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Found 11 results

  1. Insert quest safebox my quest id 17 in locale_list quest armazem_portatil begin state start begin when button or info begin local map = pc.get_map_index() say("Deseja abrir o Armazém?") local armazem = select("Sim","Fechar") if armazem == 1 then if map == 21 then syschat("Você não pode abrir aqui.") return end syschat("Abriu o armazém") game.open_safebox() setskin(NOWINDOW) return end end -- w end -- s end -- q def ClickMallButton(self): print "click_mall_button" net.SendChatPacket("/click_mall") to: def ClickMallButton(self): import event event.QuestButtonClick(17) No run =/
  2. Hello Today I want to share with all of you a little thing. All times when you are trying to open your safebox, it's requesting the password, isn't it? But for what? I modified to limit these requests to one input per login. Of course if you warp or change character, you need to retype your password again. But with extra modifications you can do it to store the password until you close the client, but I don't recommend this. So, first go to the uiSafeBox.py file and paste this line into the __init__ method of the PasswordDialog class, with taking care of the tabulators: self.lastPassword = "" This variable will store your last entered password. Then replace the Accept method of the same class with this: (take a look for the syntax, modulename, and true/false!) def OnAccept(self): self.lastPassword = str(self.passwordValue.GetText()) m2net.SendChatPacket(self.sendMessage + self.lastPassword) self.CloseDialog() return True When you accept the password input dialog, the entered password will be saved, if it's correct if it isn't as well. Don't worry about it, it will be reset if you entered wrong password. The next step is that to paste these new functions into the same class. def InitSafeboxPassword(self): self.lastPassword = "" def GetSafeboxPwd(self): return self.lastPassword As you can see, here is a function which will reset the entered password . With this, the file is done. Open interfaceModule.py and serach this line: ## Safebox then paste this function below: def InitSafeboxPassword(self): self.dlgPassword.InitSafeboxPassword() Then replace the AskSafeboxPassword and AskMallPassword functions with these: def AskSafeboxPassword(self): if self.wndSafebox.IsShow(): return if self.dlgPassword.IsShow(): self.dlgPassword.CloseDialog() return self.dlgPassword.SetSendMessage("/safebox_password ") if self.dlgPassword.GetSafeboxPwd() != "": self.dlgPassword.OnAccept() return self.dlgPassword.SetTitle(localeInfo.PASSWORD_TITLE) self.dlgPassword.ShowDialog() def AskMallPassword(self): if self.wndMall.IsShow(): return if self.dlgPassword.IsShow(): self.dlgPassword.CloseDialog() return self.dlgPassword.SetSendMessage("/mall_password ") if self.dlgPassword.GetSafeboxPwd() != "": self.dlgPassword.OnAccept() return self.dlgPassword.SetTitle(localeInfo.MALL_PASSWORD_TITLE) self.dlgPassword.ShowDialog() With these functions, if the last entered password is correct, the storages will open automatically with the last entered password. The file is done. Next, open your game.py and search this function: OnSafeBoxError and extend it with this line: self.interface.InitSafeboxPassword() So, as you can see this is the answer from the server to entered wrong password and this function will reset the last entered password as well . That's all, I hope you like it, and have fun.
  3. Mind Rapist

    Soul Binding system problems

    Hey guys I have 2 problems with my Soul Binding system the first problem is that when I unbind the item there is no time limit the information on the chat below says "Soul unbind in:" without any time information and the item is actually unbinded just like that. The second thing is that when I store the item into the safebox the "Soul binded" message at the bottom of the tooltip is dissapeared. When I bring it back to the inventory the message shows up again. I appreciate any help.
  4. Mind Rapist

    Safebox open command in python

    Hello devs does anybody know what should I type as a python command to open the safebox password dialog? I have a button and I want the safebox password dialog to show up when I click it. Can anyone help? Ty
  5. Hello devs I'm looking for the function in the safebox (python) that checks if safebox is open or not. For example this is for trade and this is for shop so I'm looking that function in safebox Thanks in advance
  6. Hello devs, I found this tut the other day and I did it. It is actually an effect for non-tradable items when the exchange window is open. When this window is open this system basicly covers the non-tradable item's slot with a white color and makes it unusable for this action. I want to do the same for non-sellable items (vendors and myshop) and non-storagable items. I tried this in my uitooltip (ignore the exchange function this one works ) but I'm getting this syserr Are there any tuts or tips that can help? Thanks in advance
  7. Mind Rapist

    [Help] Safebox query problem

    Hello guys I have a problem with my safebox it doesn't store items when I close the safebox every item I moved in it vanishes and I don't know what to do... I get this syserr but I checked my Cache.cpp and ClientManager.cpp and the query is just fine... Here is syserr: Here is my Cache.cpp's query function: And here is my ClientManager.cpp's query function: Note that I have 6 normal and 2 special attributes available and imported Sash System... I need help please if you know the answer to this problem post it below I'd be so greatful
  8. gummyantifi

    Item(safebox) DB problem

    Hi I have a little problem with the safebox. 1. Picture : Put the sword into the warehouse. and close it 2. Picture : Open store again. Could anyone advise me where I'm wrong?
  9. gummyantifi

    Item(safebox) DB problem

    Hi I have a little problem with the safebox. 1. Picture : Put the sword into the warehouse. and close it 2. Picture : Open store again. Could anyone advise me where I'm wrong?
  10. Is Bug : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOprjTnNiQ8 Open : input_main.cpp Search: CSafebox * pkSafebox = ch->GetSafebox(); LPITEM pkItem = ch->GetItem(p->ItemPos); if (!pkSafebox || !pkItem) return; Add: if (pkItem->GetType() == ITEM_BELT && pkItem->IsEquipped()) // Belt inventory new bug fixed by Rideas { ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Belt before equip!"); return; } Best Regards Rideas
  11. Hi guys, I'll show yout how to simply open your safebox by inventory button. 1) First you'll need to replace "def ClickMallButton" in "uiinventory.py" by : def ClickMallButton(self): self.choix = ui.BoardWithTitleBar() self.choix.SetSize(210, 80) self.choix.SetCenterPosition() self.choix.AddFlag('float') self.choix.AddFlag('movable') self.choix.SetTitleName("Ouverture entrepôt") self.choix.Show() self.EntrepotIs = ui.Button() self.EntrepotIs.SetEvent(self.OpenIs) self.EntrepotIs.SetParent(self.choix) self.EntrepotIs.SetPosition(35, 40) self.EntrepotIs.SetUpVisual("d:/ymir work/ui/public/middle_button_01.sub") self.EntrepotIs.SetOverVisual("d:/ymir work/ui/public/middle_button_02.sub") self.EntrepotIs.SetDownVisual("d:/ymir work/ui/public/middle_button_03.sub") self.EntrepotIs.SetText("ItemShop") self.EntrepotIs.SetToolTipText("Ouvrir l'entrepot ItemShop") self.EntrepotIs.Show() self.Magasinier = ui.Button() self.Magasinier.SetEvent(self._normal_mall) self.Magasinier.SetParent(self.choix) self.Magasinier.SetPosition(105, 40) self.Magasinier.SetUpVisual("d:/ymir work/ui/public/middle_button_01.sub") self.Magasinier.SetOverVisual("d:/ymir work/ui/public/middle_button_02.sub") self.Magasinier.SetDownVisual("d:/ymir work/ui/public/middle_button_03.sub") self.Magasinier.SetText("Magasinier") self.Magasinier.SetToolTipText("Ouvrir le magasinier") self.Magasinier.Show() 2) Then add this under : def OpenIs(self): self.EntrepotIs.Hide() self.choix.Hide() self.Magasinier.Hide() net.SendChatPacket("/click_mall") def _normal_mall(self): self.EntrepotIs.Hide() self.Magasinier.Hide() self.choix.Hide() net.SendChatPacket("/click_safebox") 3) Open cmd_general.cpp (game src) and search for : ACMD(do_click_mall) { ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_COMMAND, "ShowMeMallPassword"); } then add this below : ACMD(do_click_safebox) { ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_COMMAND, "ShowMeSafeboxPassword"); } 4) Open cmd.cpp (still game src) and search for : ACMD(do_click_mall); then add this below : ACMD(do_click_safebox); in same file search for : { "click_mall", do_click_mall, 0, POS_DEAD, GM_PLAYER }, and add this below : { "click_safebox", do_click_safebox, 0, POS_DEAD, GM_PLAYER }, 5) You'll need to remove distance limit to open safebox so open "char.cpp" and search for else if (GetDistanceFromSafeboxOpen() > 1000) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("<â°í> °Å¸®°¡ ¸Ö¾î¼­ â°í¸¦ ¿­ ¼ö ¾ø½À´Ï´Ù.")); return; } here you juste need to comment this block, like this : /* else if (GetDistanceFromSafeboxOpen() > 1000) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("<â°í> °Å¸®°¡ ¸Ö¾î¼­ â°í¸¦ ¿­ ¼ö ¾ø½À´Ï´Ù.")); return; } */ 6) You're done, now you'll get this menu (you will be able to choose between mall or safebox)