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Grass effect

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21 hours ago, Rainbow3D said:

Does it make lag?

No it doesn't, at least at me it didn't... I covered whole map1 with grass model and I didn't even notice any changes.

I suppose with effect should be the same :P

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You just need to create a grass asset and put it inside the map. Literally a 10 minutes job. Let's breakdown what I just said:

1a) Create a low poly mesh and apply a grass texture. (10-20 planes, scale them and move some vertices. 2 minute job)

1b) Found a low poly grass mesh (everywhere online or in other games models)

1 p.s.) The fewer poligons the better. Lag is not your friend.

2) Export them from your 3D package with gr2 extension as a static model if you like it static, animated if you want it animated (if so, you need to create an animation for it.. nothing difficult but this will increase the size of the grass itself and so, the lag)

3) Create the metin2 needs for the gr2 asset (zone, property etc etc).. "paperwork" to implement things into the client.

4) Open your map editor and if you did everything right you can choose the grass to populate the map in the asset TAB.

5) Relax and put the grass wherever you like.




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