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See if this can help: http://wiki.metin2.com.pt/index.php/Covil_do_Meley

(translated to English with google translator, I didn't find it on the .co.uk page...)


This map is only for guilds.
It is necessary for the Guild leader to register his guild to be able to access the dungeon (Guild must be at level 3 or higher, guild must have more than 24 hours, cost value 600 Guild rank points).
Only up to 16 Guild members of any level can be entered in a round.
Participating members need to have fighter status in the guild.
Groups participating in the round have to destroy 4 Dragon Statues within a time limit (1 hour).
The waiting time for a next dungeon is 3 hours.
If the round is successful the guild will receive the points that it spent (600) if it fails it will be returned in metadata (300).
After completing each participant you can choose one of the following safes:


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now i have another problem. when i am on meley and kill eggs nothing happend and the eggs still repawning.
Statues stay at 75% heath

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