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open mob_scale - mob name problem


Hi. I'm using mob_scale and i have little problem with that. 


Mob is scaled but the name is still on the top ;/ Any ideas? 

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2 godziny temu, kasko30 napisał:

check the .msm file of the mob


31 minut temu, .T4Ump napisał:

In msm, height.

Hmm, it's msm of the mob

ScriptType            RaceDataScript

BaseModelFileName     "D:\ymir work\monster\forest_boss\forest_Boss.GR2"

Group ShapeData
    PathName 		 ""
    ShapeDataCount 		 0
Group AttachingData
    AttachingDataCount       1
    Group AttachingData00
        AttachingDataType    1
        isAttaching          1
        AttachingModelIndex  0
        AttachingBoneName    "Dummy02"
        CollisionType        3
        SphereDataCount      2
        Group SphereData00
            Radius           137.000000
            Position         0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
        Group SphereData01
            Radius           183.000000
            Position         0.000000 0.000000 150.000000

Which value is height? 

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