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[FIX]uiQuest SetEvent bug for some people

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Story: Over time I learned that the SetEvent function can cause weird problems in Metin2, maybe you have this bug or maybe not, I actually encountered this problem and found the fix.

How to trigger the bug:

1. Use this quest for a test:

quest test begin
	state start begin
		when 9003.chat."quest test" begin
			say("Hey we are doing a test here")
			local o = select("option 1","option 2")
			if o == 1 then
			elseif o == 2 then

2. Now you click on the NPC, choose "quest test" option and don't click on any option(1,2)

3. /transfer your_character with another GM account

4. The character who clicked on "quest test" option and didn't choose any of the sub-options (1 or 2 ) will now have an invisible stucked window on the center and can't click on the ground or click the area in the center of the screen(where the quest ui was before teleportation)


How to fix it:

1. Go to uiQuest.py

2. In def MakeQuestion find the SetEvent functions and edit them as below:

	def MakeQuestion(self, n):
		global entire_questbutton_number
		global entire_questpage_number
		global cur_questpage_number
		entire_questpage_number = ((n-2)/7)+1
		entire_questbutton_number = n
		if not self.board:

		self.btnAnswer = [self.MakeEachButton(i) for i in xrange (n)]
		import localeInfo
		self.prevbutton = self.MakeNextPrevPageButton()
		self.prevbutton.SetPosition(self.sx+self.board.GetWidth()/2-164, self.board.GetHeight()/2-16)
		#self.prevbutton.SetEvent(self.PrevQuestPageEvent, 1, n) # buggy
		self.prevbutton.SAFE_SetEvent(self.PrevQuestPageEvent, 1, n) # unbuggy

		self.nextbutton = self.MakeNextPrevPageButton()
		self.nextbutton.SetPosition(self.sx+self.board.GetWidth()/2+112, self.board.GetHeight()/2-16)
		#self.nextbutton.SetEvent(self.NextQuestPageEvent, 1, n) # buggy
		self.nextbutton.SAFE_SetEvent(self.NextQuestPageEvent, 1, n) # unbuggy

		if cur_questpage_number != 1:
			cur_questpage_number = 1

Note: After that you should check for other SetEvent functions (comment them and see if the bug still happens)

Info: The bug has something to do with the function arguments

Other locations where this bug caused problems:

  • intrologin.py - can cause the arrow keys,enter,esc to not work in the select character phase


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That "bug" is because the quest window is not destroyed properly.

In interfaceModule.py search:
Replace with:

How to test that "bug". Press logout button and in those 3 seconds open a quest, when you login again you can't click in quest area but quest is not there.

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