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[Screen / Video] Metin2 Map Colloseum

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Map Colloseum






Video Presentation
( Comming Soon  )


Create / Edit Map
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Hello !

I bought this map 

I have these errors :

0816 16:21:46624 ::  CArea::LoadObject Property(2195861726) Load ERROR
0816 16:21:46624 ::  CArea::LoadObject Property(2954343541) Load ERROR
0816 16:21:46624 ::  CArea::LoadObject Property(3099999030) Load ERROR
0816 16:21:46624 ::  CArea::LoadObject Property(3099999095) Load ERROR
0816 16:21:46859 :: GRANNY: r:/granny/rt/granny_file.cpp(331): File is not a Granny file
0816 16:21:46860 :: CEffectManager::RegisterEffect - LoadScript(D:/ymir work/zone/shyeonline/tree/Grass_001_083A_Wind0113.mse) Error
0816 16:21:46860 :: CArea::SetEffect effect register error D:/ymir work/zone/shyeonline/tree/Grass_001_083A_Wind0113.mse

Who sold it does not answer

Anyone knows any solution ?



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