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open Client security


Before even starting to create a Metin2 private server, I'd like to know about client security.

For what I've read, one of our main concerns should be make our eix and epk files descompressible-proof (this doesn't sound right, I used Google Translate on this one), and for this, I mean, making anyone unable to unpack our eix and epk using EterNexus. Apparently, that is easy (I didn't test it, but there are a few tutorials on it), but some people talked about some advanced security, and that means there is another way of unpacking eix and epk files, right? I'd like to know what is the best way to make our eix and epk files fully "descompressible-proof".

The second point is, I think, having a good protection against cheats. What do you guys recommend? I read that there's no way of making M2Bob undetectable, for example. Is that true? I mean, I think there's no point of even playing this game if there's such a powerful tool as M2Bob and nobody can do anything to stop it.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this things. Maybe you can add some more stuff that I forgot.

My english is not the best, so I kind of used Google Translate, sometimes. Thank you!

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First point: yes, protect your eix/epk is important...you can "integrate" in client exe all eix files but can be a possibility that people extract eix from exe

Second point: as i know (maybe) M2Bob need to start himself a client exe but if you find a way to start client ONLY with patcher you block it

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