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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, metin2dev. Open uiminimap.py Add: import os,re,threading,app,timeClass: class MiniMap(ui.ScriptWindow):Find: def __init__(self):Add: self.reonasobject = ui.TextLine() self.reonasobject.SetFontName("Arial:17") self.reonasobject.SetPosition(0,87) self.reonasobject.SetWindowHorizontalAlignCenter() self.reonasobject.SetHorizontalAlignCenter() self.reonasobject.SetFeather() self.reonasobject.SetOutline()Find: locale name locale_is_turkey or locale or localeInfo with use locale_is_turkey self.observerCount.SetText(localeInfo.MINIMAP_OBSERVER_COUNT % observerCount) Add under: kl = "" bgk = None """"Author: Reonas DateTime: 10.10.15 Skype: wizzucpp""" from threading import Timer def reonasfpsormonthordayyearwritingintegral(): global bgk bgk=int(re.findall("[0-9][0-9]",str(os.popen("%WINDIR%/system32/ping -n 1 google.com").readlines()[-1]))[0])#ping Timer(5,reonasfpsormonthordayyearwritingintegral).start()Find: def OnUpdate(self): Add: import time,app global bgk nRenderFPS=app.GetRenderFPS() fps="FPS:%3d"%(nRenderFPS) gc=time.strftime("%d") aycek=time.strftime("%B") yilx=time.strftime("%Y") gun=time.strftime("%A") b=" " ti=" - " yazifps="FPS:" st=time.strftime("%H:%M:%S") text="Link Quality: " if bgk<=30 and bgk>0:kl="Excellent!" elif bgk<=50 and bgk>35:kl="Good" elif bgk<= 100 and bgk>50:kl="Middle" elif bgk>= 100:kl="Bad" else:kl="" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=b+gc+b+aycek+b+yilx+b+gun+b+st+ti+text+kl+ti+fps self.reonasobject.SetText(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) self.reonasobject.Show()note:Threading time setting 5 seconds :-----------seconds-------------Timer(5,reonasfpsormonthordayyearwritingintegral).start()
  2. mafianekcek

    Server_timer PROBLEM

    Hello guys, i have problem with server_timer or server_loop_timer, It do not make no signal, it dont work and game going crash after 1 second. QUEST: quest server_timer begin state start begin when 9003.chat."srv_timer" begin server_timer("shit", 1, pc.get_map_index()) --server_timer("shit", 1) say("You have now server timer apply.") end when shit.server_timer begin chat("ok") end end end But after 1 second it dont do nothing, when i use only server_timer("shit", 1) too not work, but when i change server_timer to only timer, it works perfect, but i need use server_timer for dungeons. SOURCE CODE: int _set_server_timer(lua_State* L) { int n = lua_gettop(L); if ((n != 2 || !lua_isnumber(L, 2) || !lua_isstring(L, 1)) && (n != 3 || !lua_isstring(L, 1) || !lua_isnumber(L, 2) || !lua_isnumber(L, 3))) { sys_err("QUEST set_server_timer argument count wrong."); return 0; } const char * name = lua_tostring(L, 1); double t = lua_tonumber(L, 2); DWORD arg = 0; CQuestManager & q = CQuestManager::instance(); if (lua_isnumber(L, 3)) arg = (DWORD) lua_tonumber(L, 3); int timernpc = q.LoadTimerScript(name); LPEVENT event = quest_create_server_timer_event(name, t, timernpc, false, arg); q.AddServerTimer(name, arg, event); return 0; } Please, can somebody help me? Thank you.
  3. theskulls

    Timer when start the game

    Hello everyone. it is possible start a timer, internal to the game when you start the process, to reach a function (of course I want to do it in the source)? You might like to do? Thank you all in advance.
  4. Hello, mates! (It's my first post on this forum, so don't kill me please ) My problem is the following: I'm using the original Gameforge quests together with my self-compiled mainline_released gamecore. Everything went well, I've translated the translate.lua into Romanian, all quests are working properly, except for flame_dungeon.quest. There is a server timer called killed_A_1 (around line 457) which doesn't freaking start, although the syntax is correct ... I've seen another topic, where a dude uploaded his modified quest which uses timers instead of server timers, because of the same reason: this piece of code wouldn't start under any circumstances, making a monster counter and some other stuff unusable... My questions are: 1. Is there anything wrong with the quest itself? If yes, what? Does it have some .lua dependencies which I don't have? 2. If the quest itself is OK, is the Gamecore source buggy? I mean, I've seen curse words and such in the code, so I expect anything from those angry koreans . Any suggestions? P.S. This is my quest if useful: http://pastebin.com/XtYLU6Gc . (It compiles successfully btw) P.S. 2 - Nothing regarding this appears in syserr. Thanks in advance.