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uitooltip.py fix

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I hate when some people delete their bug fix topic...


Today i saw a weird thing on my uitooltip.

If item with remain time stay into a shop, time shows: "Remain time 0 sec."


Here's the fix:

replace theese functions:

    def AppendUniqueItemLastTime(self, restMin):

    def AppendMallItemLastTime(self, endTime):


Like this:

    def AppendUniqueItemLastTime(self, restMin):
        if restMin > 0:
            restSecond = restMin*60
            self.AppendTextLine(localeInfo.LEFT_TIME + " : " + localeInfo.SecondToHM(restSecond), self.NORMAL_COLOR)

    def AppendMallItemLastTime(self, endTime):
        if endTime > 0:
            leftSec = max(0, endTime - app.GetGlobalTimeStamp())
            self.AppendTextLine(localeInfo.LEFT_TIME + " : " + localeInfo.SecondToDHM(leftSec), self.NORMAL_COLOR)


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