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SpeedTree SDK 5.1 + modeler + library

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Hi community!


Today i found this stuff, maybe it will be useful to make Metin2 a little bit better.


SDK: https://mega.co.nz/#!8tlEQTBD!zf--iPd4i8sF7rpvbaypbgCI6pKKddufMGoCuVTxPoU


7z pass: the name of this board :)


Others: https://mega.co.nz/#!0w9wgaJI!kB52sU9tZgmOYSMviNMQZYE853vYVtu6ex66njh7ZEM


Warning: SpeedtreeModeler.exe has bad detection on Virustotal, use it at you own risk!






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Thanks, but this isn't compatible with Metin2 at all.


Metin2 uses Speedtree 1, and versions up to 4 are backwards compatible. You can create a tree in Speedtree 4 and import it into Speedtree 3, which is almost fully compatible with Metin2. Version 5 was totally remade and although it can read Speedtree 4 models, it won't save them.

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