use or 71128.use or 71137.use or 71138.use or 71139.use or 71140.use or 71141.use or 71142.use begin if pc.is_polymorphed() then say("") say(gameforge.ride._020_say) say("") elseif false == pc.is_riding() then if true == horse.is_summon() then horse.unsummon() end ride_mystery_boxes.Ride(item.vnum, 0) else say("") say(gameforge.ride._030_say) say("") end end end end and the problem is after I teleport the mount item is still on me but I dont ride the mount. Please some help here im out of ideeas. Maybe a new quest??