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[New School] Immortals 2 - Rise of the Legend

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Hello Everyone
We present you the best metin2 private server with tons of features and items,try once and you will never leave.

Homepage - www.immortals2.com
Register - http://www.immortals2.com/index.php?s=registo
Download - http://www.immortals2.com/index.php?s=downloads

* Multi Language International server! PvM - PvP.(New School)
* Vote         : 5 Vote x 50 = 250 coins everyday
* Max Level    : 250
* Inventory    : 4

New Website:
* Homepage and forum opens at light speed.
* Easy user interface
* New update of website with several options and good optimization.
* Special features to recover User Account,Forgot password and Safe-box Password
* Live Chat Support System
* Referral System
* Voting System

* Exp Rates         - Min=400% and Max=700%
* Item Drop Rate    - Min=400% and Max=700%
* Gold Drop Rate    - Min=400% and Max=700%
In case of special event all rates will be 1000% for 1 hour from announcement time.

In-Game Graphics Update:
* New and best login interface with stunning graphics and auto safe using function keys
* In-game interface included features such as Multi Language System, Inventory Bag,Switch Bot.

New Systems:
* Multi Language System : English , German, Romanian, Portuguese , Italy, Turkey
* Calendar System knowing every-day's event
* Title System with free title for players
* Weapon Costume System
* Brutality System
* Offline Shop System
* Achievement System

New Stuffs :
* Upgradeable body costumes with special effects
* Mount training so you can have longer duration mounts
* Pet Levelling system and also new duration pets like parrots, bats, etc.

New Events :
* Last Man Standing Event (Different event not seen in any server)
* PvP Tournament with betting system
* Nation war And Siege war
* Razador Run
* Nemere Run
* Azreal Run
* Naga Run-Special designed and unique run with new mobs and effects
* Azreal double drop and solo ranger event
* PvM rewards group event for all runs
* Boss Event and everyday special events
* Hide and seek events
* Horse Race
* Butcher Event
* OX Event

* Ingame Support
* Live Chat
* Forum Support           - There are different game guides on forum to understand the game very well
* Skype Support           - Immortals2 Support 24/7 (Skype Group Name)
* Facebook Support       - https://www.facebook.com/Immortals2ROL/
* Facebook Group        - https://www.facebook.com/groups/435220706634848/
* Twitter Support         - https://twitter.com/Immortals2_ROL
* YouTube Channel         - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuQZTczibUCpHj6UTXXC8Tg

What else we got ?

Professional Staff -> for any problems please contact any type of support as given above.
The Server have 99% fixed bugs-> if you find another please let us know at support.
Regular backup and weekly maintenance is done.
Random events are conducted everyday with surprising rewards.
Item-Shop prices are for every pocket!
We hope you will like the game!
Let your friends know about our server!

Immortals2 Team

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