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[Metin2Dev] Signature Contest!

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This is a user contest and is not related in any form to metin2dev.

Hello everybody and especially our artists,

What you need to do in order to win is to create a signature for metin2dev.

  • Deadline: 01.12.2016 (Need to be 15+ participants)
  • Sizes of signatures: 450x200 or 600x300 (horizontal signature).
  • PS: Need to contain the name of forums, logo or other text about (Metin2Dev).
  • Prizes will be awarded from me via paypal.


  • Winter: must be metin2 related and something about forums.
  • No specific render to use: you can choose it freely!

If you are really the best, i won't let you without being awarded. the prizes are:

  • 1st place: 35E
  • 2nd place: 20E
  • 3rd place: 10E


  • You can enter only 1 signature into this contest.
  • Once you have entered a signature, you may not change your entry.
  • The signature must fit the theme chosen.
  • The signature cannot be pre-made.
  • Ripping of any kind is strictly forbidden and will automatically remove you from the contest.
  • Use an anonymous uploader such as Imgur or Tinypic.
  • You can use every kind of editing program such as: Gimp, Photoshop, Paint etc
  • A screenshot of the .psd of the signature must be posted too, so that we can see all the different layers of your work.

This should represent the metin2dev board (no official), signature will be worn by many users even on other forums for a more intensive advertising, and for the intended uses of each user if desired.

For people who appreciate the idea, and would not attend are asked to provide a post like this to know the number of like for this activity.

Good luck, and sorry for my english ^^

PS: Prize is not very big, but it matters intent xD

Copyrights about idea and some texts from topic: WoM2

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I attach my signature, im not a professional designer, but i did my best.

I didnt understand that about "Winter", but here it is.

Size: 600x300

Here a image of the "¿.psd?" file.


I hope more people try do this, i cant do something better because i dont know, but i want see great designs here!


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So the banner will be on the top of the forum replacing the "metin2 dev" text or just in the banners to promote your forum? 
If the first answer is yes, are you willing to change your background with something similar or do you just want your light blue background with a transparent logo and text ?
Ofc the banner will be with the same light blue but forum logo =! banner .
Thanks in advance for the replies, ill do some sketchs later on for free and i will post jpeg and psd here.
Delivery will be at 16:30PM or before.

Sorry for double postin' , heres the banner, i didnt had much ideas so it sucks for me.
I even forgot to save the psd, but im working on another banner, this is just to go first



HOLY MACCHERONI i didnt saw the "Winter" inspired theme for the banner, sorry D:


Edited by Fleon
im stooopid
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@Fleon i hid your first post and edited your second. You are able to use the edit function (i saw this ^^) so please do it (again) in the future.

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44 minutes ago, Thedanielx32 said:

The contest is over? It is valid?
When they will be announced the winners

The organizer is banned, so?

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On 02/12/2016 at 11:19 PM, Thedanielx32 said:

the end of the contest was yesterday, but no one said anything, I hope vegas able to give us news in some way

He has been banned and this contest was started by him, so I don't think so you will get any rewards sadly :( You did pretty good job tho..

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