[Small-Release] Up to date libs for FreeBSD 11.0

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I have been working on upgrading some stuff for source compiled on FreeBSD 11.0 32 bits.

As you know current libraries are pretty old so I figured out to do some update using the latest sources.

Someone may make a use of it.

The package contains:

- DevIL Library 1.7.8

- JPEG Library 9.1

- Lmcs Library 1.19

- Mng Library 1.0.10

- Png Library 1.6.29

- Tiff Library 1.5

- Mysql C Connector

- Jasper Library

- Headers for Mysql C Connector and DevIL

Due the newer version of DevIL you need to add jasper library to the linker.

I did not include Cryptopp Library. If you wanna upgrade it just compile newest version from ports.

Link to download:



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If you have MySQL Server prior to 5.7 via portsnap:

pkg delete mysqlXX-server

where XX = your version.

If you have built it through ports:

cd /usr/ports/databases/mysqlXX-server && make deinstall clean

and then:

cd /usr/ports/databases/mysql57-server && make install clean

Hit [ENTER] as many times as it takes to accept default parameters and once prompts are over, wait for the build to finish.

Voilla! MySQL Server 5.7 is installed.

Don't forget, remove directory /var/db/mysql (create backup of course if you have needed data inside) and run

### Check this line in /etc/rc.conf and IF IT DOESN'T EXIST run the first line. Run second line anyway ###
echo 'mysql_enable="YES"' >> /etc/rc.conf
service mysql-server start

Once you start the service, reboot.

If you want a fresh start with your MySQL tables this is a simple guide to reset root password:

after that, copy all tables in /var/db/mysql but do not overwrite mysql folder.

If you want your old tables back, extract everything in /var/db/mysql INCLUDING mysql. This will recover your old root password and users.

Hope you found this helpful.

Best regards

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