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Ship Defense - New Instance

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Hello metin2dev, 

I would like to show you my Ship Defense version

Full dungeon gameplay


Hydra debuff effect:


Hydra Treasure Chest as a reward for finishing the dungeon




- This is a party dungeon only.
- 9 Dungeon waves.
- 3 Boss fights aganist Hydra Heads.
- 2 Minutes limit time to clear waves.
- Boss fights does not have limit time
- Every boss fight will weaken every player inside dungeon and players must kill her eggs. Otherwise the debuff won't dissapear!
- Mast, is in the middle of the ship and recieve damage from Hydra itself and attackers.
- Attackers spawn every wave!
- When Mast loses entire life, all party members from dungeon gets kicked out and dungeon ends.
- Dungeon starts at 9009 (Fisherman) and minimul requirement level is 90 for all party members!
- At the end of dungeon a Hydra Treasure Chest will appear and players can recieve a random item that's set in quest.
- At the end of dungeon a portal will appear that will teleport the player to the "New Continent".
- In the new continent you have only 5 minutes to stay and after that u will be kicked out to first village.
- The party leader (Captain) can claim that Continent and give him a name at the Statue npc located at the end of the map.
- Leader can choose a name out of numbers and leters. Minimum 3 chars and max 14.
- At the same npc called "Statue", players can have acces to Ranking.
- In ranking will be listed top 7 Continents!
- In the ranking list continents are shown based on fastest clear time of the DEFENSE WAVE DUNGEON!
- Faster dungeon clear, better chances to be listed in Ranking.


[ Aditional stuffs that makes it better than official dungeon ]

- Hydra treasure chest is fully custom.
- Hydra treasure chest has special specular effect and makes it look shiny.
- Hydra treasure chest has special effect and animation. It bounces and a spirit Hydra head will constantly breath and dissapear.
- Hydra's heads recieved better texture and a specular effect to make it look realistic.
- New special visual effect upon Hydra debuff will be seen on players. A icon will also appear at the top left of the screen that indicates Hydra's debuff!
- At the back of the ship those 3 Hydra heads will constantly attack the ship and trow ice and all the cool effects.
- Hydra heads are corectly counted and after a Boss fight they will dissapear one by one until u beat the final Hydra head!
- No horses and mounts allowed in source code. Inside the ship and Continent map u cannot use mounts or horses.
- Several security fixes inside quest and sources to prevent bugs and even exploits have been made.


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1 minute ago, Raylee said:

Nice work mate :wub:

Please add an price too.

Best regards

Thank you for feedback <3 , 

And for the price... idk, I'll wait few more days to see if ppl are interest in my work and ill update the topic.. We'll see.

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Hi guys, i wanna let u know that dungeon is not for sale anymore! Ty for your interest :) keep on eye on my posts because soon I will have more cool content.

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easy... read the code un src ... just move 3 condictions and add 3 Bools

On 11/3/2018 at 6:40 PM, notbugme said:

How do you make the monsters attack the pole?


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