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[HowTo] Start a Metin2 server.

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Hi, i saw a lot of people that still have some troubles getting into Metin2 Server creation in this years (after source release post-2013). Things got complicated and now entring this "world" is more complicated than before.

I've created (with my experience in this years) a wiki that explains from how to property install FreeBSD into Building your Metin2 source code the right way. (Since i saw a lot of people that uses shitty FreeBSD 9.3-VM without even pkg or internet support)

The wiki isn't finished yet, so except to see more pages soon.

Sorry for my English, if i've done some mistake or i haven't properly explained something (or perheaps i've missed something), contact me and i will look into it.

This wiki is hosted on my host (because with forums i had to create 3000 ports explaining a thing, i wanted something more clean).

Here's the link here.

PS: There's no Adsense or ADS.


UPDATE: I have created a page called Frequently Asked Errors that cover's about fixing common "mistakes" or "errors" that you could have in your journey. Make sure to check it before asking a question (perheaps there is already the answere :P)

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BUMP & UPDATE: The tutorial is finished, you will be able to fully compile a Metin2 Server. If you think i should add any other page, tell me and we can discuss ;)

On the wiki you can also find a general FAQ about fixing the common errors.

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