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Good evening metin2 dev.I have a problem when I close the launcher,every time i get the " ???????????????????????" and it's getting me crazy because i don't know how to solve it.

sysser=0 errors

ErrorLog.txt :

Module Name: E:\shinote new\123\123\Metin2Distribute.exe
Time Stamp: 0x592128b2 - (null)

Exception Type: 0xc0000005

eax: 0x00000000    ebx: 0x00000000
ecx: 0x03b81f58    edx: 0x1e1fe760
esi: 0x1e086860    edi: 0x03b81f58
ebp: 0x0018fa50    esp: 0x0018fa0c

0x1e07ad65    E:\shinote new\123\123\python27.dll
0x005bd695    E:\shinote new\123\123\Metin2Distribute.exe
0x00471895    E:\shinote new\123\123\Metin2Distribute.exe
0x00474482    E:\shinote new\123\123\Metin2Distribute.exe
0x0053e6c5    E:\shinote new\123\123\Metin2Distribute.exe
0x755e8e71    C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\USER32.dll
0x755e90d1    C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\USER32.dll
0x755e932c    C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\USER32.dll
0x755e9529    C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\USER32.dll
0x77480596    C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
0x004d3626    E:\shinote new\123\123\Metin2Distribute.exe
0x004d398b    E:\shinote new\123\123\Metin2Distribute.exe
0x005cad72    E:\shinote new\123\123\Metin2Distribute.exe
0x74e37c04    C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\KERNEL32.DLL
0x7749ab8f    C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
0x7749ab5a    C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll

Please help :(.

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Hey, someone know to what is this?

Please, help me.


The ExeError log:


Module Name: D:\Metin2\Kliens\Game.bin
Time Stamp: 0x5aa1c30f - (null)

Exception Type: 0xc0000005

eax: 0x00000000    ebx: 0x00000000
ecx: 0x02e61f58    edx: 0x1e1fe760
esi: 0x1e086860    edi: 0x02e61f58
ebp: 0x0019f9a0    esp: 0x0019f95c

0x1e07ad65    D:\Metin2\Kliens\python27.dll
0x005a0cd5    D:\Metin2\Kliens\Game.bin
0x00456785    D:\Metin2\Kliens\Game.bin
0x00459422    D:\Metin2\Kliens\Game.bin
0x00520f35    D:\Metin2\Kliens\Game.bin
0x75b5d273    C:\WINDOWS\System32\USER32.dll
0x75b3e84a    C:\WINDOWS\System32\USER32.dll
0x75b3e480    C:\WINDOWS\System32\USER32.dll
0x75b48ad9    C:\WINDOWS\System32\USER32.dll
0x77c6fef6    C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
0x004b6b12    D:\Metin2\Kliens\Game.bin
0x004b6f5f    D:\Metin2\Kliens\Game.bin
0x005af23f    D:\Metin2\Kliens\Game.bin
0x77ac62c4    C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNEL32.DLL
0x77c60609    C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
0x77c605d4    C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll


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