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  1. open

    I have a problem with new pet system. When the pet is 40 lvl and goes 99% exp stops to getting experience. I want to stop in 100% and no 99%. Sorry for my english.
  2. Hey hello i need new exchange gui my gui is so old hehehe Have you guys got better than this gui Pls help Thx :))
  3. Hello, I have a question. How can i add simple "new" bonus like "strong vs metinstones/boss-monster" It's important for me. =) Thank you.
  4. Hi guys, How can I add new accesories for new jewelry? I added new necklace, ears and wrist and I need to add new accesories. I tried to add it in mining.cpp and but it don't work. Thanks for answers! Sincerely, ReFresh
  5. Hello. Hello. I would like to buy Metin2 systems. 4. Increase the maximum experience is: int -> 2.500.000.000 (2.147.483.647) has to be: long long -> (9.223.372.036.854.775.807) 4. Repair search items by korey or buy system from metin2global: pw or skype: kronzu.mpc
  6. Hi guys, how can I add new button to cube window? I need to add new button for create all items in cube window, so when I put into the cube window 178 potions and click on button create all, it will create all potions in cube window. Normally is in cube window one button, which creating only "One for one potion". So I need to create some function which will be checking amount of potions and when I click on the new button create all, all potions in cube window will be created. Soon I will add video here. There is a video: I have this old cube window: Thank you for your answers! Kind Regards ReFresh
  7. Hello devs can anyone show me how to add a new button to the Dragon Soul inventory window? I have my images I want to add something like the Item Shop button of the inventory page but this time I want to make a toogle button (stays at "down" state after click, until clicked again to restore to normal state). I want this button to communicate with the game and changes a quest state. This is the quest What this does is enabling/disabling the Dragon Soul drops from mobs and it comes as a letter and that's very annoying so I want to turn it into a button but I've just started to learning python and I don't even know how to position it. I appreciate any help guys. Thanks in advance
  8. Hello, i want to show you here my new 6th character You can contact me or visit my website for more informations
  9. Hello all When i try combine 85011 NEW sash, nothing happend, i edit my source on clientside( to effect ), my client side( to put sash to the window ) and acce.txt ( to get new sash) but when i try combine, i click accept, and i get this: "Drag the items into the window." Sorry for my bad english
  10. Hello ! Today I'm going to show you how to add new Blessing Scroll or Magic Stone with bigger chance for upgrade. 1. Go to game/src/char_item.cpp and find: 2. Under: 3. Add: 4. Search: 5. Under: 6. Add: 7. Search: 8. Add below: 9. Search: 10. Add below: 11*. If you want to make this item work like a Magic Stone search: 12*. Add under: 13. Search: 14. Add below: 15. Go to root/ and search: 16. Change for this: 17. Now change in item_proto value0 to 7 (or number which you set in third step).
  11. Hello. He wants to add a new alignments, in a sense, add new and change the value of acquiring them. I did like this topic then edytowałego it under him. It edited the: A problem I have one that reads the value of short rather than long or int as I change here ss what I mean: /set [T]Kronzu align 327670 /set [T]Kronzu align 327680 /set [T]Kronzu align 3000000 i got: -27680 /set [T]Kronzu align -3000000 i got: 27680 Anyone know how to fix it? How to change this short more? int in 16bit -215÷ 215 - 1, czyli przedział [-32768, 32767] int in 32bit -231÷ 231 - 1, czyli przedział [-2147483648, 2147483647] on packet.h short sAlignment; to int sAlignment; In: packet_char_additional_info and packet_update_char client <=> server and no work. Instancebase.h short m_sAlignment; to int m_sAlignment; NetworkActorManager.h short m_sAlignment; to int m_sAlignment;
  12. Hello guys I'm searching for the new sash items (effects, icons, txt records and id vnums) and if possible a way to implement them into my binary and packs. I'm using msm but 2 days ago I saw a post somewhere that can help one sash item to apply to every class's body height from the binary. I appreciate any help
  13. Hello guys I need a full tutorial on how to install a new resist to the mob_proto table. You see there is resist_poison but not resist_bleeding and because of that Metin Stones can be affected with bleeding. I already found 2 files that I need to edit but since I don't have advanced or expert skills on c++ and metin2 source code I can use a little tut. I need to know all the files I need to edit to make my resist_bleeding work...
  14. hi metin2dev how we can adding new empire are you know please write Client Source Game Source Db Source pack scripts
  15. Hello Guys, im Adelin and i want ti create a new mt2 server for players from my city but i want quality what sf and client i need to use for start? this isn`t my first server but i dont know how work game r xx k and other things best regards
  16. Hello, I release here for you a new pet. It is an bad rabbit Pet with attack and death animations. If you have a new pet system with attacking pets, then you can also use this for it. For more models you can visit my site. Keyto bad rabbit pet.rar
  17. File Name: Orc labyrinth File Submitter: plechito File Submitted: 04 Oct 2014 File Category: Maps Hi, A lot of new things are out, so there is new official unreleased map - Orc labyrinth. Map is from SG client and there is for you, who haven't it. I really don't know, how function will have this map on official servers, but you can use it as good dungeon. In the pack is new textures for Orc lord too. I don't think it will new boss, but i think it looks good. So have fun with it! PS: Unrar with WinRAR version 5. Screens: Orc lord The map Click here to download this file
  18. Hi I have problem with objects on my new map. The problem is that, when I enter into this map using debug mode of my binary, everything is fine. but when i wanna to enter into this map using distributed mode of binary, i haven't got every object. Can you help me with it? How can I fix this?
  19. So as the source has been published, it's possible to improve the graphics engine of metin2 (as it is pretty outdated). so my question is: do i also have to change things in the serverside part? i think yes, but i'm not sure, as my programming skills are not that advanced yet.