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Found 7 results

  1. Ace

    9 New Tree's (Giant)

    9 New Tree's (Giant) Datei anzeigen Hi guys, i have download the tree's from this thread: thank you very much Nevisor for that beautiful pack. i just convert 4-5 Tree's and Change the size of them for big map's they are really nice. But, do not use to much of your map's cause it's .spt and will lag if you place file Passwort: Profizockers.com here some screen's: Hochgeladen von Ace Hochgeladen 27.08.2017 Kategorie 3d Models
  2. Sonitex

    Buying trees(.spt)

    Hi everyone, I am searching for someone who is experienced with SpeedTree and is willing to create something for me. I currently need a total of 75 trees (25 different kinds of trees in 3 different shapes). Please contact me on Skype(sonitexo) for more informations and instructions. I will only pay with PayPal. Kind Regards, Sonitex
  3. any idea ? if someone knows speedtree modelling, please help me.
  4. ReFresh

    Searching trees objects

    Hi guys, have anybody these objects in this video? I mean trees, flowers, etc. Thank you for your answers! Kind Regards ReFresh
  5. JulianMX

    Problem with tree size.

    Hello , so today I´m here to ask two questions. I use WorldEditor Remix and when I import a tree you have a option named ´´tree size´´ but putting whatever you put , always the tree stay the same size. I mean , maybe I want a gigantic tree and that option doesn´t work , my question is if I have that error because the world editor or in any world editor version is the same? And another question is that world editor has a option named ´´wind speed´´ and when you use that the trees move their leaves because it´s wind... obviously.. The thing is that when I put that in-game the wind speed is the same like all the time. Thanks a lot for your help!
  6. Dexam™

    [ENV]Little Environment pack

    hey guys, today i will share a little pack of trees. if you cant convert it by yourself its not my problem . https://mega.co.nz/#!AJwFTJIZ!w1shK-qtOW4p34hXsgiXvt7zSm-QjycjW_KdelEdM7k and one thing I wanted to say, please keep up the name nexus 3 in your mind. well, have fun! kind regards, dexam™
  7. snake4game

    Texture Problem

    Hello ! I have a little problem with my client or server , i dont really know . Decorative Stones are in air ! Grass is cutted and texture corrupted if u see photo . Image So i think the problem can be from Gr2 Version error or some files from pack . If can someone explain me ... SOLVED : I use other OutDoorA2.epk , from other client .