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[Skill Damage] Ninja Arc

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Hello community I know I'm new here but I'm with a very big doubt 

I have a server and ninja arc I send a skill near the other race and 30k bag from damage,
And if I send the same skill from afar the skill will withdraw 10k from damage

I'd like to know if there's any solution for him to draw as much as the nearest and far away.

I'm going to leave two GIFs to try to understand : 

From afar: https://gyazo.com/c65af10451f09d36f551001ce98e5831
Up close: https://gyazo.com/694631a2f1d18e168eb6dc0f45382197

I appreciate any help if possible.

with the best Reghards Rafael 

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The archery skills have the dependencies of location ( if you're far or near ) , i have it the default , and the dmg is around yours generally , and even if the assassin is near, it increases the dmg a bit but not this much.

Make sure of the function in battle.cpp. if you want post it here so we can compare.

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Oh God... this is Metin2! More is distance between attacker and victim, less is damage. There is a system, made from GF (or Ymir or whatever you want) that remove this problem: Quiver.

Anyway... a fast solution is: 

#Search: int CalcArrowDamage(LPCHARACTER pkAttacker, LPCHARACTER pkVictim, LPITEM pkBow, LPITEM pkArrow, bool bIgnoreDefense)
#In this function find: int iPercent = 100 - (iGap * 5);
#Replace with:
iPercent = 100;


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