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Read before asking for help


In this forum you can find some of the biggest experts in Metin2 around the world. However, they don't work for you, so please be patient and don't bump your threads for an answer. They also didn't become experts by being spoonfed answers, so spend your time investigating your problem before asking others to do it.


If you need extensive help, such as a quest written to your specs, you can find trustable paid services in the Services forum.


State your problem as clearly as possible, include all related logs and error messages, and make sure you have searched in the forum and/or Google for an answer before opening a post.

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%100 correct.


If you have error or problem, there much people want help. but need first effort, if you cant find how to fix or how to resolve then ask..



i need learn english ;d

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Add this to the pinned post please, maybe written in a proper manner

Before asking for help post EVERYTHING that can help us to understand in wich kind of trouble you got into.
Code parts, syserrs client/serverside, what exactly you did before getting into this error and other useful things.

A lot of people just copypaste stuff and no one answers because he didnt give the proper information we needed to give him help.
Its frustrating having an error but what is more frustrating is not telling us exactly everything we need to proceed, we look at some user post and we just want to ignore them.

If you solve by yourself and you asked for help you MUST post the solution to help other people, this is what a community is.


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