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Found 12 results

  1. Serverstart: 22.10.2017 - 18:00 Uhr Offizielle Homepage: Asagi2 - Homepage Offizielles Forum: Asagi2 - Forum
  2. OnlyGood

    invoice client+ serverfiles

    I search the invoice client + the serverfiles i hope anyone can help me. ty. _______________ sorry for the bad english.
  3. So könnt ihr unseren Server erreichen: // Here's how you can reach our server: Homepage: Arashi3 - Homepage Board: Arashi3 - Board TS3: Teamspeak 3 - Server
  4. STAFF: [GA]IlSanto: Founder [GA]PhiLL: Co-Founder, professional 3D artist, general dev [GM]Equid: Server side scripter, general dev [GM]Anonimous: c++ Programmer and client dev [GM]Passion: GM in game [GM]Nicholas: GM in game LINKS: Website Download Registrazione Wiki Lista aggiornamenti
  5. Hey guys, I've got a really weird problem for you today... INTRODUCTION: Basically, in this last few weeks I've been involved into some 3D modeling/animation exporting for metin2. Using 3dsmax 7, granny exporter and you know what else you need to have... I'd like to let you understand that I do this kind of stuff since 2012, so I know what I'm doing with granny and 3ds max for metin2. Now that the introduction is clear for everyone, let's go to the main problem. PROBLEM: I've created loads of 3D animated models, some from tera, some from myself, some from metin2 with new animations made by myself.. A lot of animated models ... Everything all right, working really good in-game, player liked them... BUT one day someone came telling me that he doesn't see all the new 3D animated models.. So basically he doesn't see anything where the models should be. I tried LOTS of fix and nothing good came to me... He still doesn't see them. 95% of the players see the models correctly and 5% not. The 10% who doesn't, has this kind of graphic cards: - gtx 210/220 - ATI 4200 - Don't actually know if other cards have the same issue. SOMETHING YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE ANSWER: - If i put the model without animation, they see that. - One player, today, has logged with 2 account and with the second account, JUST THE SECOND, he has seen 1 of the 40 models I did, JUST ONE OF IT. - 2 Months ago, I've done other works and they have no problems in game. Nothing changed and nothing new with the new 3D models with problems... So.. CONCLUSION: I'm done.. I don't bloody know what's going on here... PLEASE help me out with that... LOVE YOU <3
  6. Hello, I release here for you a new pet. It is an bad rabbit Pet with attack and death animations. If you have a new pet system with attacking pets, then you can also use this for it. For more models you can visit my site. http://keyto-shop.com/ Keyto bad rabbit pet.rar
  7. Hello, i'm trying to start an Hamachi server for trying some quest.. Actually i'm using: FreeBSD 9.3 x64 bit in a computer x32.. ( Downloaded from here -> ) And File server of Lastivia2.eu (Downloaded from here -> ) sysinstall -> networking Error when i start ch1, auth, ch 99 Syserr DB Syserr: CH1 - CH99 - AUTH PS: I try to put in CONFIG: BIND_IP: But if i put "BIND_IP:" the error doesn't stop anymore.. and if i BIND the ip it say connection refused How i can resolve that? Regards.
  8. Guten Tag liebe Community, Vorwort Ich möchte euch heute den Privat Server: Shakes and Fidget - The Devilz vorstellen. Vor einigen Tagen haben wir ein Server Projekt begonnen, nämlich Shakes and Fidget, wir möchten mit dem Server einiges erreichen, da es ja kaum richtige P-Server gibt. Wir haben uns daher die Mühe gemacht, viele bekannte Bugs bei Serverfiles zu fixxen und sind nun zu einem annehmbaren Resultat gekommen. Konzept / Feature ♛ Highspeed Server ♛ ♛ Aktives Team ♛ ♛ Support/Ticket System ♛ ♛ Spendensystem mit fairen Preisen ♛ ♛ DDoS Protection ♛ ♛ Viele Sicherheitslücken gefixxt ♛ ♛ Platz 1 auf der topliste.top-pserver ♛ ♛ Tägliche Backups ♛ Informationen ♛ 24/7 Support über Ticketsystem ♛ ♛ Board für: News, Updates, Event Plan, Nutzer Bereich, Diskussionen (Noch im Aufbau) ♛ Homepage Shakes & Fidget - The Game Gutschein Code: 2B8CA83DD3
  9. Good day dear community, Foreword I want to introduce the private server Shakes and Fidget - The Devilz you today. A few days ago we started a server project, namely, Shakes and Fidget, we want to achieve with the server a lot, as it hardly correct P-server returns. We have therefore taken the trouble to fix many known bugs in server files and have now come to an acceptable result. Concept / Feature ♛ High-speed server ♛ ♛ Active team ♛ ♛ Support / Ticket System ♛ ♛ Donation system with fair prices ♛ ♛ DDoS Protection ♛ ♛ Fixed many security holes ♛ ♛ Place 1 on the topliste.top pserver ♛ ♛ Daily backups ♛ Information ♛ 24/7 support via ticket system ♛ ♛ Board for: news, updates, event schedule, user area, discussions (Still under construction) ♛ Homepage Shakes & Fidget - The Game Coupon Code: 2B8CA83DD3 How To Change Language 1. First create an account. 2. Then login. 3. Then in the left side bar at the bottom to Options. 4. Then press on your flag.