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open [BUG] Client 2008 - 40k binary - exchange, privateshop [BUG]


Hi guys,

I compiled my binary with python27, granny 2.9 and use it on old official 2008 client (Metin2_20081120 - cz gameforge)
Client is modified for python27, but I have bug with privateshop..

If I used privateshop and put item in shop, setting price.. I have always items with 0 yang and after click on button "create" I can´t create shop..

Syserr is clean, only command "OpenPrivateShop" after click on "create" button..

Problem is 100% in client with this binary.. Anyone other client with this binary or old binary on this client working..

Maybe is problem in old python part in client with new binary?

Sameone have solution for me please? Same problem is with exchange with player... I put gold in exchange window this is ok.. But if I put item, I can´t put item in exchange window..

Same problem syserr totally clean..

Thanks for help, good day for all and sorry for my english..

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Exchange - fixed

Now problem is in python part inside client, but 40k client have new functions and code structure..

This time I have problem in privateshop...
Just if I use 40k code, I create shop but items cannot show price, info..
After create and destroy shop working all perfect but I have always shop name over  head...

Maybe is problem in other .py files.. Someone help me?

I don´t know where in all files is privateshopbuilder..

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Syserr is clean, but code is okey.. Just is only old.. If I add functions invenType etc in privateshopbuilder.py shop working.. Problem is after close shop.. I have shop name over head.. I dont know where all files is changed code.. This client is from 2008 and working on 40k binary.. My last bug is only privateshop.. I fix exchange with same problem invenType and etc functions..

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Called when you create a new shop (you can search this for the file):


While you need this code for close a shop in 40k:

            if self.tooltipItem:


Where self.tooltipitem is the tooltip created, self.Hide = close window interface, self.Close private shop builded interface is closed, self.title = name of the shop.

(NOTE: m2netm2g can be net in your python file)


Check if you have all of this, if it dosen't work then you have a source problem, possible issues are shopClose and netSendShopEndPacket on UserInterface project

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All working but after close shop I have now shop name over head..

Syserr: SetPrivateShopBuilderItem() takes exactly 3 arguments (4 given)

What is new function in 40k privateshop? I don´t know, maybe new functions for privateshop in uitooltip.py?

I fixed problem with this: attachedInvenType -> this is new in 40k files same problem with exchange bug, after add this working perfect..

Maybe I can upload clean privateshop.py from my client and from 40k if you want looking codes?

EDIT: Name over head after close shop FIXED! -  I comment all this function -> ADBoard

I have only one little problem like syserr -> SetPrivateShopBuilderItem() takes exactly 3 arguments (4 given) and if I use item for create shop, and put item in shop, set price and use mouse cursor on hide item game cant show item info.. (item name, set price etc..) only after open create shop working good...

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sysser fixed now is clean.. this: self.tooltipItem.SetPrivateShopBuilderItem(*self.itemStock[slotIndex] + (slotIndex,)) to -> self.tooltipItem.SetPrivateShopBuilderItem(self.itemStock[slotIndex], slotIndex)

All working I have only one little problem with item info window like screen..

EDIT: Ok problem solved... uitooltip: function SetPrivateShopBuilderItem -> add invenType - invenPos

Thanks for little help with code overview

EDIT2: Last one cosmetic problem.. How I can center this price text? Look at on armour and now potion.. - potion is ok..


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