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Arthena2 [RO]

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Server Name: Arthena2

Open Channels: 1 (for now)
Max Lv: 105
Status points: 95
Gameplay style : PVM-PVP

Site: http://arthena2.ro/
Forum: http://arthena2.ro/forum/
Register : http://arthena2.ro/register/
Client: http://arthena2.ro/download/

Exp rate: 300 %
Yang rate: 300 %
Drop rate : 300 %

Info About sv :


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Very well done server. The gameplay it is mid to hard in terms of time it takes you to reach the max level and to craft your items. What I like about this server is that it has the 7Xw7aab.pngAnniversary Sash and the 3D9gdab.pngGaya System. Also the costumes and skins are a privilege on this server because you can only obtain them from beta boses or events. It's hard to get bored on this server therefore I recommend it to anyone.

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