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Small problems

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Moreover there could be some additional buttons:

  • Embed video (youtube). True that I can do it if I copy an old and already embed video, then edit the link in the source of the page... (in the previous version if I copied a yt link into here it generated the embed video, but now its missing)
  • Maybe a horizontal line? Like the old
    [ h r ] (lol, I just saw that its not working in pms... -.-).
  • And of course, the already mentioned code button. (Also true that the current code tag has no sense, because I have to remove the codepage to see the code correctly... http://puu.sh/mz7XE.jpg, and I can copy-paste an old code tag, or I can do it in this way: [ c o d e ][ / c o d e ] without spaces...

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