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Found 8 results

  1. Hello people, i saw that a lot of people want to start developing on Metin2, but there isn't a place where the people can easly see tutorials without surf the whole internet. My idea is to create a reference for anyone who want to start creating his own server, starting from the first steps into the creation of a full Metin2 Server, but also a place where advanced developers could orient into the complicated parts of this world. The special thing about this wiki is that everyone could add or alter pages (that will be approved by moderators), so everyone could contribute to the wiki. The wiki his hosted inside a website that i own (it would be very complicated handle this kind of project inside any forum). At the monent, the wiki is started and it's only in english. (Translation system will be added, contact me if you would like to translate) The wiki will be completly free and without any kind of advertisement. (But altervista's limitated band could make the site unaccessible) Link here: http://rewardmetin2.rf.gd/index.php/Main_Page Greets!
  2. Distraught

    open cannot start server

    Hey guys, Actually I just found a strange error. I changed the O2 optimalization flag to O3 and compiled the game and db and after all the CHs crash except for the auth. I changed them back to O2, recompiled and still this error. Put back the backup game and db and still this error. There's nothing in the syserr, only the PIDs (thats why I know that only auth is running).
  3. Hello, I use metin2gravity SF, DB and client. But server doesn't start. I have changed root file in client, but when i start client, there is maybe some error. SF and DB link: LOG: Do you have any idea, where is problem? Thank you very much! Regards.
  4. NO PAY2WIN, NO ITEMSHOP Server wird komplett von mir finanziert -> alles INGAME erreichbar mit VOTESHOP[/SIZE][/B] SERVERSTART IST AM: 07.04.2017 um 20:00 UHR Jetzt noch schnell im Forum registrieren, die ersten 50 Mitglieder erhalten einen Startbonus und können Beta spielen. Die ersten 50 Skype-Addys erhalten ebenfalls einen Bonus SKYPE: live:steamgroup_1 LINK ZUM FORUM: http://metin.boardtrump-world2.com
  5. Distraught

    DB error

    Hey guys, So I compiled a game and db and when I wanna start them it just says Connection refused. Syserr doesn't say anything. After I tried to put back the original game and db but db still doesn't want to start. (I updated the boost directory for compiling, could it be the root of the error?) Any idea?
  6. Heya all, I have created a map, with Town.txt coordinates (example: 99 127) and when I teleport to it, it teleports me to the 0 0. Why is that happening? I appriciate any kind of help! -Sonitex
  7. Hello Guys, im Adelin and i want ti create a new mt2 server for players from my city but i want quality what sf and client i need to use for start? this isn`t my first server but i dont know how work game r xx k and other things best regards
  8. Hello there, I finally made the 40k core + db running: But got a new Problem: After trying to log in, the auth-server crashes: Syserr of auth: "cshybridcrypt_metin2_patch_sg1.dat" - I was told that this doesn't matter Syslog of auth: "No need for auth server" - What is that? Used difs: Timebomb-Fix, Internal-IP fix